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There is an interesting notion that the Lakers are interested in Jeff Van Gundy:

I heard again this week that the Lakers remain intrigued by the prospect of hiring Jeff Van Gundy — and you have to presume that the reigning champs are in the select club of teams with the wherewithal to finally lure Van Gundy away from ESPN’s courtside announcing table — but I’ve had the same question every year when someone says he’s a candidate in L.A.: Can Van Gundy really deliver the sort of entertainment that Lakers owner Jerry Buss craves? – (Marc Stein – Daily Dime)

Phil Jackson has made it clear he plans to retire after the season. Brian Shaw seems like the Lakers first choice to replace Jackson, as it would be the most seamless transition.

Shaw seems like the front-runner for the job, but Van Gundy, and other former succesful coaches will most likley go around the rumor mill before the announcement is made.

  • Laland

    It’s ganna happen cuz you know why ?? Dwight Howard will join the lakers 2012 … Or maybe sooner a blockbuster trade ^_^

  • OaklandLakers

    F uck No

  • 123kid

    no way!!!!!!! i raither have a coach who has never coached in the nba before, than him.


    i would keep brian shaw as the head assistant because most likely the bulk of the staff is going to leave with phil. I would put chuck person as the head coach because he has been the reason our defense has been so amazing since allstar break and he lights that fire in us more than the passive shaw, and he just seems to be more of a “player” than that coach that you give your undivided respect. don’t get me wrong i love shaw but i think chuck person has got the better personality to be coach, keep shaw on the staff

  • kobeman

    yo i want mcmillan

  • Kyle

    NOOOO WAY! This guy is as dumb as they get! No way should somebody like him be Phil Jackson’s replacment! I’de take Charlie Sheen over this idiot!


    Lol this knuckle head would twist this team all outta whack! He don’t care about us enough to coach and win. This dude is a Lebra fan.


    this guy seems like an ass and talks like an idiot. but i wouldn’t mind him as a coach. hes even got some finals experience as a coach. which is more than i can say for mcmillan. but i agree with DJ LA4LIFE with pickin up persons as head coach. phil even said that chuck was just as responsible as he was in the huge win against the spurs. he also helped kobe change and improve the way he shoots when kobe injured his finger last year. any person who can do that has got my vote.

  • Ronin99

    Hand down, man down…NOOOOOO way!

  • CountBogdan

    The Lakers might be better off with me as a coach than Jeff Van Gundy, or his fat brother for that matter. MaMillan would never leave with all that “potential” in Portland. Shaw is probably the most logical choice for a smooth transition.

  • rondo

    Oh Hell No..

  • Mamba4Life

    lol jokes. as long as kobe’s there jvg ain’t getting that seat.

  • Laker Warrior

    Hoston Knicks what has he Ever won?
    Shaw or B Scott .

  • More Cookies 4 Kob

    Awe Hell No!! Send his ass back to Houston; he’s not wanted here.

  • Michael Locke

    YES!!! …. huge laker fan and have been saying this for the past few years,…we need a coach with a defensive mindset. Personally, I wanted Tom Thibodeau before he headed to the Bulls, but Tibs learned under Van Gundy. I think Van Gundy would bring a new mindset to the Lakers that we’ve been lacking for years. But Van Gundy isn’t enough, we need to make a trade and get some shooters back. We missed Sasha, Farmar, and Ariza. We need players that can knock down the three. But Van Gundy would be a great coaching decision in my opinion.

    • Lucky

      Fully agree. It is the first name that I have heard that gets me excited.
      I hope the Busses consider him an option.