Here is a report that claims the Lakers are pushing to get Grant Hill.

Washington Examiner: He’s 37, but played every game this past season. The choice is this: stay with Phoenix or go to a contender, such as Boston or the Lakers. “Both are desperately trying to get him,” said the source.


    Desperately? I find that funny.

  • RJ

    You cant have interested then desperately and in my opinion i dont want grant hes old which lakers dont need and hes not a great scorer and lakers should not pick him up

  • Lakers 24 7

    Grant Hill used to be your favorite players, favorite player. Dude was a baller. Sad to see what injuries have done to him.

  • Margo

    I would take grant for the mini! He avg more than Sasha did last season! Don’t underestimate what a VET like him brings to the table! No chemistry issues with this guy!

  • lakerfan

    screw him phil called him up a couple years ago but he never return the call so its whateva (howeva, he could be a good back up for kobe even tho he plays small foward) but then again i anint no gm

  • sil

    i think grant hill would be a good pick up another ball handler,and he can get u at least 14 a game consistently

  • LakersFirst

    I would imagine Grant Hill would be there to be Kobe’s backup, in the event that Sasha doesn’t improve.

  • imafiremalazar

    If you can sign him for the vet min I would say ok but I think LO and ariza are a bigger concern right now.

  • lakaluva

    Grant may be old, but people forget he missed like 4-5 years due to ankle surgery. He still has young legs. He is more skillful than Ariza, and a better shooter than Sasha, Ariza, and Luke. If you can get this guy for the vet min, Id do it in a heartbeat. Now that the Spurs have RJ, Grant will be a Laker or a Cav.

  • Justin M.

    Get Grant and Cut Sasha!

  • LeBronze

    Ron Harper came to LA in his later days, and Hill possesses similar abilities.
    He can backup Kobe, and if need be be at SF or an unconventional PG.

    I’m all for it (despite the health concerns).

  • LakerMike

    as LeBronze said, this is similar to Ron Harper closing out his career with the Lakers. He still has a good level of play, he wouldn’t have to extend himself as much or log as many minutes with the Lakers than what he had to with PHX. He definitely has the experience to solidify the 2nd unit.

    Sad to say as I am a Sasha fan, but if the lakers could bundle Sasha & Morrison for someone to clear some cap space to help re-sign all of the Ariza-Odom-Brown trio they should look to do it. If they can’t then I’d look to Artest, who could be controlled by PJ like he did with Rodman and is buds with Kobe…

  • Jackenton

    You can’t just cut Sasha. His contract is guaranteed. If they do resign Odom, Brown, Ariza, AND sign Grant, I’m suspecting they’ll try to trade Sasha.

  • granthillisoldandworthless

    no thanks.

  • lilkobe24_game_is_more_like_lilcobykarl11

    [Comment ID #77813 Will Be Quoted Here]

    “In the event”? Oh, that’s a guaran-fcukin-tee bro! Get rid of that fcukin Charmin mother fcuker in Sasha VujaBRICK!

    I agree with LeBronze. Hill will be like Harper back in the day, except he’ll still be more mobile. Grant has a nice dependable mid range game, he can hit the freebies, still slash with effectiveness, plays good D, and draws charges like no one else can.

    Great pick up for the mid level exemption! Plus I just don’t want to see him come back and hurt us if he were with C0ckston!

  • magicfan4lifesuckers!!!lulz

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  • xtro

    good. get him a ring.

  • what will be

    Since the Lakers are not really a fast break team… I think it would be a good pick up… Yes I would take him over Sasha, GH is a good fit for the Triangle…

  • Mr. WoodCock

    If other teams outbid the Lakers in the Ariza sweepstakes, I see the Lakers try to replace him with Hill, Marion, Artest, etc… because they play the same position.

  • lex

    are you clowns dumb or what Grant is a hall of famer still to this day he’s one of the best small fowards in the game, i will give up lamar or ariza for Hill if he comes to the lakers he will start, he is kobe’s scottie pippen ,,,,,if they get him print the ring

  • lex

    Hll is a true point foward the cloest player in history to scottie pippen high basketball (IQ)ball handing, great passer rebounder and score keeep in mind grani in his prime does’nt take a back set to that many players…..if he was a laker u could not double kobe hill is an exellent one/one player himself

  • (AL)theLakerFanyou’dliketomeet

    Lex- Ur a f#ckin idiot ….No way I take grant hill unless we find away to move Sasha which I dont see happening…Grant hill had a chance with us a few yrs ago for a tiny contract and went to the Suns concentrate on LO,Ariza,Brown and watch this kid Elonu…we need help at pg and PF than SF…Knuckle heads

  • RonLakers85

    Carries himself like DFish, exactly what the 2nd unit needs with LO!

  • taylor

    Get him. Get rid of Sasha

  • Sean All Ivy

    If we lose Ariza I think that the Marion/ Hill combo would be a good fit

  • lex

    Grant hill in his day was a walking triple double the guy can do it all so why can anybody not understand that….1st of all gettn rid of sasha would be dumb you need a shooter 2 spread the floor… 2nd of all Hill is a foward not a guard…….3rd two yrs ago nobody even knew who ariza was kobe mad him just like mike#23 made paxon kerr so on and so on…….wake up we fucking need grant hill why u think kobe #was 33 in and would have been a blue devil he’ll never say it but he looked up 2 hill til he became better than hill

  • grant hill

    get grant hill! a good addition to the lakers!

  • john

    wow.. grant hill.. definitely get him

  • Ryan Eusebio

    If we can sign up for a low MLE or something I would get him. I have 100% full respects to Grant Hill, he is a amazing player. He could of been up with Michael Jordan, but he got injured which messed him up. He could’ve of been a great player.

  • lex

    what u mean could have been a great player name more than 7 small fowards in history that you’ll take over hill beat u can’t do it. just like with randy moss everybody said he was washed up he w3ent to newengland and was the same old great vikins moss.

  • Donovan


  • Lakers




  • LakersSuck

    Hill is going to C’s. Stop Talking!