Good times!The Truth (Kobe’s blog): Was up again, y’all. I saw an article this AM in the LA Times which said a Lakers’ “insider” noted that my wanting to “get away from Shaq” is what created this whole “mess” the Laker’s currently find themselves in.

Man, hearing something like that, which is not true, and which comes from the “inside” is totally frustrating. The fact of the matter is that many people don’t know what really went down when I was approaching free agency because I have stayed quiet about it this whole time.

The real facts are that Dr. Buss requested a meeting with me during the 04 season long before I opted out of my contract, and he told me he had already decided to not extend Shaq, as he was concerned about Shaq’s age, fitness and contract demands. Dr. Buss thought it was best for the Lakers to make a trade to get value for Shaq while they could.

Dr. Buss made it clear that his decision was final, his mind was made up and no matter what I decided to do with free agency he was still going to move Shaq.

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  • David

    I don’t believe Kobe. If we won the title in 04 Jerry Buss would not have traded Shaq. He just gave him a 1 year extension earlier that year. Also, in Phil Jackson’s book, Phil said that Kobe’s decision to stay or not had a lot to due with what would happen to Shaq.

  • punkjones

    I do believe Kobe. DOB’s mind was made up for him when Shaq yelled at him during pre-season “Pay me the money!” Snaq was done. No way DOB was going to give him his super maxed out deal, the writing was on the wall. Buss was sick of Snaq and I can’t say I totally blame him. He went with the smart money, Kobe. He backed the younger player as he should have done. Problem is that the Laker’s fire sale for Snaq did not net the right players to build around Kobe. If they had traded with Dallas, sign and trade for Steve Nash, plus Finley and Howard we wouldn’t be having these lousy discussions right now. But oh no, you can’t trade within your own conference. Ugh. We could have had Nash. That just hurts.