Lakers Examiner: With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the Lakers have many reasons to give thanks. They are undefeated on the young season and look like the hands-down favorite to win the NBA Championship.

As the Lakers gather around the table this Turkey Day, each player will also have other, more personal things to be thankful for. Here is what each player on the Lakers should think about when it’s his turn.

Kobe Bryant should be thankful for the chance to take his place among the greatest players of all time. A championship this year would nullify the Shaq-clause on his previous three championships and prove that he can truly LEAD a team to greatness.

Lamar Odom should be thankful for the move to the bench. Now that he’s out of the spotlight, Lamar can concentrate on doing the little things to help the team win, which is all he really cares about.

Andrew Bynum should be thankful for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Bynum came into the league as a flabby 17-year-old with questionable work ethic. Countless hours of conditioning and one-on-one instruction with the NBA’s all-time leading scorer allowed Andrew to flourish and earn himself a $57.4-million extension.

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  • nabil

    Daco!!! Never gets old.

  • ShortDiezel

    Laker Fans and players should be thankful to the Laker front office for giving us this great team.. hopefully they can keep them together for many seasons to come

    Everyone should be thankful to God for blessing us with the Laker Girls

  • Billy Kupchak

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    Laker Girls are :cool:!

  • Billy Kupchak

    :cool: !

  • Smush Walton

    Luke should be thankful that the Lakers can not cut his sorry @ss so he can still collect his $5Mil per year for the next FIVE years.

    Vlad should be thankful that once his head coach makes UP his mind about his starting lineup, he will stubbornly stick to it no matter how much a player may SUCK on the floor (how did Smush Parker stay a starter for TWO YEARS???) So keep firing those rainbows Vlad Baby – hopefully you’ll have a productive game now and then – you’re sure due one and we haven’t lost hope.