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Sometimes when you accumulate 24 turnovers, you almost don’t deserve to win, and the Lakers did that today. That Andrew Bynum shot 12-14 for his 33 points and collected 11 rebounds, it doesn’t excuse his five turnovers. The same goes for Pau Gasol who scored 18 points on 8-12, grabbed 10 rebounds but had five giveaways himself. And with the kind of night Kobe Bryant was having, it’s not surprising he led in this category with seven turnovers of his own.

The Lakers handed out 24 assists on 33 made field goals, but committed 24 turnovers. Talk about cancelling the good out with the bad. In the first quarter alone, they committed 10 turnovers en route to a 17-turnover first half. That they reduced their turnovers to just seven in the second half almost doesn’t matter. The damage was just about done already.

As far as the rest of the causes for the damages go, other than the broken win streak at home and the turnovers, Kobe Bryant’s 3-20 from the field was surely a contributor to the downfall.


Andrew Bynum – The man was, again, ahead of the pack tonight. 33 points on12-14, 9-12 from the free throw line, 11 rebounds, an assist, a steal and two blocks. The five turnovers aside, Bynum played a more than productive game. He was downright dominant, receiving lob after lob after lob. And when he wasn’t dunking those alley oops, he was showing off his fancy footwork around the rim to get his shot.

Pau Gasol – Not to be left out of the high point conversation, Gasol produced 18 points on 8-12, grabbed 10 rebounds, handed out a couple of assists and blocked one shot. Again, aside from the five turnovers, Gasol played a good game. He even hit a three pointer.

Matt Barnes – Each time the bench has gotten any kind of lift this season, Barnes is usually in the thick of it. Tonight he had 12 points on 4-8 from the field, had eight rebounds and handed out six assists. Late in the final quarter, he inbounded a long pass to Bynum who scored on a dunk and reduced the Lakers’ deficit to just five points with just over four minutes left/


Turnovers – 24 turnovers that turned into 22 Jazz points. Utah had 12 steals that contributed to those turnovers, but the other half were the Lakers throwing long passes that too difficult to save, or tossing passes in traffic that left the Jazz with no choice but to take advantage, which they surely did.

Kobe Bryant – It was one of those nights for Bryant – just 15 points on 3-20. If it weren’t for this 8-9 from the free throw line, he may not have even reached double-digit points. He was 0-5 in the first quarter, 1-3 in the second quarter, just 1-5 in the third and 1-7 in the final quarter. He had six rebounds and handed out four assists, but it just wasn’t enough to offer when it’s been such a bad shooting night. He could’ve left

Defense – as in there was none. The Jazz scored 103 points, something not often done at Staples Center, and the Lakers allowed them 52 points in the paint. It was a playground in that painted area for the visiting team and the Lakers did very little to prevent that from happening.

It was a sluggish game, to say the least, with the officials calling 47 fouls accompanied by 62 free throws. Hopefully this loss is just an anomaly and not the beginning of another kind of streak. Next up for the team is a game against the Houston Rockets, which should be a game filled with conversation since Derek Fisher was traded there. Jordan Hill, acquired in that trade, was dressed but did not play.

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