We’ve been down the road before but perhaps it’s something to keep an eye on.

Dallas News: Wednesday is when teams officially can begin talking to free agents, and Kidd is expected to get overtures from several teams: Cleveland, Portland, Boston, New York and perhaps the Lakers.

  • cg75

    I think Kidd plays with one of his 3 best buddies, Kobe, Lebron or Vince

  • Nabil

    Man, I don’t wan’t to see Kidd go to the Cavs. Kidd, Shaq, Lebron….damn. On the other hand, if he comes here, I guess it does help our chances the next 2 years, but that’s about it I’d say. He’s not the point guard of the future here, which is what we need asap.

  • shockjay

    I don’t want to see Kidd go to the Cavs, either. However, it won’t make a difference because we won’t have enough $$$ to sign him as well as fend off other teams from trying to take Ariza and/or Odom from us.

  • ek

    I think the Lakers should pursue Nate Robinson from the Knicks he can guard the quicker smaller PG’s in the league. Remember when he had a great game against the Lakers this previous year……we can use him.

  • http://facebook.com k

    the lakers need to keep the team they have right now. jordan and shannon both have potential to be our future pg. for now fish is all we need.

  • Andrew

    Nate Robinson isn’t a PG. Second, he can’t guard anybody. All he can do is score.

    The Lakers will offer Kidd the vet minimum in hopes that all he wants to do now is win a ring. He just completed a six-year, $103.6 million contract.

    Of course it would also prevent him from going to Cleveland or Boston. The Lakers just sold two picks for $4.5 million. That’s enough to sign Kidd to the vet minimum with the luxury tax and still apply some leftover dough towards re-signing Odom and Ariza.

  • lakerschamps-09

    yup i think we shud get em..if he comes for lil money the vet min or watever.. if he goes elsewhere then its jus for money… but this shud b an interestin free agency

  • lakaluva

    No matter what team he goes to, Kidd is too old and slow to hurt us. We have trouble with small quick guards. Sign Shannon.

  • http://www.vidaguerrasbutt.com/vida-guerra-playboy-picture-a_17.html#pic daboss1849

    Kidd ain’t no kid no more. Imagine having fish and kidd on the same team. Where would we put all the canes and walkers at?

  • willow

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    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t know why the interest in Kidd when he’s 36 years old!!! We need to just hang on to what we have now in Farmar and Brown. I know some of you hate Jordn but so what if he had a bad run. We got a nice one-two punch on the guard position. Farmar being the speed guy and Brown being the stronger of the two. Let’s take a deep breath here and collect our thoughts and think about getting an aging point guard.

    We already have an aging point guard and he’s younger than Kidd!!!

  • willow

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    THANK YOU!!!!!

    Reading takes from guys that makes sense is what we need here.

  • Mitch4Pres

    get the homie kidd. sign him to one of those little deals we gave karl n gary in 04. kidd deserves a ring and probably is willing to take little money to get it.

  • lainok

    For Kidd, all he wants is a ring, so the only teams he would go to is the cavs or the lakers, unless the Lephrechans really do end up getting rid of rondo. He’s been wanting to put on the purple and gold forever, and would take the minimum just to finally get that ring.


    We f*cked fisher over once before already with payton, then he came back and got two finals berths, and a championship. please, let’s not push him to the side again. him and kobe are perfect together, don’t screw it up.

    Second, jason kidd is a great player, but that doesn’t mean the team plays better because of him. there is a reason he’s never won a championship. let the cavs have him, I don’t care. I think the cavs are rushing to try to get lebron the ring so that he doesn’t leave. he’s like a spoiled kid, and they keep giving him cookies for dinner, because that’s what he wants. the shaq trade will blow up in their face, because if they face orlando again, they still have no answer. howard will dominate shaq, and they still don’t have anyone to defend the perimiter shooters. getting a geriactric jason kidd won’t help in that department.

  • Eidraq

    cant hurt now can he?

  • Nabil

    Farmar is our future point guard? Common guys, when it comes to defense, he can’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. Shannon’s pretty solid on d, but that’s it. We need to SHIP out Farmar the scrub asap. And say buh-bye to Vaja-brick as well. Luke I won’t cry over, but won’t be upset if he stays either, I’m 50/50 on Luke. But I say trade all 3 of those guys and future picks for a real good, young pointguard. Hell, even if we loose Shannon, that’s all right if it means getting a real deal star point guard of the present and future.

  • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

    i say we sign him.. the first reason.. is to prevent any other team from signing him.. because with our luck he ends up going to boston or cavs and then it hurts us.. and the second reason.. is he can play the pg or the 2 gaurd.. remember he was playing this past season with jj barera.. he can come off the bench and let farmar slide to the 2 gaurd and just score.. thats what farmar likes to do best.. on top of that.. think about all the things fisher has taught farmar, now imagaine another hall-of-famer coming in and teaching him more things…

    i would like it so he can stabalize our bench.. assuming we resign both ariza and LO.. imagine a 2 unit like this..

    kidd… super unselfish, but knows when to score
    j.farmar.. is going to want to score, cuz he is in a contract year
    luke… super unselfish
    lamar… super unselfish, rebounding!
    drew…. good help d, young so wants to do all the scoring..

    what do you think would happen with that line up..

    oh and before anyone tells me that farmar could not gaurd the opposing teams 2 gaurds.. i think they would have kidd gaurd the other team’s sg and have farmar guard the pg.. duh!..

  • taylor

    it would be nice to have a pg that can pass, shoot & rebound. Split time w/ Fish. Good if they have enough $$ for Trev and LO.

  • mastarockafella

    Y’all have a good point about JK. He can be a good addition. However, let’s focus on signing all our key players. That’s the Lakers priority right now. Let’s see what happens next after the 30th.

  • CK

    Find a way to trade for Heinrich.

  • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

    morrison, sasha, and farmar for hinrich?.. that could work.. but why would chicago take morison (expiring contract), sasha (good shooter, and defender when he is not pressing), and farmar (perfect back up to rose, and also expiriong contract)… we’ll have to wait and see.. nothing will happen until the lakers resign ariza and LO… which won’t be until mid july..

  • LakersFirst

    I personally think the only way Kidd signs with the Lakers is if he takes the veterans minimum $1.5M (the Lakers can’t make a substantial offer to him anyways and neither can many other contenders).

    The question is to all those Jason Kidd doubters, would you take a future hall of fame point guard (and yes Jason Kidd will be in the HOF) for the vets minimum?

  • http://facebook.com k

    the lakers just won the nba championship. so with that i will repeat what i said, keep the team together, don’t bring in any outsiders. any changes to the team is changing the championship team. why do you think we didn’t even keep a rookie? we don’t need a star point guard, period. kobe is our star, pau is the 3rd best big in the league, and we have 3 point guards that can all play a grerat all around game with special stregths to each.

  • http://www.pablasso.com pablasso

    Kidd is a beast even at 36, don’t be fooled by his scoring. You may not remember but Fisher was a joke all year until he got somewhat redeemed in the finals with those 3s.

    Look at the efficiency ratings, Kidd was 3 times the player than any other laker PG.

    Besides he’s hungry and unselfish, i would take him anytime.

  • Kobe-wan kenobi

    agreed with pablasso
    kidd is still great and unselfish
    i would take him for mle for sure

    who said there is a reason why kidd never won…is a total idiot!!!!
    the reason is he never played with enough real great players
    he made all star kmart and jefferson (which never went to all star as soon as they stop playing w kidd)
    he carried a horrible newjersey to the finals twice, a team that was a joke before he arrived
    kidd is a HOF
    respect one of best pg of all time

  • http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/LosAngelesLakersDynasty/ wonderfulkat

    Kidd would work out fine in the mix.Maybe not a starter but to come off the bench.Kobe and Jason worked well in the 2008 Oylmpics.Jason does not have any blings other than Olympic medals.Jason wants a cookie!

    what NBA player wouldn’t want to be on the Lakers ever!?!

  • tampalaker

    Kidd can’t hurt….if we can afford it, but what i’m hoping is we bring in some shooters this off season…maybe kyle korver? he is a free agent

  • Salty

    It better be for the veteran’s minimum, I don’t want this to interfere with the re-signing of Ariza and Odom.

  • sketch

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    Man, everybody has their best games against the Lakers! That doesn’t mean much! It just means that everybody gets up to play us and it doesn’t mean that they can reproduce that on a consistent basis!

  • Andrew

    Never underestimate the value of a veteran without a ring. Trust me. If this whole team comes back they won’t have anybody to try to help win that first ring for. Phil’s 10th? Check. Kobe’s 4th? Check. Lamar’s first? Check.

    Don’t you think those guys will run through walls to help a future HOFer playing for the vet minimum win his first ring before he retires?

    Last year the Celtics had four of those guys in KG, Pierce, Allen, and P.J. Brown.

    Send Farmar elsewhere. No disrespect but they won’t have any dough to re-sign him next year anyway and he doesn’t look like he’ll ever be a franchise point guard. He’s got balls and he’s a winner. But what we’ve seen so far isn’t worth a long-term commitment.

  • What will be…

    Kidd would work well in the triangle, he played well with Kobe when they won the gold. I think the Lakers could and should let Odom go. though a lot of fans now think they need to resign him. If they lose Brown and Odom, they could use that Money and pick up Kidd and Artest… That’s the way they should go. Guys Odom isn’t even a starter and Ariza and Bynum will be even better next season. Kidd and Artest – Odom = a stronger team…

  • Kobe da man

    R U f*CKIN KIDDING ME?Artest and Kobe don’t get along!!!!!!
    He’s a very bad model in front of the young, learning Laker

  • ek

    I told ya’ll about Nate Robinson at the beginning of this story but no one agreed with me…..He is a tremendous scorer….and there is news about the Lakers inquiring about the dude now….he could be a great fit at PG for us……

  • What will be…

    [Comment ID #77465 Will Be Quoted Here]

    And PJ has said many a time that he would like to coach Artest in the triangle…I go along with what Phil says, as opposed to you, duh. Teams are going to be gunning for Kobe and the Lakers this season, A tough guy warrior sort player may be needed…

    And give the young, CHAMPION laker team more credit than that…

  • WifelovesLuke

    You guys crack me up with all of this point guard talk. The triangle offense is not predicated on having a great point guard. Pippen and LO (forwards with good handling skills) were and are able to bring the ball up the court to initiate the offense.

    Understand the system the organization runs before you go into your “sign Kidd” or “sign Nate” banter. All we need is a serviceable guy who can move the ball, spot up for 3’s and play solid “D” on some of the quicker guards.

    By resigning LO, Ariza and Brown you solve any and all issues for next season.

    Take a deep breath on the PG stuff guys. Your head will spin!

  • What will be…

    [Comment ID #77481 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Bingo, right on pal. J. Farmar could be traded… It is only when Mitch brought in the sort of players you are talking about did they win the prize… PJ has always spoken about this…