Lakers huddle around Rocky the Mascot

    Good to know our Lakers have a sense of humor during these tough times. :-)

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    • drake hunter

      Kobe looked pumped when he hit Ronny’s hand and what the Lakers did to the Denver mascot was just freakin awesome and hilarious!

    • Majic “Big” Johnson

      Nice. Damn did Charles look pissed off or what? He kicked Rocky’s ass!

    • FlowDesignz

      i call that a classic moment =) lol

    • Ignard

      The was cool.

    • Ignard

      THAT was cool.

    • e

      haha that was awesome!

    • DingleBerry

      that was awesome chuck kick his a.s.s

    • Hugo Boss

      I was at the game and saw that live. Awesome.

      Colorado loves the Lakers!

    • kobe124

      Fisher saying”Lets circle this ni99a homies”

    • BringDFishBack

      You could tell Fish and Farmar planned that one, while everyone was gathering the two of them made sure they circled him. Very nice job to retaliate without getting into it. But if you watch Turiaf as it’s going on, you can see how much that illness is affecting him. He is completely disinterested, and that is something he is normally extrememly pumped up for. Get better soon!

    • Lakers 24 7

      Lmao @ Barkley, hit rocky with a hook and stripped him, rocky got ROCKED

    • west213

      ahahahhahahaha barkley is too funnny. lol look at his face when his mad
      hahahahahhahahahahahah lol


      PAYBACK IS REALLY A……well,ya’know.

    • LA4LIFE

      hehe @ BARKLEY… no control over his emotions