Wow, this is amazing news. Bynum is going to spread fear throughout the league. Here is a major update on the “Incredible Bynum”…

Sports Illustraded: Lakers’ center Andrew Bynum is reportedly looking bigger and stronger than ever, and, more importantly, is showing no ill effects from the knee injury which ended his season in January of this year, according to a report by Marty Burns of Sports Illustrated.

“He looks to be in great shape. He looks ready to go,” Kupchak said in a phone interview Thursday. “There’s no reason to believe he won’t be 100 percent for training camp.”

Alhough Bynum did not play five-on-five basketball during a two-day visit by Lakers’ GM Mitch Kupchak, Kupchak said he watched the 7-foot, 280-pounder go through a strenuous workout that included running, jumping, and various agility drills.

“That’s the reason I went there,” Kupchak said. “I wanted to see him run unencumbered, go through agility drills, jumping drills, the things players do… You hope they don’t limp or favor a leg. He did not. That was number one.”

“On top of that, I was impressed by what he did with his body to get in shape and get stronger. It was obvious to me he had been in the weight room.”

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    “THE GAME” is his nickname…..

  • Michael_23


    Looking forward to Suns vs Laker games now. Bynum vs Shaq. But the Suns won’t be as good anymore because of a new system and coach. And they are one year older.

  • fabz24lakers

    thats HELLA GOOD NEWS!!!!

  • gugy

    Nice Bynum,

    Gasol needs to get into the weight rooms as well. He is too skinny. Add 20lbs of muscle to Gasol and those two will kill their opponents next season.

    Go Lakers!

  • ShortDiezel

    BYNUM!!!!! is back and ready to dominate… let’s do it youngin.. we are behind ya



  • 123KID

    dude if bynum comes out with a body like dwight howard this season and has improved on his skills, there is no way that that championship isnt ours upcoming season.

  • kb24bestever

    watch out bulls for yall record.

  • Corey Bynum

    wow bynum weighs 280, i only weigh 140, that makes two of me on the court

  • Imadogg


    But damn, I cannot wait for the season to start. Bynum should not disappoint. I’m getting all giddy waiting for this.

  • Mike KB24

    Hella good news were going to dominate next year with Andrew and Pau up front!!!

  • Majic “Big” Johnson

    Damn ‘B’ doin’ the damn’ thang!

  • PhilJackson

    i feel something strong in him now!

  • Lakers4Life

    If Bynum’s healthy, there should be no excuse now!! Gasol needs to man up!! L.A. could’ve won last years Finals even without Bynum, but Kobe needed Gasol or Odom to step up. Maybe the loss to Kobe and Team USA in the Olympics will wake Gasol against the Celtics. Start planning for the Finals this season. It’s gonna be Lakers and Celtics again. Round 2!!!!

  • Nabil

    yup, no excuses.

  • MILO

    todos chingen a su madre! Bynum va a regresar y se los va a cojer a todos!!!Bynum is going to rape anyone who gets in his way!!!

  • Anonymous.

    He better be after his ass was out for a good few months.

  • lakers08-09

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    Dud,all he needs(Gasol) to do is rest & get healthy.
    His is a power forward not a center.Bynum is the guy
    that cleans up the glass.For him to play with a guy like
    Bynum only helps the young fellow.Think post to post passing.
    inside out game.The machine will be amazing.The Lakers will
    pay for not showing Sasha true love in his contract.The
    guy is only going to get better.

  • joseph

    he’ll be injured in the middle of the season and choke in the end… over hype and overrated! hahaha

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #49777 Will Be Quoted Here]

    sigh, please jump off a cliff

  • gugy

    [Comment ID #49771 Will Be Quoted Here]

    really dud!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #49777 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Boston Fa**ot

  • joseph

    after the smoke clears and still your nba champions boston celtics baby! banner 18… you’ll be seeing bynum crying along with kobe… mwahahaha!

  • gugy

    indeed a Boston Fa••ot! hahahaha

  • KobeDiem

    As long as everyone stays healthy, this will be our year as it should’ve been last year