Los Angeles Lakers v Denver Nuggets - Game ThreeI’m not going to lie. The end of the Lakers 2012 was about as stark in contrast as some of the mismatched outfits Cindy Lauper likes to wear. Look no further than Christmas Day, when the Lakers conquered the ghosts of Christmas past and pulled out a 100-94 win. Pau Gasol streaking down the middle of the lane for a game clinching dunk put an exclamation point on how bad they wanted the win. It gave them a 5 game winning streak, and you could hear the whistle of the momentum train off in the distance. You could feel your feet leaving the ground, as you embarked on the beginning of your mountain top experience.

December was going to end just as I had predicted that it would. The Lakers would beat both Denver and Portland, enabling them to ride into 2013 on a 7 game winning streak. That is until the Lakers actually went to Denver the next day, where they gave up 126 points en route to their 15th loss of the season. For those keeping score, that loss sent them under .500, giving them a record of 14-15. The momentum train had been derailed, the mountain top experience had been cancelled, and it was time for Mr. Reality to show me I really didn’t know what I was talking about.

Fortunately, the Lakers were able to say farewell to 2012 with a convincing win over Portland on Friday. With the year over, and all that venting out of my system, without further delay, I give you my fictional, but rational, Lakers New Year’s resolutions.

1. Find a way to play defense.
2. Act like a team that ENJOYS playing defense.
3. Act like a team that WANTS to play defense.
4. Put the Paint by Numbers set away,  and actually score points in the paint.
5. Stop turning the ball over 100 times a game.
6. Let Dwight Howard get intimately acquainted with that round, orange thing. Especially when he is wide open under the basket.
7. Stop making Kobe shoot 100 times a game, because nobody else can make a basket.
8. Pretend like you are actually listening to the coaching staff, instead of trying to spot Dyan Cannon in the crowd.
9. Let Steve Nash grow his hair longer, making everyone more comfortable watching him play point guard.
10. Stomp a mud-hole in the Clippers every time you play them.

That’s not all the resolutions the Lakers have, but let’s start with these and see how they do.