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A lot of things are changing in Laker-land.

The Lakers are set to welcome new head coach Mike Brown, all while saying goodbye to assistant GM Ronnie Lester, whose contract will not be renewed for next season (via ESPN).

Lester served under Mitch Kupchak for 10 seasons, and was largely credited with the initial scouting of a 17-year old Andrew Bynum back in 2005.

According to an earlier report from the L.A. Times, Lester’s dismissal is just the beginning:

“The Lakers have also informed more than a dozen scouts, training staff members and video staff personnel that their contracts will not be renewed when they expire at the end of June.”

It’s hard to speculate whether the Lakers motives are lockout-related, but whatever their intentions may be, the activity of the off-season continues.


    I have read that the Lakers are not only interested in Dwight Howard, but they will make a play for either Darron Williams or Chris Paul also.

    • Timmytann9

       any links to D.Will/CP3 rumors? I dont think the nets trading D.Will away already would make sense for them. they barely got him to be their franchise player, unless we give them another franchise player, i dont expect DWill to be a Laker (it would be sick though). i live up in the bay area and theres been alot of talk of how Stephen Curry wanted to be a Laker also

    • Margarite

      You read wrong, Dwight Howard is not what the Lakers need . Dwight is a fans need. Point guards and small foward is the Lakers need. The fans dream about getting players like Howard and Chris Paul. They need to stop dreaming.


    Many people are shocked with the signing of Coach Brown, but you also have to remember that his last 2 seasons coaching the Cavs he won 60+ games.He stood up to Lebron & the Lakers will need him to stand up against Kobe if Kobe is wrong.That’s a true coach.

  • Arty

    we need a change, every other team knows our happy with the changes…

  • 123KID

    well to me he came at a cheap price, so im guessing this is to start cutting cost in other ways. but i mean i guess none of us saw this coming, so im sure there will be more surprises that us fans will just have to wait and see.

  • Richowin

    At first, I was heavily opposed to Brown, in favor of Adelman, instead. Now that it’s official, I’m kinda excited to have a younger coach that is defensive minded first and foremost. He did learn under Popovich after all, so that brings a sense of relief and optimism. I was getting tired of the slow-paced, triangle offense, it was getting to boring. Jerry Buss wasn’t much of a fan of it either, so I’m sure he’s happy to have a change in style of play. If any owner/organization that has enough balls to make drastic changes to it’s style, it’s Buss and Lakers. I think if we can secure a couple of good pieces to the roster and keep the main core, we have a great shot of getting back to the top. I think this season’s failure was sign of much needed change and a very tired group of players who’ve been through 3 straight finals/long seasons. This summer off will do them well. Get a young, quick PG, a couple of shooters, and a back up, defensive/rebounding center and we should be good to go.

  • 3StarAndTheSun

    Wow speaking of “House-Cleaning” why is Luke Walton still on the Team?

  • yolwerin

    thank god we’ll get rid of Luke now that we’ll ditch triangle offense.. he wasn’t even part of that though lol. Also Mike Brown emphasized the defensive task for the team, that means Gasol will go? I REALLY hope so.

  • Margarite

    Take the ball out of Derrick Fisher’s hand and get a real point guard. Someone who knows how to get the ball into the bigs. The Lakers are to big of a team to lose. Nobody in the league can match up with their bigs.

  • Margarite

    Also why do a lot of Lakers fans think teams are going to help them? Some Lakers fans need to put down that NBA2k11 game this is real life. Howard, Paul are pipe dreams