Sasha and Radman trade rumors floating around then this… say it aint so, please!

WEEI: Marbury, who was told by the Knicks earlier this month to stay away from the team until a resolution is arranged, has also fielded interest from Miami, Dallas and the Los Angeles Lakers, according to league sources.


    Sasha and Radman for just one Marbury? CRAZY? Get ridd of Walton & Radman but not Sasha! Sasha iz the future!!!!!

  • Nick Lachey USA

    If he can still play at a high level, I wouldn't mind him coming him to play at SG (off the bench). Keep in mind he has a huge contract coming off the books. We might be able to use his contract as a way to free up cap —> used to resign Ariza and Odom next off-season.


    NOOOOOOOOOOO DON'T DO IT MITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick Lachey USA

    That being said, I wouldn't trade Sasha!

  • lakerfan81

    Yeah thats what we need, a lazy, arrogant, psychotic, cancerous, primadonna, ball hog, bad shot taker, ego maniac on the team.

  • Michael_23

    Won't work in Phil Jackson's triangle. Remember with Gary Payton? The PG in PJ's system is mainly to become a jumpshooter. There were never any slashing PGs in PJ's system except for Gary Payton and that didn't work out.

  • xtro

    trade vlad for david lee!

  • gugy

    Please No Marbury!

  • ignard

    not needed…….next trade rumor……

  • James K.

    hmm. I wouldn't mind. Marbury can ball and Kobe/Phil will keep him in check.

  • daboss1848

    lol – "league sources" . . . not gonna happen
    neither Larry Brown nor God could keep him in check, but PJ can? PJ can't keep his own players in check!

  • mr.laker19

    I'm always iffy on these kind of things. I think it could be like Sheed going to the pistons or like Artest going to Houston. If I had to choose I would say no because we already have trouble getting all our good players clock as it is. What is Farmar going to do? We cant cut his minutes. I would like the Redd Idea though for Luke and Rad but thats a dream really.


    That is a championship line up. We still havent found the pieces to our starting line up to me. But we'll see…

  • Banzai

    I don't really have an opinion on Marbury…he's been away from the court for awhile…I doubt he'd be an impact player anyways…remember Payton? rofl

  • lyk13

    What was his position again?

  • KB24

    why we dont need ah point why get him wen wecould trade rad Sasha 4 REDD

  • 123kid

    its either an early april fools joke or just some kinda mind trick to make garnett start believing he wants to become a laker since his long time friend starbury is in l.a.

  • Junior

    i had mentioned this awhile ago, this definitely wouldnt help the lakers chances, we all saw what happened to jordan farmar last year in the finals, marbury is a guy who can still definitely play his spot, dont forget the guy is a true point guard combo, he can score when he needs to and look for the open man when he needs too. we have the perfect coach for a nut case like him. i would welcome him with open arms, because he would only make this team stronger, imagine him coming off the bench. definitely do think it would be a good scenario for the lake show. sorry chris , but you can say oh no all you want, you cant deny his talent.

  • Junior

    oops i put wouldnt. when i ment WOULD

  • KB24
  • ricky

    i think adding marbury would be a solid addition to our roster. everyone understands that marbury is a team chemistry killer and he never gets along with the head coach on any team, but the bottom line is he can still play his position. if he is bought out, the lakers should look to add him for veteran's minimum because he can only help our cause. we can sure use his veteran experience and leadership off the bench. we have an additional roster spot and if he becomes available, i will support adding him on the roster.

    • tangina bobo ka

      It's a good thing your support doesn't mean anything. You know he's a team chemistry killer yet you still like him for his experience and leadership off the bench? You even think he's gonna want to come off the bench? Please.

  • domz

    do it mitch! do it!

  • king.manu

    bucks will never trade redd for sasha and radman….not gonna happen. i would love to see him in purple and gold…but not gonna happen

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #57001 Will Be Quoted Here]

    do what? please be more specific, thanks! :cool:

  • kimster

    How about gasol/luke for amare stoudamaire.. .. or lamar/bynum for dwight?

    Think about it:


    and I say since farmar is injured, try to get starbury, or sign shaun livingston who was waived by memphis…he can still produce

  • djjeremiahj

    Rent a superstar for the playoffs.
    Get him to negotiate a settlment in NY and pay him the difference for the remainder of the season.
    Everyone thinks of him as a permanent solution, when i think of him as the perfect bench guy.
    The Triangle will prevent him from making the 1st squad, but the second squad is a lot more traditional. the overall atmosphere in LA will keep him quite for the rest of the season and help him remember and regain his form.
    He’ll be humble and happy he’s playing for a ring after all the crap he’s done. and after we’ve rented him for one season, he can go and pick the team he wants to go to (as a free agent) or sign/trade or whatever.
    Let’s bring him in, let him help us get our ring, and let him go on his merry way to ruin some second tier team with his attitude. (Thats how we do it in LA!)

  • fLAV

    I’m all for Marbury donning the “Golden Armor” he has the utmost respect for “The Assassin” and he would be tremendous of the bench Farmar will have less pressure and also learn a thing or two along the way. Phil has experience (The Rodman Years) dealing with “different” players. Plus he would add swagger and confidence. Make it Happen!