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Derek Fisher is 37 years old, and Steve Blake proved last year he wasn’t ready to take over the starting role. The Lakers need a point guard its just a matter of how big of a splash they are going to make.

According to Mike Bresnahan, the Lakers are curious to see if current Cleveland Cavalier point guard Baron Davis will be available:

The Lakers are curious to see if veteran point guard Baron Davis gets cut by Cleveland. He has two years and $28.7 million left on his contract, though he can be signed for substantially less than that.

Davis averaged 13.1 points, 6.7 assists, and 2.7 rebounds per game last season with the Clippers and Cavaliers.

If the Cavs don’t cut Davis, or the Lakers decide to sign a current Free Agent they will have many options to choose from. Here is a list of the current NBA free agent point guards and their salaries, courtesy of

Aaron Brooks, Phoenix Suns – $2.0 million – Restricted ($3.0 million Qualifying Offer)
Rodney Stuckey, Detroit Pistons – $2.8 million – Restricted ($3.9 million Qualifying Offer)
T.J. Ford, Indiana Pacers – $8.5 million – Unrestricted
Carlos Arroyo, Boston Celtics – $1.2 million – Unrestricted
Ronnie Price, Utah Jazz – $1.3 million – Unrestricted
Patrick Mills, Portland Trail Blazers – $0.9 million – Restricted ($1.1 million Qualifying Offer)
Sasha Vujacic, New Jersey Nets – $5.5 million – Unrestricted
Sebastian Telfair, Minnesota Timberwolves – $2.7 million – Unrestricted
Willie Green, New Orleans Hornets – $4.0 million – Unrestricted
Mario Chalmers, Miami HEAT – $0.9 million – Restricted ($1.1 million Qualifying Offer)
Earl Watson, Utah Jazz – $1.2 million – Unrestricted
Pooh Jeter, Sacramento Kings – $0.5 million – Unrestricted
Jose Barea, Dallas Mavericks – $1.7 million – Unrestricted
Sundiata Gaines, New Jersey Nets – $0.7 million – Unrestricted
Chris Quinn, San Antonio Spurs – $0.9 million – Unrestricted
Marcus Banks, New Orleans Hornets – $4.9 million – Unrestricted
Earl Boykins, Milwaukee Bucks – $1.4 million – Unrestricted
Anthony Carter, New York Knicks – $1.4 million – Unrestricted
Acie Law, Golden State Warriors – $0.7 million – Unrestricted
Ben Uzoh, New Jersey Nets – $0.5 million – Unrestricted

  • hoop247

    aaron brooks ftw

  • hoop247

    aaron brooks ftw

  • hoop247

    aaron brooks ftw

  • Bojeezy

    I wouldn’t mind getting Jose Juan Barea.  He destroyed us last year.  Or a tough point guard like Rodney Stuckey.  We won with Vujacic before but he cost way too much for a free agent.  I don’t know too much about Patty Mills.  I think the Lakers need a proven veteran that still has legs.  Baron was a good when he played for UCLA but he is always injured.  I don’t know if I would pick him up only if we can get him for cheap. But, there is some bad blood between him and Derek Fisher.  I just don’t know what kind of system Coach Brown will be implementing.  He had Lebron in Cleveland and the PG wasn’t as much of a factor b/c Lebron held the ball so much.  Hopefully, we still use a version of the Triangle offense somehow.  I thought that Steve Blake would of been a good fit for the Lakers but I think he was just too small and didn’t produce like we needed him to.  It just showed me how much we missed Farmar and Vujacic.

    • Duane Frey

      Farmar, pass..Sasha…pass. Blake..??? Phil messed with his game. He is the back up it looks like. Fisher is the starter for now. B Davis. to many ??????

  • Swannmama

    Heck, I’d even take Sasha back over BD

  • Duane Frey

    B. Davis needs to cut the beard. So not good looking. His game. Well he better be working out. He will not get any thing like the money he got. 2 mill and I sign him. No more than that.

  • TRAXnificent

    aaron brooks would be a smart choice young, strong, very quick can score and shoot the 3 also 4.2 assists last season. maybe a perfect fit but who knows really. stuckey might be a good buy also

  • Captrichards25

    The question arises now on whether or not the Lakers would even be interested in McGrady at this point. They already have an aging former scoring champion to play the wing position in Kobe Bryant, and with a stated desire to get younger reserves McGrady would seem like an odd fit for Los Angeles.

  • Captrichards25

    i think shannon is gonna go kobe is gonna need a back up and t mac seem to be willing to come on the train

  • john g

    Mario Chalmers would be perfect fit. Good defender and hits the 3pt shot well. Just depends if Miami matches 

  • jagger

    adding baron to the lineup is not a bad idea. it will give the lakers another tough defender on the floor. baron still brings something on the court with his game as off late. i say try and get him. oh and dont forget about marc gasol. marc and pau together would be amazing.

  • ilikebasketball


  • Eidraq

    People are overrating the hell out of JJ Barea. Baron however is still capable of playing well. Pay him no more than 2 million a year and that’ll work for the Lakers.

    • Basket101

      How in the world do you think that davis are going to play for less than 2 millions please be more intelligent

    • Basket101

      How in the world do you think that davis are going to play for less than 2 millions please be more intelligent

    • Basket101

      How in the world do you think that davis are going to play for less than 2 millions please be more intelligent

  • MKerwer

    get baron and let him start. perhaps la can get rashard lewis to spread the floor. So kobe can go for number 6.

  • sam30

    I’d be looking into Stuckey.

  • Jolly Joe

    There are at least 100 high school point guards in Southern California that would be better for the Lakers than Derek Fisher, of course Baron would be a help.  Sign him if possible

  • Jmanwoods69

    Aaron Brooks for the long term!

  • 123kid

    with a shorten season, I think you gotta find a 3rd option for a guard. I would say Brooks or B.Diddy. Especially with a possible back to back to back, why not share the load on minutes for all 3 guards. Then when the playoffs start, you can decide who deserves the heavier minutes. 

  • Kiddprince22

    Aaron Brooks and Tracy McGrady will be better in LA around Kobe plus they need to trade Gasol and draft pick to Minnesota for K.Love because he`s a 2012 free agent.

    • KB

      I like t Mac with Kobe brooks or keep pow

  • Lakerd2423

    I’ll say Aaron and Jose Barea realease blake sucks unless he can prove himself with i doubt that