L.A. Times: Can the Lakers win the NBA championship if they don’t have home-court advantage throughout the playoffs?

They might have to find out the hard way.

The Lakers are one game behind the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have enough home games ahead of them to leave the Lakers behind them.

The Lakers (53-14) have the tiebreaker by virtue of a two-game sweep of the Cavaliers (54-13) this season, but that means something only if there’s a tie that needs breaking. And that might not happen, with the Cavaliers playing 10 of their last 15 games at Quicken Loans Arena, where they happen to be 30-1 this season. Of course, the Lakers are the “1.”

Meanwhile, the Lakers and their lose-the-lead ways will embark on a season-high seven-game trip after tonight’s game against Golden State.

A ton of road games for the Lakers, a ton of home games for the Cavaliers. This might not bode so well for the Lakers, who experienced the importance of home-court advantage in last season’s NBA Finals, when they went 0-3 in Boston.

Can they really finish ahead of Cleveland?

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  • Smush Walton

    Lakers have lost their edge?
    Thanks for the newsflash.

    I think they’ve lost their second unit.
    They are losing the lead every time they step onto the court.

    They can forget about finishing ahead of Cleveland.
    At least they will finish ahead of the Sukdics.

  • http://lakers.topbuzz.com Mamba2410

    Trevor Ariza: “I think sometimes we kind of relax when we shouldn’t,” he said. “We take things for granted a little bit, but I guarantee you that won’t happen again. We won’t take anything for granted ever again.”

    Yeah Ariza…”guarantee” is a pretty strong word, and just so you know, even if you lose against a team like the Jazz or the Mavs, yeah umm…even then you shouldn’t lose against them when healthy (yes, being without Bynum still makes you capable of beating all of the rest of the teams you guys will be facing for the rest of you guys’ season). Even when you lose, at least don’t make an excuse like “Oh, he just made a lucky shot” or “We just made one mistake that was completely unavoidable”. Well…you should be worried about making mistakes, and you should make every possession count…you guys are so stupid and definitely DO NOT deserve to be NBA Champions! You’ve even gotten me, a DIE HARD LAKER FAN, to start thinking that you guys aren’t as good as the Celtics, Cavs, or even the Spurs! Because even though they don’t have as much talent as you guys do, they still take care of the teams that they should…which you guys started off this season doing very well, to NOT CARING ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT YOU GUYS FINISH OFF WITH THE NBA’S BEST RECORD AND GETTING HOME COURT ADVANTAGE THROUGHOUT THE PLAYOFFS! I hope that you keep your “NO-RELAXATION GUARANTEE” label on the Lakers, because if it falls off and you lose to yet another team in which it should be extremely easy to beat them…then I might as well become Celtics fan! Because at least they try every night and don’t lose 10+ point leads in not only the season…but also the PLAYOFFS (Lakers lost a 20-point lead in the 2008 NBA Finals vs. the Celtics, in Game 5)!

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