Kid has potential. Sound off in the comments. Can’t believe were already discussing the draft… What is it, weeks away?

Draft Express: Look for the Los Angeles Lakers to try and land an early second round pick (possibly from Seattle) in order to draft IUPUI’s George Hill. He worked out in Los Angeles and reportedly was very impressive. His college team actually ran the triangle offense, and that is always a big factor in the Lakers’ workouts.

  • tradekwame11

    He can play

  • BringDFishBack

    Believe it or not, the draft is a week from today.

  • Ko-Pau19

    yea im soo ready! bring in HILL!

  • 123kid

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    wow already! well hopefully this kid can bring some impact to the lakers.

  • BringDFishBack

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    Slow down there, the Lakers don’t have him yet. They don’t even have a pick there yet. This is a BIG if. I don’t see why they would take another PG. They only picked Critt last year because they thought he was too good to pass up. You don’t trade up to get someone you don’t need to fill a position.

  • lakerschamps08

    yea can can block shots like crazy… buttt we gotta get him first maybe we do then thats solves backup center spot…

  • BringDFishBack

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    He’s a 6-2 PG…

  • domz

    His name sounds like he’s a center

  • Michael24

    whos he

  • Michael24
  • Michael24
  • lakerschamps08

    yea thanks bringdfishback… i was thinking of another person with that name.. sorry

  • Lakersfan9

    We’re gonna need another point guard at some point anyway considering Fish is 33 or so. I think Seattle has cap room, so if we could trade maybe Vlad or Luke plus our second round pick to them for one of their second round picks to get this dude, it frees up some money to re-sign Sasha and alleviates the problem at the 3. My bet’s that Vlad Rad has more trade value than Luke right now considering his contract is 2 years shorter and he’s a more talented dude, though I get the horrible feeling that both Luke and Vlad have zero trade value whatsoever.

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  • ab4sure

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    George Hill is a guard not a center.

  • sclakerfan

    I agree Lakersfan9. Vlad and Luke have zero trade value now. It would be nice to trade up and get a prospect, but whoever they get won’t get much playing time anyway, so they won’t add anything to the Lakers run at a title.

    I think that although Luke had a horrible playoff after Denver, at one point a year ago, he was making > 40% of this threes. Even this year, if you look at his game splits, he seems to do well when well rested. His 3 point shooting I think is greater than 40% in games where he’s had at least a 2 day rest(excluding the playoffs). He did well after the All Star break and after the regular season when he got some rest. His ankles still aren’t a 100% yet. So I’d give him another chance to heal. And also, I think that if he’s playing less minutes because of Ariza, that he may actually improve next year, and that’s probably a better time to trade him for a pick rather than this year.

    As for Vlade, he’s a lost cause and if there are any takers, I’d get rid of him ASAP or leave him at the end of the bench.

  • ab4sure

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    what happened here.. i never said the ill be quoted.. hmmm