O.C. Register: If you really think the Lakers will win this NBA Finals, you must think they can win Game 6 and/or 7 in Boston. No one has won a championship that late in a series, on the road, since Miami at Dallas in 2006, and, before that, Chicago at Utah in 1998.

No one has won a Finals Game 7 away from home since Washington at Seattle in 1978.

Or you must think the Lakers can get this done in 4 or 5, against the winningest team in the league, a club with one certain Hall of Famer and two other candidates, and a defense that has squeezed its playoff opponents into 87.3 points per game on 42.1 percent shooting. That isn’t happening.

You think that the elongated Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol can rein in Kevin Garnett, who, oddly, is regularly knocked for his unselfishness even as he averages 21.1 points in playoff games. “He’s a tough cover, and I’m looking forward to it,” said Odom, who then theorized that he would guard the bulkier Kendrick Perkins and let his Spanish friend take Garnett.

Either way, you figure Garnett will muffle one or the other defensively. “Garnett is playing the best postseason basketball of his career,” said Nate McMillan, Portland’s coach.

If you like the Lakers you’re thinking they can handle both Ray Allen and Paul Pierce on the wings. Allen hit eight of his final 14 3s against Detroit. Pierce has shot 124 foul shots in 20 playoff games. Kobe Bryant will take “the hottest one,” McMillan said.

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  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    i dont know if it will be in 7,
    but it will be because of KB…

  • http://losangelessource.com/lakers/ Lane

    Lakers in 7


  • Sopi

    LA in 5

  • http://www.deluxpro.com LakersPartyJune8th

    I agree Lakers in 5 and 6!!!

  • Ko8e_f@n

    …lakers in 5, hopefully ^^,

  • xtro

    Uh, Lakers in 5 or 6.

  • .

    If that’s not a well-written article, I don’t know what is.

  • Laker for life

    LA IN 5….

  • Michael_23

    Doesn’t matter if game 5, 6, or 7. The Lakers won @ Utah which is a tougher place to play than the Celtics. They also handed San Antonio their first defeat at home in the playoffs. I have total confidence that the Lakers can steal 1 or 2 games at Boston and never have to back back for a game 6.

  • LAHova12

    Look at who the Lakers had to overcome. Everyone said Fisher will have trouble with Iverson, D Will, then finally Parker and look at where the Lakers are, on the top. Does Boston really believe Rondo is going to trump Fish? Hell no haha, Fish has been constantly training against the best during these playoffs and to think some 2nd year guard is suddenly going to trump him is absurd.

  • David

    Lakers in 5 in this scenario

    We will win game 1 in boston and lose game 2 then win 3,4,5 in LA.

    As for the Boston defense.

    The ball movement of the triangle offense will lead to wear and tear of Boston’s defense. There’s a reason why it has won 9 championships.

    Lakers in 5!

  • MILO

    nope sorry Lakers in 6

  • lakersftw

    lakers in 6. i found this. idk if anyone has seen it before.

  • http://www.deluxpro.com LakersPartyJune8th

    Mang it’s going to be Krazy .. riots in LA this summer!!!

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #38157 Will Be Quoted Here]

    no! no riots we can celebrate in a classy way! do not destroy our city please!!!