Eric Pincus hints the Lakers have a package ready for Hinrich!

Hoopsworld: If the Bulls don’t get a better deal, the Lakers may have a package for Hinrich that would provide Chicago the space they covet.

  • Green Flannel

    We need someone like Kirch and the Bulls need a farmar and a morrison! lol

  • Babak

    i been tellin my friends for the longest that we need hinrich on our team..

    • daboss1848

      and youve been wrong for the longest . . . 9 mil per year for the next 3 yrs for a guy who has produced less than fisher and farmar, and who is ripped apart by CHI fans worse than Kwame was here.

      • ckert

        Actually you’ve been wrong Hinrich would be the perfect fit in the triangle offense good decision maker and can knock down the long ball which is all he would need to do. Plus he’s a great defender, ideally my second favorite person to be the PG for the Lakers behind Chauncey Billups of course.

      • Green Flannel

        hmm idk ive always known kirk as a good agressive pg but id have to watch some of his games.

  • xtro

    do it mitch!!!! cap’n kirk is a good defender. he is perfect for the triangle. the new ron harper!!

  • mr.laker19

    Ive always liked kirk, i also liked him for our team for a long time. He is a fundamentally sound, mentally strong, good shooter, good passer, not a great athlete or individual scorer but we dont need him to be. And he is a big upgrade over any pg we have defensively. I wouldnt mind this deal at all, we have to get rid of our dead weight

  • daboss1848

    It’s always funny to watch u guys devalue our talent and hyperinflate other teams’ players. Lets watch a couple games before we take on a 9 mil per year contract.

    3Pt – 36.4 (Fish – 35.6; Farm – 36.9)
    FG – 38.8 (Fish – 37.1; Farm – 42.9)
    FT – 70 (Fish – 86.9; Farm – 77.8)

    • daboss1848

      10.1 ppg in 31 minutes (Fish – 7.1 / 27 min; Farm – 7.4 / 18 min)

      • mr.laker19

        I dont disagree wit you boss, but you have to admit we have dead weight on dis roster. Our pg stats wise match up but they are very inconsistent. And if we could some how get rid of vujacic, luke, and morrison that would be great because they bring very little to our team at this point. Hinrich is an upgrade over any of them

        • MASMIK

          as much as i dont like luke i doubt we’re getting rid of luke. on the other hand i would trade anyone from our bench besides shannon brown and lamar for hinrich. our team gets destroyed by good point guards and hinrich would be an awsome addition to our team. but not that salary that shit is nasty

      • ckert

        You realize he’s been playing shooting guard for them as of late right? Because they have another PG on that team, What’s his name again…oh Derrick Rose.

      • LakersMike31

        But remember….Kirk doesn’t play w/ Kobe, Gasol, etc. That’s a KEY omission of fact. Kirk doesn’t get the looks in Chicago that he will in LA. Besides, he is a REALLY REALLY good defender…much better than Farmar, and is big enough to guard someone like Paul Pierce. We saw him play the heck outta Pierce in that first rounder last season. This is a good idea, depending on who the Laker’s are looking to give up.

    • Kid Kaos 310

      Understandable from a statistical point, however what you nor I know is how well he can operate in the triangle, along with better players to give him more open shots. Hinrich’s stats could go up when surrounded with top notch talent. After all, look at Ariza’s numbers this year from last year across the board.

    • keepon_keepinon18

      Except, they wouldn’t want Sasha because 1) not an expiring contract and 2) Farmar is better.

  • ChiTownLaker

    @daboss1848-Hinrich only has two more years remaining at 9 mill in 10/11 and 8 mill in 11/12. As for Chicago fans ripping Hinrich worse than Kwame…I live in Chicago and everyone most everyone thinks Hinrich is an amazingly underrated defender of both guard positions, a solid 3 point shooter, and brings a level of toughness and size that would be great for the Lakers. Just as others have said, I’ve always thought Hinrich would be a great fit for the Lakers, but he has had injury issues the past couple years.

  • lakerman1

    It doesn’t matter who the Lakers get if he does not immediately start to contribute people on this blog will automatically start ripping him.

    • jay

      extactly, im fine if we dont make a move i like our team the way we are, but i’ll take anybody who’s gonna help improve the team

      • lakerman1

        Now that i can agree with. It just gets tiring with the lets trade everybody jibberish. The Lakers cannot get every great player in the league. The guys on this team know their roles they just need to consistently bring the energy and i believe they could be the team that looks good on paper.

  • alive86

    not a good trade.

    If they make this trade they’re throwing away the season.

    • Sako


    • skim

      please explain you dumbass
      even if the trade isnt good how can we throw the season away GIVING AWAY MORRISON and farmar/sasha

  • kblaker4life

    The lakers better start playing with some sense of urgency in this road trip because this roadtrip will determine whether they will stay with the best record in the league with homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs. Believe me… the lakers.. CANNOT DEFEND THEIR TITLE ON THE ROAD… They are again forget to play defense and at times look soft. They rely too much on kobe for offense and kobe needs to be smarter with his shot selection with a broken finger or else sit down and get some rest. Bynum, lamar, and artest need to step it up a knotch. LEt’s go LAKERS.. You are not a TRUE CHAMPION unless you win back-back.. let’s start taking care of business today and show the league that you are a worthy champion.

  • kblaker4life

    Farmar and Morrison for Himrich, great deal go for it Mitch! Bynum for Bosh, also another great deal, go for it!

  • lakeb
  • The Mamba24

    I’d LOOOOOOOVE to see this happen. Perfect PG for our team.

  • Robert

    did they say what exactly the deal would be? Who would we be giving up for Hinrich, if this were to happen?

  • kelveenable

    guys how about a trade for hinrich, salmon, and thomas for sasha, farmar, morrison and luke…see this …

    imagine the lakers line-up…

    1st unit

    2nd unit

    bench warmer
    powell and dj

    for sure the lakers can win another ring this this yr until 2013 with this line up…

    think about this guys…

    • Joey

      And why would the Bulls do this?

      • LakersMike31

        lol…I second that.

    • kobeight

      I love this trade too.

    • skim

      lol this would never happen. the bulls arent looking to dumb their team

  • xtro

    b coz they wanna make a run to all star FAs in the off season: wade, bosh, lebron.

  • kobeight

    Given that the Lakers bench rarely play any significant minutes, I would trade the following Players to get Bosh and Hinrich: Trade Morrison and Vujacic for Hinrich. The salaries match. Trade Bynum, Farmar, Mbenga, and Powe, for Bosh. These salaries match. I know it seems like we are giving a lot of players for just these two, but when you think about it, we hardly ever see Morrison, Mbenga, and Powe. We will miss Bynum’s size and inside presence, and Farmar’s scoring and passing, and Sasha inconsistent most of the time. When you consider that Bosh is a definite all-star and plays with more intensity than Bynum, and Hinrich has the size to play better defense than Vujacic, and same scoring as Farmar all things are equal with these two players. An added bonus would also be more significant minutes in Bosh and Hinrich. We still keep Walton, and Brown in the bench, and we could always add our D-League players to fill in the vacancies. So in essence our new team would be: Starters: Kobe, Fish, Artest, Bosh, Pau. Bench: Odom, Hinrich, Brown, Walton, and 1 or 2 more players from the D-League. Remember that the key upgrade will be Hinrich’s defense to stop penetration, and Bosh’s more consistent scoring, and intense play!

    • kobeight

      sorry, Powell not Powe. —see how I don’t even know his name, I hardly see him.

    • KING

      yeah like the raptors would trade bosh for powell and mbenga… keep dreaming

  • Freshh

    Gotta disagree with you DB, I’d think it’d be a very solid pick-up given we don’t trade pieces from our core.

    I see Kirk flourishing in this system and with the right players it could do wonders for him.

    • daboss1848

      like i said, i like kirk, just not for 9 mil . . . id rather stick with farmar. Hinrich has been treated like Kwame was here by the fans – theyre dying to get rid of him and are pissed that management has kept him this long

      Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

      • LC09

        boss u right kirk aint worth 9 mil he aint, but wat is farmar guna want next season?? i know not no 9 mil but he guna wat a raise n wat bout shannon as well.. n ur stats look good n all that only problem is farmar n fish play wit kobe lo pau n bynum kirk plays wit rose noah thomas n deng now u tell me which player shud do better him or farmar?? thats a no want him in a heartbeat jus that contract is killin it man most likely thats y it wudnt happen but if it does like freshh said he wud flourish

        • johnny10

          wed actually save money (a little yes) if we trade for him. Were pay 10 mil for guys that dont do anything, id rather pay 9 and have guy that will produce. The lakers are rich anyways, money isnt that big a deal wen u consider spending will bring another championship which brings money in and of itself. Wow i said money a lot. Id do this trade which ive thought of the whole year in a heartbeat. We improve defensively and finally solve our pg issues (that includes defending them).

  • Day

    Id rather have Harris.

  • drive-for-16th

    new jersey isnt trading harris no matter wat, i say give sasha and morrison for hinrich.

  • keepon_keepinon18

    Bulls would never want Morrison AND Sasha for Hinrich though, I mean Sasha has an extra year after this season and what exactly could Chicago seem him doing off the bench?
    Yeah I have to agree with daboss, Hinrich would fit in the Triangle but for $9 mil for 3 years? No way, maybe for 6 or 7 and besides Jordan is playing better D the last couple games.

  • drive-for-16th

    bulls want an expiring contract, we can give them morrison and get john salmons.

  • drive-for-16th

    bulls want to trade salmons too

  • Mitch! Just do it

    Farmar,Morrison and Sasha for Salmons and Hinrich!!!
    ..boom boom pow!

  • kevio2000

    Its crazy becuz I have been saying he or randy foye are a perfect match for what we need and what phil likes in bigger guards so needless to say this would put a spark under our asses like we need! I’m hearing that the bulls won’t make the deal unless john salmons and his contract are involved so stay tuned lakers fanz!

  • kobe_mvp

    kirk 100% lakers breaking news