42L.A. Times: What part of “No way” don’t you understand?

Someone in the dispute between Kobe Bryant and the Lakers is out of his/their gourd, which is why, four weeks later, it’s still unfolding daily.

Kobe said today the Lakers not only sold him out but are behind global warming and blacked out everyone’s TVs at the end of “The Sopranos” finale.

The Lakers continued to refuse to comment.

Last week, the story even went international with Bryant issuing trade demands from Spain … before popping up in General Manager Mitch Kupchak’s office Friday … complete with paparazzi, as the Kobe Video Slimeballs, er Guys, hawked his video rant.

So this might be a good time to figure out who’s nuts, him, them or me.

Bryant is now being discreet, he thinks. He has dropped out of sight and is now demanding the Lakers’ surrender through ESPN’s Ric Bucher, one of the few confidantes who have lasted throughout his career.

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  • Rpoc

    Bucher owned!!!

  • lakersforlife77


  • Abel

    I am not sure exactly what the lakers are doing these days? I mean think about it for a minute… They continue to insist that they are not going to part ways with Kobe, while on the other hand Kobe is not backing up either. This cannot go on forever. The Lakers know, and we all know that they are going to get the first spot in the lottery if for some reason Kobe refuses to play (if that is possible)
    Anyway, maybe a deal is already cookin’ somewhere. Jerry Buss said that the team will be built around Bryant. Mitch said that enough had been said. That means that now is crunch time. KG refused to be dealt to the Celtics (with the east wide open and Pierce is more than enough to get through???) Who knows myabe the long dream of him going to the lakers still stands?

  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    kobe has to love the lakers once again he needs to forget about all the negative shit and get back to having fun PURPLE N GOLD style…hes frustrated jus like the rest of us but he gotsa chill and let the good things come naturally….help is on its way buddy

  • Cyrus

    Mark Heisler:

    “…Whatever he owed the Lakers, he repaid many times over, helping them win three titles, making them hundreds of millions of dollars, providing countless thrills in 11 seasons of service that went beyond mere devotion….”

    Finally, LA-Times is getting it.


  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    GREAT NEWS kobe & LO will stay and JO willl join em heres the LINK


  • kgmvp

    I hope that great news from clublakers is true men
    JO/KB/LO then with role players like bonzi, luke, luther head, men hope its really true

  • Guest

    Mark Weisler = Crybaby who is mad at Kobe for kicking him out. *rolleyes* at pathetic LA Times. I think Kobe will stay but jeez ESPN & LA Times need to SHUT UP. I bet these idiots don’t know what is happening BEHIND THE SCENES

  • Lakes on 3!

    I hope it’s true…I don’t see the Rockets giving up Luther Head and Bonzi for…Brian Cook and Saha? No i think it’s BS. At this point it really seems that the Lakers aren’t gonna make anything happen, it’s just taking too long.

  • Justin M.

    Hey, to me this a great news, I dont care if it true or not but it gives me hope like every other Lakers fans out there. This could be our starting line up next year from pg to center. Watch them all, u’ll get hyped about next season.





  • LA-KB24

    yea i kinda agree but i pray and pray LA gets something to help keep KOBE and to get back to the Finals

  • wes22

    if the lakers could get pau by trading kwame,radman & cook to memphis then there is a possibility that we could lure KG to LA..lakers may send bynum,odom and 19th pick to minny. then pick-up magloire,mo williams and a decent SF..

  • shittyman

    lets just rade bryant allready the drama is to much. lets take chicago up on there offer. deng, gordon, pj, and 9 th pick and get a good pg with that pick probably law.

    linup would be


    and be done with it

  • Justin M.

    “I don’t know whats the truth anymore but this latest news is finally something positive and has got me excited just like every other Lakers fan. This could be our starting line up from pg to center next season. Watch all these clips, they will hype you up for next season. Can you say Chamionship?






    I agree with Justin 100%

  • wes22

    if the lakers can get PAU GASOL by trading kwame,radman and cook to memphis then there is a possibility that the LAKERS can lure KG to play in LA..minny will get odom,bynum & 19th pick.then pick-up magloire,mo williams and a decent big man from the 2nd round picks..if KOBE still dont want this addition then the lakers front office will make a subtraction..dealt kobe to wash for agent “0”,butler and two future 1st round picks or send him to boston for pierce,al jefferson and their # 5th pick..kobe will get his wish granted and the lakers will become contenders next season and hopefully become champs in 09 season..

  • http://Lakers.com Ed24

    Shittyman you are fucken moron. Shut the fuck up because you don’t know anything about basketball.

  • get.mo.williams

    we NEED TO get Mo Williams with out MLE!! that is a MUST! check the stats out. he can score and pass the ball as well. we need a veteran aggressive PG…and Williams is that guy. GET MO WILLIAMS!!!

  • lol

    Kobe has spilled too much blood already so to hell with his ass.