Who would you give up if you were Mitch? Shannon? Vujacic? Morrison? Sound-off…

Silver Screen & Roll: This from ESPN’s Ric Bucher on his podcast today. No further details from Ric about when this inquiry incurred or what, if anything specific, the Lakers offered to give up. No handicapping from him, either, on the odds of a deal, so just throw it on the rumor pile.

For what it’s worth, a trade for Devin Harris would be pretty easy to get done under the salary cap. He makes a relatively modest $8.4 million this year and has three years (after this one) left on this contract.

A combination of Adam Morrison and either Jordan Farmar or Shannon Brown would satisfy salary-matching rules and free up money for New Jersey to make their offseason free-agent push.

  • Sean All Ivy

    This would be a big move for us.

  • LakerZombie

    I would do Farmar / Morrison for Harris. Love Jordan but he wants to start NOW, and isnt too keen watching from the bench. Granted he might not even start in NJ but there are prob less hurdles to get there. And Ammo well he’ll just be happy to get more PT and not be lost in a sea of talent. Its risky to shake things up but if it can be done id say go for it. Brown stays though ;)

    • joshLA

      was that pic from halloween??? (dont tell me u went through all that trouble to make it coincide w/ ur name on here lol)



    But the Nets wouldn’t pull a trigger on a trade like this. Why would you give up their starting PG & give up the face of their franchise for a few role players?

    • CuppyXL

      I wouldn’t consider Harris the face of their franchise. I would consider this the face(s) of their franchise.


      • double


      • lakerbunny


        • lakerbunny

          IN THE LIBRARY!

      • KB24forlife


    • 09champs!

      Because they want to free some money for the summer, and they will probably get John Wall. I wouldn´t be surprised if Mitch can somehow pull this one out. ;)

      • CuppyXL

        Yeah, losing Harris would help them out by getting rid of a multi-year deal and probably help their chances of getting Wall.

  • mr.laker19

    Anybody on our bench except for Odom and Shanon. Harris is a beast! I might even give up our first round pick

  • LC09

    yall know it wont happen now thats its out in da open n sh it fu kin bucher keep ur mouth shut!!!lol but this wud b a great trade for us another steal by mitch but now i doubt that itll happen since its out

  • Shaye

    Trade ANYONE off the bench except Shannon Brown and Lamar..

  • Toni

    Sasha Vujacic!! – “The Machine” hasn’t done anything really worthwhile since the 2008 NBA Finals. – He became defective and we need to trade him in!!!

    • jigs

      the machine is out of warranty!

      i hope they bought an extended warranty for him.

    • Kid Kaos 310

      Someone forgot to “turn on” the machine.

  • LakerZombie

    The idea of having a scoring PG makes me giddy. Yea i know Phils triangle isn’t dependent on one but for once i’d like it to be OUR pg that torches the oppositions :(

  • CuppyXL

    Wow i just commented on this. This would be a big upgrade for the Lakers and I think help provide another scorer and a definite upgrade at the PG position.


    How about this trade?

    Yeah, the Nets probably would want a PG in return, but I think they understand their season is pretty much over. They would better their chances of getting a top college player like say John Wall? And didn’t Lebron say he would love to play with Wall? Just an idea.

    • Austin


      Check this trade out, it works money wise and we get to keep shannon and odom

      • keepon_keepinon18

        That would work wonders for the Lakers but the Nets wouldn’t want Sasha because its a 2 year contract. They probably want to do what the Knicks are doing and get expiring contracts and 2 or longer year contracts only if they are really good.

      • CuppyXL

        The trade works out, but I don’t know if the Lakers would be willing to accept a rookie with a multi-year contract and I highyl doubt the Nets would trade away their first round pick to the Lakers.

  • drive-for-16th

    adam morrison and farmar for devin harris.
    Lets get it this shit done mitch.

  • Myself

    Not to disrupt the chemistry of this team, but if they could…. trade Morrison and Farmar. Morrison isn’t even getting any playing time and Farmar hasn’t been to consistent, some nights he has a great game and other nights he is way off. Mitch if you can get away with another robbery pull the trigger.

  • LakerZombie

    When is the trade deadline?

    • Mbenga


    • keepon_keepinon18

      I think its Feb 18.

  • Mbenga

    Morrison and farmar! and pay them to take sasha.. and give them an autographed kobe jersey.. and a pau jersey too.. and 200$ and some free tacos.. and give them.. 3 laker girls.. their choice and uhh give them uhh some free laker tickets.. and a couple high fives and hand shakes.. that should be about even.. can someone check this on that espn trade machine thing.. i think itll work do it Kobe.. DO IT! ASK FOR THIS! Mitch you too! and Phil! do it!! and Fisher!! do it!! and you too Ron do it!!

    • LakerZombie

      LOL now thats a DEAL! haha

    • lakerbunny


  • Lakeshow213

    It’s a long shot, but if theres any team in the NBA who can pull off deals as such, it’s the our Lakers! It does sound like a robbery but if you look at it from the nets point of view it does make sense. Lets face it, Harris isn’t the savior for that franchise. He’s under contract for a few more years, and with Farmar, and Ammo, they get expiring deals to free up money for this coming off seasons FA class. I think Farmar can get the job done if he gets consistant minutes, I really believe he’s a legit starter on alot of NBA teams. So it’s not like the Nets are getting a bad player who doesn’t have any upside. Ammo, again, he needs minutes, and with the Nets in total rebuilding mode, he’ll have alot of time to put in work. Longshot, but anything is possible when it comes to our Lakers! =)

  • lex

    farmer is instant Offense it’ll be dumb to trade him but Sasha/Morrison is cool to part with, Shannon brown it’s a true point with the way he’s scoring as of late he’s back up at the two guard but it would be a nice addition.

    • LakerZombie

      I don’t think he’s instant offense. More like ‘i finally got in the game an im gonna shoot offense’ lol


    throw in a 1st round pick and it should be good

  • lakers4life39123

    it would be good but idk where the team would get so many shots…



    • CuppyXL

      I don’t think their main concern is offense. More than anything they would use him to play some D on the more quicker PGs and it would also provide the team with a future PG.

  • PauLAsol

    getting harris would be awesome!!!



  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    I just woke up and WOW! I would trade Ammo & Farmar for Harris in a heartbeat. First we get rid of some space on the roster from someone who isnt contributing (sadly) and we are then basically trading PG for PG. Except we are trading a bench PG for an All Star PG. Do it Mitch, PLEASE!

  • poop

    fish/harris (until he gets used to the triangle)


    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      I think Odom should be more of a back up PF and Powell should be a back up C. Powell seems abit taller to me.

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    Anyone but Shannon and Lamar, its that simple. Farmar, sure…. Shannon? No way in the world.

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    Seriously, if Shannon is traded, I will not look at Mitch the same, no matter who he brings.

    • Sean All Ivy

      Really? I love Shannon but Devin would be a sick addition for us. I would pull the trigger.

  • uclanak15

    Lakers need to try to make this work and do it.

  • richtown

    Lakers would likely have to take back a crap contract as well but if this was actually doable I believe mitch would have already pulled/the trigger on this already. If anything he’s just testing the waters like he did when he picked up pau out from under other gms noses

  • http://twitter.com/AceFreshh Freshh

    Mitch trying to make an early run for GM of THIS decade.

  • keepon_keepinon18
  • keepon_keepinon18

    No way they even try to trade Shannon, he representing Lakers in the Dunk contest.

  • lakerbunny


  • Sopi

    theres no way harris is coming to LA unless lakers give up one of the starter, just think if you are nets fan, who would you want to trade harris for?

    farmar with another scrub will never work

    • lakerbunny


      • Sako

        3 wins.

  • groovymichael

    they dont need another scorer. Just someone who can bring the ball up, not get turnovers, knock down open shots Consistently

    • Monico24Perez

      He is one of the best defensive Og’s That’s all he did when he was in Dallas He gave Tony Parker Fits and when he was in Dallas he didnt Take that Many shots so i think he would be cool with Taking lkess shots AND WINNING A RING

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Do it!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    derek fisher just blinked.

    • http://TheLakersNation laffs atyo momma

      and in new york, lebronx just shivered.

  • gofeedtina

    This would be incredible if Mitch pulled it off…

  • BAM17

    Salaries dont match. Morrison is making 5 mil plus and Jordan is at 2 mil plus. Morrison and Sasha would match or Luke and Sasha. Another thing is that why would you move Morrison when his salary is expiring?Especially if we are well over the salary cap and sill have to sign Kobe. Just a thought!

    • LC09

      yo bam harris for ammo n farmar does work sumone did it in da trade machine lol..n we r tryin to get rid of sasha n ammo if we can, ammo bcuz teams want his expirin contract but only if we can get sumthin good in return..i dont think anyone wants sasha lol damn it

  • B Holland

    Farmar and Morrison. Farmar can run the point guard position so that would give the nets a good fit. Harris is a good defensive guard so this would solve our pg issues along with putting Fisher in a back-up role.

  • gugy

    is this kid good? I really don’t follow the Nets

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      Let me put it this way. The Lakers are lacking a quick point guard, defensive point guard, can light up the scoreboard. Devin Harris has all those.
      This guy is a great young kid. He can everything the Lakers are looking for at the point guard position. He is extremely quick and had the record of 3.93 seconds dribbling a ball from baseline up the court.
      I say Ammo+Farmar+draft pick (if needed) for Harris would be a good deal.

      • gugy

        Sounds good,
        But I rather get rid of Sasha + Farmar.
        Ammo will clear space next season.

      • The Emperor

        What about Josh Powel With Ammo and Farmar? He is seldom used anyway.

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..
  • LakersMike31

    Wow, can you imagine all the conspiracy theorists that would start rioting if the Lakers make this happen? I’m for the deal if it involves Farmar and Ammo/Sasha. But, it seems unlikely to happen. Chalk it up to wishful thinking.

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      The Nets said that they would get rid of anyone just to clear space for ket FAs and they have their eyes on John Wall, whom they would likely make the franchise player, so right now… Devin Harris is leaving their eyes.

      • LakersMike31

        Maybe, but if I were the Nets, I’d at least hold him until the draft, just in case they don’t get the number one pick (with which they would subsequently take Wall). If they do that, they have a chance at moving up in the draft by dangling Harris. Plus, If I were a big-name FA, why would I go to jersey if Harris wasn’t there? To play with Brook Lopez? Pass.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    I’de trade “The machine” (Fail) and morrison for Harris

  • http://myspace.com/taeyongpark Day

    It would be nice to somehow keep Farmar because in years to come Harris and Farmar would be a good PG rotation. Lets face it, Fisher won’t be around much longer.

  • lakersyovis

    shannon needs to stay..!

  • lupe vega

    i say keep shannon and Farmar and sasha needs to go!!!

  • LakeShowAllDay

    DO IT farmar and morrison

  • 2010 LA CHAMPS

    dude if this trade works for farmar/morrison, then the lakers hav their whole starting lineup as all stars cuz devin was an all star last year and bynum, gasol and kobe r all stars this year but artest is good at defense and threes so this is a big trade!!!!

  • http://thebasketballoracle.com Joey

    I can’t believe Lakers fans are saying that they would be mad if we traded Farmar or Brown. I would trade both of them + Morrison + 2 1st round draft picks for Devin Harris in a second. The 30th pick in the 1st round is basically a 2nd round pick. Farmar + Morrison + 1st round pick + 2nd round pick for Devin Harris = Another Pau Gasol-like steal

  • http://thebasketballoracle.com Joey

    Also this trade would be good because then Artest could put like 80% of his energy on defense and only 20% on offense, instead of the 50/50 he does now. Harris would be another go-to guy so Kobe could sit out like 4 games to heal his injuries. Fisher would only have to play like 14 minutes a game then too. Our defense would be #1.

  • http://myspace.com/taeyongpark Day

    ugh, I’m getting excited for this and I don’t wanna get my hopes up lol

  • ampatuan

    guys is harris still prone injury right now? coz the way he plays isnt like last year when he was name an all star.

  • LakeShowAllDay

    MITCH rip the nets off like u did to the grizzlies for pau

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..


  • Anthony

    I’d prefer a more defensive player and someone who is a bit older than Harris.

    I’m not saying the trade wouldn’t be great, but I just have certain expectations of a point guard in this system that I’m not sure Harris could commit to.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    ide try to get nate robinson because he is more experienced

    • Sako

      No he’s not. Nate was drafted ’05. Devin was drafted ’04. Devin played on the ’06 Mavs team made it to the Finals.

    • Sean All Ivy

      I think Devin is a much better player than Nate


    Stop with the fucking trades Mitch! You’re going to fuck up the team. I believe the Lakers will be able to win with the team now. Well, they should have kept Ariza instead of Artest. Ariza brought more to the table than Artest is bringing, but hey what can we do now, it happened already. But, if this trade goes, it’ll be just like how Rasheed Wallace doesn’t fit the the Celtics, how V. Carter doesn’t fit with Orlando, how Turkoglu doesn’t fit with the Raptors and how Shaq didn’t fit with the Suns. We don’t need another fucking all-star in this team. We need better role players, just like what the Cavs have done.

    • yousacrazy

      fuck the cavs

    • Sako

      Ariza > Artest? Artest is a perfect fit on this team, he has the best three point percentage on the team, he’s a DPOY candidate, and we’re #1 in opp fg%. Ariza has been stinking it up in Houston, he’s shooting 38% from the field and Rockets fans want him out.

    • CuppyXL

      It could happen, but what would they be giving up? When the Lakers traded for Ariza they gave up, what Cook and Evans for a guy with potential like Ariza? This would, possibly, be the same thing. Trading two players who possibly see little or no playing time in either Sasha, Luke, Farmar, or Morrison, for a guy who can move the ball, has speed and can fill in for Fisher when needed and potentially replace him when he retires.

      It can’t be compared exactly to what is going on in Boston, Cleveland, Orlando, or Toronto. The big difference: all those guys are big players who need to step up in order for their team to win. Rasheed has had problems all season adjusting and playing consistently well with the C’s, Vince Carter is holding onto his supposed “superstar” category and is not changing his game for the team and he is a big contributor for them, Turkoglu left a Magic team that has great potential for some money and he’s not being used right and isn’t being tough like he was in the playoffs, and Shaq…Well I still think the verdict is still out on Shaq. I give him a C right now. All these players are expected to help their teams succeed, otherwise why did all of them go after their players? They need them to win.

      Harris would be a small player in a big group of great guys. Kobe, Pau, Bynum, Artest, Odom, maybe Fish and/Brown, then Harris!

      In order for the Lakers to win they need all their starters including Brown and Odom to step it up, and adding Harris would be another player who could really help, but is not a VITAL piece to the team.

    • ricky

      If we can steal Harris then I’m all for it. I’m not saying it’s not a good trade, but at the same time, I totally agree that we don’t need any more all-star type players. We need to focus on strengthening our bench. I actually like the Farmar/Shannon rotation in the back court because lately, they’ve been fantastic and they compliment each others’ games well. Farmar has the perimeter game and passing skills and Shannon has the strength and athleticism to go strong to the basket.

      Honestly, I think the one piece we are missing is just a consistent scoring option off the bench. Like how Atlanta has Jamal Crawford or how Dallas has Jason Terry. We need one of those go to guys who can score on their own consistently off the bench. Add this piece with Lamar, Luke, Shannon and Farmar and our bench would be solid.

      • CuppyXL

        But wouldn’t Harris be that spark plug like Terry and Crawford are for their teams? Yeah sure Farmar and Brown do seem to compliment each other, but how consistent have they been all season? Sure it may be something that is blossoming, but what are the chances of it happening? Farmars has had moments this season, and in the past, where he has shown great potential and skill, but it has never really flourished.

        And can either one of these guys fill in next year or maybe the next next year if Fisher decides to hang it up?


    Is anyone’s dick getting hard besides me?

    @DONT DO IT: hey, pessimist. Sheed gives Boston a scrappy, defensive veteran big who knows how to win, can stretch the floor and is just as outspoken as KG (how many time was he fined this season?) TOR loves the Euro ball, so I guess Turk fits the bill. As for Ariza, the situation was messy (his agent wanted more money) As for Harris, just remember when he was locking guards up back in DAL, when he actually played for a competitive team v. being the face of the franchise.

  • roscoe

    They won’t take back sasha’s contract to everyone suggesting that. the point for them is to clear cap space not get someone with no discernable basketball skills who still has 3 years left.

  • http://fuckyeahmarcomanipon.tumblr.com Marco Jose Manipon

    I just do not want to see my main man Shannon Brown going elsewhere. But Devin Harris wearing purple and gold is a beautiful sight to see. So I may agree with Jordan/Adam + perhaps some tacos for Devin Harris.

  • Gino

    Jordan/Morrison + Vucacic would be an awesome trade for the Lakers. I know Jordan’s been picking up his game lately, but having Harris would definitely help out the bench for the longer term. The question then becomes, would Fish be willing to go to the bench if Devin plays well? Or will Devin Harris be the Jason Terry of our bench and bring instant firepower with LO and Shannon. I kinda like the sound of that though. Having a trio like that off the bench would mean ridiculous amount of depth and allow KB more minutes to rest if need be.


    Love it! . .do it Mitch..

  • Drake Ramoray

    A very simple trade! Farmar and Morrison for Harris works. ESPN Trade Machine approves. There’s a great article on hoopsworld.com about this rumor also. Some you of should read it before saying stupid things. Nets won’t take Sasha. They want expiring contracts! Lakers actually offer the best deal with young players and expiring contracts. Who knows, with more playing time, Ammo might show some worth to a team and Farmar is no scrub, he’s a legit talent. Farmar and Ammo would free up $9 million for the Nets next year to go after two all stars. I’m a big fan of Shannon, but if the Nets wants him instead of Farmar to make the deal work, I’m all for it too! It’s all about talent and if you’re a knowledable NBA fan, you gotta know that Devin Harris is a pretty sic player. The Lakers haven’t totally closed the door on the Bynum/Bosh trade either. If they can pull off a Farmar & Morrison for Harris and then turn around and trade Bynum, Shannon, and Vujacic + Mihm trade exception for Bosh and Marco Belineli, Mitch will win GM of the year for the next Decade!!!!!

    • LC09

      now u made sum good points n sum retarded ones lmao.. bosh for bynum aint happenin it neva was happenin so stop wit that retarded trade… 2nd we aint giving up shannon jus not guna happen..3rd yes trade works as 2 for 1, n sadly they dont dont want sasha damn it!!! lol.. yall jus need to stop wit da bynum for bosh sh it it aint happenin..n by da looks of it this trade aint happenin either bcuz its out in da open u know mitch’s trades all happen behind closed doors n nothin leaks out

      • Drake Ramoray

        Stop talkin ebonics to me bro! Kwame and Pau wasn’t suppose to happen either and it did doosh bag!!!!!! Bynum and Bosh could happen and I’m just being realistic about it. So is Farmar and Morrison for Harris. Go learn some english first and then we’ll talk!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Justafan

          Bynum for Bosh is no good,Drew is a legit solid Center and can play D,Bosh is a Forward who cant play D,and since Gasol has been injured alot this season,who would play C if his hamstring bothered him,Bosh,Odom,Mbenga.comon man,be realistic,were better off with Bynum,our starting lineup is fine,we just need quick strong guards.
          And btw,Bosh cant handle Howard,Duncan,Shaq and the other big Centers,but Bynum this season has proven he somewhat can.

        • LC09

          drake wat???? hahaha mofo now u jus a retard..ur bein realistic bout bynum for bosh??? hahahahahahahahahahaaahhaha awww man u fu kin dumbass u know who started that rumor?? peter vescey wen da fu k has that dude ever been right bout rumors?? get ur shi t str8 b4 u talk..n i see how much of a laker fan u are… the trades we do u dnt hear shi t bout u dumb mofo..all these trades u hear bout wont happen.. lmao

  • yash


    this is a better trade dont you think?? I think so

  • joshLA

    I dont like this…too many stars (kobe would be dead out of mvp discussions becuz of his supporting cast compared to other mvp candidates) and we dont need a scoring pg. I’d rather see a guy like calderon who would flourish in our system and is more a distributor or hinrich (a good passer, shooter, and defender) come to our team.

    BUt if makes u think wenever u have a chance to grab a great player…..

    • Justafan

      Ok are you a Laker Fan or a Kobe Fan,i want to see the LAKERS win championships,not Kobe win MVPs.
      And btw I rather see Kobe winning a Finals Mvp than regular season Mvp,dont you agree with me.

  • ampatuan

    yah i think we need a good passer and defender rather than a scorer pg. kirk would be perfect fit on the lakers

  • http://vinginor@aol.com onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Trade Farmar,Ammo,Shasha I will drive them to N,J.
    just to get them there. Farmar is turning his game around but needs to be on a team where he can run and gun.Ammo is lost anywhere and Sasha why he is in the NBA is a joke.

    • JUST DO IT

      Haha! Anyway, only the artards think Bosh for Bynum will go through. It has been shot down by Colangelo himself (says no way in this life will Bosh head to LA, Bosh is all-time leading Raptor scorer I think, and they are finally competitive, even though you need like 30 wins to make the playoffs, and only Raps can offer most money since they own his rights) just look it up online somewhere. And whoever is typing like a kindergartener, cut it out! (LC09)

  • lperocker

    Trade Sasha and Adam!!!! Keep Farmar and Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZestyItalian2

    The only sensible thing would be to trade Farmar as well as Morrison’s expiring contract. Farmar gives NJ a legit replacement at the point (as long as they’re losing anyway) and gives Jordan a chance to play big starter minutes with little to no pressure. Morrison’s expiring contract frees up even more cap space for NJ to go after LeBron/Bosh/Wade/etc.

    No way would I let Shannon go. First of all, he’s a 2-guard, and secondly, his stock is only rising. If Farmar/Morrison isn’t enough, i’d throw in Josh Powell. You know. Because he’s awful.

  • Leandro

    Devin Harris me encanta. Aunque creo que es necesario desprenderse de algún base si o si. Lástima por Farmar…

  • bynumite24

    Looks like the Nets are pulling the brakes on Harris trade: http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/post/_/id/12467/nets-pulling-brakes-on-harris-trade-talk

  • Robert

    Lakers are doing pretty well, considering they have been playing injured all year long. Hopefully they’ll do well in this road stretch. If so, then I would say they are ready for the Championship, so why mess with it?
    I stiil say that it would make more sense for the Lakers to ‘add’ a player to the roster, than to trade someone. Taking away a player changes the chemistry. Even though the Lakers are doing great w/Artest, taking away Ariza changed the bench situation – it is ‘just’ beginning to have at least decent moments – it takes a while to adjust.
    Having said all that, it would be nice to get Devin Harris, but I see we would have to give up somebody that we like now. Shannon Brown is this years ‘Ariza’. He is essential to the team as a role player, and bench spark, and shouldn’t be traded. Farmar has ‘good moments’ too, but Devin Harris is a similar (albeit better) player, so it would seem that only Farmar could provide a decent trade in NJ’s view. Farmar ‘might’ have upside for a team like the Nets. Also, his contract is expiring, so the Lakers will have a problem at the end of the year *anyway*. They won’t re-sign Farmar, so might as well get something now.

  • http://www.fuckthecavs.com yousacrazy


  • paone

    This would be an amazing move for the lakers. Morrison wont see the light of day so thats an easy decision. Jordan will either be a decent player or a bust. Nothing more. Devin Harris has already proven that he can play at an All Star Level. He is a great player and after this yer the Lakers really need to consider the fact that Derek Fisher will retire. I would rather put the ball in Devin Harris’ hands than Jordan Farmar becuase at the end of the day Harris has more experience.
    PS. No way lakers give up Shannon Brown

  • reyeskeith

    vujacic, and farmar for devin harris….