dribbleESPN: Kobe Bryant scored 28 points, Trevor Ariza had a career-high 26, and the Los Angeles Lakers squandered a big lead before taking control late in a 107-100 victory over the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday.

Pau Gasol added 25 for the Lakers, who are battling Cleveland for the NBA’s best record and are already the Pacific Division champs. They could meet the Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs.

The Lakers had taken the lead in the first quarter and were ahead by 15 midway through the third before Dallas reserve Jason Terry led a 21-2 run that put the Mavericks in front 95-89 with 7:13 left in the game.

That was while both teams had mostly reserves on the court. When Bryant and the other Lakers starters returned, Los Angeles soon went on a 12-0 spurt of its own.

Bryant’s 3-pointer with 6:51 left ended a string of nine consecutive misses by the Lakers from behind the arc, and he made another with 3:36 that ended the run with them up 101-95.

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  • Alan


  • sketch

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  • sketch

    gotta say that i’m a little tired of hearing how deep our bench is while seeing them squander lead after lead during several blow out games that the Lakers had! we need to see them be more consistent in their play and also hold the intensity throughout otherwise opposing teams are always gonna think that they have a chance to come back!

    let’s go farmar, sasha, powell, mbenga, and luke, ariza, or LO (whoever the 5th bench guy)! keep the pedal to the medal and keep your foot on their throats while you got them there!

  • DWinsRings

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  • Juilliard Dancer

    we have such a strong, fast and defensive team with ariza in there right now. We need bynum to start against teams that rely on scoring in the paint, but having Bynum coming off the bench would be orlando maigc style as our second unit. with the shooters we have we would have a pretty sick bench.
    or having a two man punch in each units.
    Fist: Kobe and Bynum, with fisher, Powell and Ariza
    Secon: Gasol and LO, with Farmar, sasha and Luke.
    this spreads out the talent bc lakers not only have stars, they have THE STARS and we get a lot of slow starts with so much talent out there. teams usually can’t out last us through 4 quarters when we find our game, but having TWO, two man punches lets these guys do their thing and we would be unstopable. Guys won’t get injured much, legs will be fresh and Lakers get the next 10 Championships.the lakers would be ahead by a lot so early in the game with two, two man punches coming off our units that our stars will get plenty of rest and we can develop our new guys more and if the game gets close we have the best stars in the league to go in.

  • Alan

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    wowwww you should become the next analysis reporter on espn.NOT

  • trademaster 2009

    wow. i wanna know r we gonna use brown or morrisson or r we just getting rid of vlad rads contract, i say sign adonal foyle for his physicality in the paint. also sign david noel for his combination of physicality, toughness and athleticism needed on the perimeter

    PG MR. 0.4
    SG Mamba
    SF postermaker
    PF the goods
    C Gasoft
    6 a-train
    7 MR. never leave LA
    8 Powell
    9 Dacos
    10 Noel
    11 foyle
    12 sasha
    res. brown/luke
    res. Morrisson

  • ilikebasketball

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    stop talking about trades you faker. it’s too late in the season.
    we are what we are. the bench just needs to step up. things will have to be worked out when bynum comes back. stop with the trade talk, soo annoying, even more so than before, because at this point it’s retarded and pointless.
    so be a real fan and support the lakers as they are.
    probably what’s going on is morrison and brown haven’t gotten used to the triangle enough to play for a good amount of time in the games. but you probably think we should ditch the traingle as well.

  • Juan

    I think we need to get Farmar out of there. Shannon Brown is more athletic and plays better D I am tired of seeing Farmar struggle

  • gugy

    LUKE WAS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!

    We need to eventually get rid off him on the off season. The dude is just lame.

  • Lker Roger

    yeah juan agrees Ive been saying this for two years now. The guys that can play d fense or all white.
    Farmar Luke and Sasha who is a head case,
    These dudes need to all go.
    And mobenga sucks too.What bench when a guy takes himself out as a starter whats that say about him, guys give there left nut to start not Luke. Mitch off season make some trades.

  • lainok

    wow, a lot of people are on here hating today. I’m not going to argue with anyone as to who they do or don’t like. Personally I like Farmar, but to all his own. The only thing I will argue is that I have been writing all over this site since the end of october that Ariza should have been starting. All that time wasted with Vlad, could have maybe won us some of those close games.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    this is why i love TLN

    even with the best record in the NBA and the A-train coming back soon, laker fans want more from this teams.. not knocking i want to see us be more consistent too (bench mod)…but lets get some constructive criticism guys- saying luke or sasha should go does not help us until the off season..
    right now they need support..
    LA- 09 champs. with many more to come

  • hello

    Sasha cannot make anything right now.

  • Lakers 24 7

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    Fishers nickname is The Bulldogg, and Ariza is The Cobra. And Mbenga is Congo Cash..GIT IT OPPOSITE OF LEFT NIKKA!!!

  • Joseph’s dad

    hey. this is Joseph’s dad. am sorry about my son, he’s a complete retard. i cant do anything about it. he’s nothing but a pierce of shyt. and he’s gay by the way. he sukcs his own dikc and has pictures of pierce’s and garnett’s dikc in his wall. just dont mind him if he comes back.

    and joseph, if you are reading this, this is papa speaking. go home and just sukc your dikc. cause boston’s going nowhere. LA all the way!!!!!!!!!

  • phoebus 7

    mitch cupchak he did his share of making mistake oc shasha, farmar on first round picks? And gives shasha 5/25mil contracks? how about luke walton for 6/30mil contracks?

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Its a descent win today. The SECOND unit or Bench mopmuch? was Horrible. Def. Mitch, in off season will have to tune it tighter abit. I’d Shanon Brown to be in rotation by next season. Just like we wanted Ariza to start at the begining of the Season. I just think Adam is NOT gonna make the team next year. Fluke, Sash, and Famar one or two will go this summer. But as for now they need to step it up and play Defense and keep the Lead when we have them.

  • Smush Walton

    How many more games do we have to see where Luke Sasha & Farmar squander big leads. This is getting ridiculous! We can’t keep this BS up during the playoffs. Let’s see what Morrison & Shannon Brown can do. These other three are playing like sh!t!

    During the postgame show Michael Cooper said he would try starting Morrison and put Ariza on the bench to help the 2nd unit. Ariza looked great again today. We need him on the court instead of that joke Walton.

    Bottom line is we MUST MINIMIZE Luke & Sasha’s minutes. These two are killing us night after night. What the heck is Luke even doing on the roster! This guy is TERRIBLE!

  • allthewayLA

    Good win indeed. but am a bit concerned with our bench. not good.

  • toolake2handle

  • toolake2handle


  • toolake2handle
  • toolake2handle
  • LakersFirst

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    Too Funny. where is Joseph’s Mom? I KNOW she needs to be heard.

  • Dracul

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    I haven’t seen Morisson play much – the guy reminded me of a redneck methhead when I first saw him. Right now he’s not fully integrated in the Triangle and Phil is notorious for not wanting to put Triangle newbies in the lineup (or even give them that much actual play time). I wouldn’t put him in game unless both Luke and Ariza are having a simultaneous bad game, in which case you only have a chance at an upside.

    Right now it seems that Ariza can be efficiently plugged into the first OR 2nd units. Being from UCLA he seems to feel comfortable with the ‘hometown’ LA Lakers and seeing how he worked on his shooting as he added a confident 3-point shot to his arsenal over the summer, he seems to be someone that wants to be and stay in LA.

    Josh Powell is another windfall of a smart, cheap pickup. I remember there were quite a few people pushing for JP to be picked up (and there was also a push for Carl Landry) when JP became a free agent – I personally did not have any ‘insight’ on him, but it’s good to see TLNers making the right call. His offensive rebounding is something the Lakers desperately needed when Odom/Bynum would not be on the court, plus his mid-range jumper is RIDICULOUSLY efficient. He definitely plugged up the spot that Turiaf left behind, and he seems to be contributing in more positive ways than Turiaf. He’s the total opposite in terms of energetic personality from Turiaf, but whenever JP is in the game, good things seem to happen for the Lakers so he energizes the teams through his good shooting and hustling.


    If his 3 pointer isn’t falling, he starts to lose focus, especially defensively. I think he actually is better than how he’s been playing lately. If he’s to be Derek Fisher’s heir and inherit the point guard position for the Lakers, he needs to average as much as Derek, at least. He has a very impressive jumping ability and he can dunk even at 6’1, plus he has the quickness and the slashing ability to make up for when his jumper isn’t falling, and the team totally needs someone who can cut to the basket from the top of the key, just so that we can have another option beyond “give it to Kobe” and the predictable Triangle attack of “pass it over the top to Gasol so we can go into Triangle-attack mode”.

    I’m not sure why he’s been sucking lately. If his jumper isn’t falling, he needs to stay focused and play hard defense, even if he ends up with 2 points for the whole game. Plus he needs to find a way to get to the basket a-la Tony Parker (a well known bad jump shooter who does most of his damage in the paint).

    Sasha Vujajic:

    His 3 point shooting has been off lately. However, jump shooters will naturally have up and down phases, because it’s not like he’s stopped trying after getting his contract (which often happens with a lot of players). I often see him pushing it up the floor like he’s about to dribble it straight into the locker room, but he has absolutely no finish game around the basket, as he’s too slow to get off the ground, his layup attempts are consistently blocked.

    Right now the biggest problem I see in his game is his overreaction to dribble-drivers that are barreling their way towards the rim. Too often he goes to help on stopping the drive but does not recover back to his man camping on the 3 point line in due time, which results in too-often-noticed open 3 point shooters hitting the 3 when the ball is kicked out to them from the driver.

    The other problem is that although he’s known for being an annoying pestering defender, too many times he’s overzealous and too aggressive 30 feet away from the rim. And the refs don’t seem to give him much respect or leeway, probable because he irks the refs with a reaction on just about every call as if an injustice of Biblical proportions has been done to him.


    Is it me or is he the only guy on the Lakers who tries to throw down dunks with both hands? He’s big and strong enough to keep the likes of Timmy Duncan from moving him off his position, and he seems to be fouling less, blocking more and shooting better. I’m not sure why some people here are unhappy with him – he’s making chump change at 800k a year and giving us as much as Kwame Brown did at 8million a year, maybe even more. He’s not expected to go or deliver in one-on-one situations, he can just go for blocks, position defending, and can score on putbacks or other ‘easy basket’ situations.


    If he’s going to be in the 2nd unit, they better make open shots, cause this guy is a passer.


    2nd unit for sure when he returns. Even when he was playing well, Phil still didn’t put him in at crunch time. So he just needs to be a monster off the bench. Phil likes to put in his most trustworthy build in at crunch time – Fisher, Kobe, Ariza, Odom, Pau.(meaning when they absolutely can not turn it over, and need to get at least free throws out of their posession, if they can’t get something high percentage close to the rim) So Bynum isn’t a consistent go-to guy in crunch time rotation just yet (but then again, neither was Shaq, because that guy would terrorize the opposition for 3 quarters, but his atrocious free throw shooting was a world renowned liability in the 4th quarter clutch)

    Bynum needs to block 2-3 shots, get at least 9 rebounds, and alter 4-6 shots per game. You could clearly see that out of 10 close-to-basket shot attempts, if 6 of them are challenged by Bynum, then only 1 or 2 will result in a score.


  • sketch

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  • sketch

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    “NOT”, that’s all you’ve gotta say? why bother posting anything? you’re an idiot and STFU!

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    Watching these games after the all star break have been painful. Whoever said we had the deepest and best bench need to stop smoking crack! The bench mopps suck big time donkey kong d1ck!

    Vujabrick keeps launching his 3 point bricks. This guy was suppose to be out 3pt specialist. He didn’t make them even when he was wide open (4 bricks in crunch time). What the hell happened to this guy from last season to this season? Can it be the hair?

    Farm-er boy is a turnover machine. Guy plays too much one on one like he’s playing 1 on 5. I’m surprised PJ gives him so many minutes. I don’t know what’s worse, his acting or his ability to play ball.

    Don’t get me started on Fluke. He was bad enough starting. Dude is even worse coming off the bench.

    I don’t care if you’re having a bad shooting night, but when the bench guy you’re guarding scores double figures, there’s a problem. Play some damn defense and stop losing those big leads! Surprisingly Dacos has been the most consistent off the bench. He has been on the plus side for the past few games. I’d like to see tome pt from the new guys to see if they can shake things up. These 3 knumbnutts need to go in the off season.

    Speaking of knuckleheads, O-Dumb decides to be the hero at the end with dumb plays. Instead of running out the clock, dude decides the pad his stats. PJ yanks his ass out and puts in a worse replacement in Vujabiatch. Like this dude is going to do better. Brick it up!!!!

  • http://www.keyshop.org Makaveli3

    We did good. Lets hope Sasha and Walton can step up next time.

  • Smush Walton

    Speaking of knuckleheads, O-Dumb decides to be the hero at the end with dumb plays. Instead of running out the clock, dude decides to pad his stats. PJ yanks his ass out and puts in a worse replacement in Vujabiatch. Like this dude is going to do better. Brick it up!!!!

    Yeah, O-Dumb was just being O-Dumb – you have to take the good with the bad. If they kept a stat on the number of dumb play, without a doubt he would be one of the league leagers. He is one of the most fundamentally weak players in the league – constantly exposes the ball on offense – one handed rebounding which frequently results in lost rebounds.

    At least Phil took Vujabrick out almost immediately and put Lamar back in – hopefully Lamar got the message, but unfortunately he is a SLOW learner.

    Thankfully, his number of charges is down lately so at least after all of these years he seems to have finally started addressing that chronic problem. Will someone please tell him NO OUTSIDE SHOTS!!! If he focuses on rebounding, and shooting in the paint with no more than one dribble then he does OK, but when he starts firing outside, especially 3’s, and doing his threw the legs dribbling routine – FORGET IT!

  • ojt

    I’ve been saying to get rid of luke since last year,this a**wipe is a joke.Like can’t shoot,not even from under the basket,guard,or play git reid of him.Trade ,buy him out.No opposing team respects him they don’t even gaurd him and yet luke can’t shoot /scre when left along.Send or give him away to the boston celtic (his fathers Team) ,pj find another bitch.