Pre-season? It doesn’t matter for the defending champs. They weren’t pleased with their performance and held a players meeting.

indexInside The Lakers: Displeased by their play in Friday’s exhibition loss to the Golden State Warriors, the Lakers players held a meeting among themselves to remind themselves they can do better. Coach Phil Jackson said he was glad to see the players policing themselves, even after only two games into the exhibition schedule.

“They felt like they didn’t give the right kind of effort,” Jackson said this afternoon. “It wasn’t a bad effort, but nothing went right for them. It was just a little opportunity for them to talk about the right kind of energy.”

  • xfellerx

    i love this.

  • kob24

    YESS we have to keep that up and not get the championship get to our heads stay hungry stay healthy. Lets go get another ring this year. FUK THE CELDICKS

  • OaklandLakers

    Big Ups L.A. I like hearin this stuff.

  • ItWasJustPreSeason

    Last year the Lakers lost by 30 (or so) to the Clippers in the preseason at Fresno. I think they made it through the season okay. Point is, it was just an exhibition game! Don’t exert yourselves over a meaningless game, learn the system and stay healthy. You don’t panic two games into preseason, yeesh.

    • desecrator93

      They were just talking about bringing more effort into the games man. Particularly on Defense. I dont think they were overracting, they just want to make sure everyone is on the same page and they’re giving solid effort so that bad habits dont start and spill into the regular season. I think this is great to here.

      • WifelovesLuke

        Completely agree with desecrator. Set the tone early on. Don’t settle for anything less than championship effort. 1-2-3 Ring!!!!

  • lakers#1

    i would rather the lakers lose all pre games. they are not important. hurry up oct 27!

  • Batz

    Preseaon or not, I love the fact that these guys are still taking every game seriously and still trying to put on a 100% performance.

  • Vk2

    eeee nice.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Wow, what team chemistry.

    Wheres Lebron when he lost the ECF? He just walked off, the Cavs had no meeting, no nothing.

    Just shows how more mature the Lakers are. Shows they want to play side by side with each other and get that ring

  • 2 PHATT

    A players meeting after two pre-season game, somethings not right. Can we say Complacency.

  • Short Dog

    I’m not worried at all. Lakers are going BACK2BACK!

  • lakers#1

    i don’t care about pre season. people need to relax.

  • JohnJohn

    Boston now has a busted up baseball team. Beat by a Cali team. Brady is a lil hoe….enough said…no playoffs for Pats….and now the boston celtics want to play the mighty LAKERS….biatch please.