Mood is light-hearted as they prepare for Spurs on Thursday. There’s an air of confidence they are much improved since San Antonio beat them Nov. 13.

L.A. Times: It was a light, airy day at the Lakers’ training facility Wednesday, with barely a hint that the San Antonio Spurs had blown into town.

Vladimir Radmanovic tried to sing “Feliz Navidad” for a reporter from a Spanish-language TV station. Trevor Ariza somehow managed to bank a shot off the 24-second clock for a TV bit with FSN analyst Norm Nixon.

Even Lakers Coach Phil Jackson and Luke Walton were in an entertaining mood Wednesday, poking fun at Walton’s first practice since he sprained his right ankle last week.

Jackson was in the middle of telling reporters that Walton was “slow” and “bad” at practice before yelling out, “Luke, how’d you look today?”

Responded Walton: “I was terrible.”

It might have been the jovial aura of the holiday season, or maybe the Lakers were eager for tonight’s game after playing only once since last Wednesday.

Or maybe it’s just the confidence of an improving team that is 12-8 with victories over Utah, Phoenix, Detroit and Houston, and two against Denver.

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  • foxxy

    LETS ROLL!!!!!!!!!!

  • LA Lakers Writer

    Good to see some bonding going on within the Lakers and hope the front office can give the Lakers and all of us a early Christmas present( Hint. A trade is on all of our lists.)

  • Shaq786

    lamar, mihm, sasha, ’08 second round picks (we have two of them this year), and a ’09 second/first round pick

    we will be in the finals!

  • 24allup inya

    The Lakers should have easily kept up with the elite teams, their record should have been 16-4 if they would have taken care of business in the 4th.The games against Houston10-31 Milwakee11-21 NJ11-25 Orlando12-2 should have all been W’s for them.If they can beat San An today they will totaly redeem themselves to the entire league.They did win the season series against them last season but that was then and what matters is now.I really dont see the Spurs as a major threat and think the Lakers have the pieces necesary to defeat them tonight.GO LAKERS!!!

  • gugy

    Santa, I want Artest! make it happen! :-)