ESPN: After the Cleveland Cavaliers made the defending NBA champions look ordinary, the Los Angeles Lakers’ fans threw up their foam hands in frustration.

Mo Williams scored 28 points, LeBron James added 26 and the Cavaliers beat Los Angeles 102-87 Friday in a game that ended with angry Lakers fans throwing dozens of giveaway foam hands onto the court.

Shaquille O’Neal had 11 points in his latest Los Angeles return with the Cavaliers, who dominated the Lakers with sharp shooting and physical defense, prompting several technical fouls and retaliation hits in a one-sided matchup of title contenders.

The Lakers’ crowd lost its holiday spirit with 4:04 left when Lamar Odom’s ejection and another T on the Lakers’ infuriated bench prompted many fans to throw their pregame presents onto the court. After another foul with 3:45 left, several more foam hands were thrown along with a full water bottle, which skittered between players without hitting anyone.

  • Marwan

    Please take this article off, dont remind me of this.
    STD can be the refs, giving into Lebron. Im not saying that should make bias calls for Lakers but call the game fairly. They called too many charges on Lakers for obvious fouls and too many blocking fouls on Lakers for Obvious charges.

  • drive-for-16th

    This game was soo obvious that it was so unfair, the calls the refs called for ex. lebron pushed off Kobe in the 4th, like how obvious was that it was a charge. I hate the NBA for doing that. As much as i love the game, the unfair calls and bad officiating makes me hate the NBA.First of all, If everything was fair lebron would never be the hype is right now. Second of all Are these the fucking refs that everyone wanted back, i seen elementary schools have better refs then these fuck tards.

  • lakers0828

    Again Lakers bench 11 Cavs Bench 31 Lakers Big Men Odom had 4 and bynum had 4 and Gasol 11.
    Lakers didnt Play with no Sence of ergency no Defence They were forced into alot Of 3s Refs Bad Calls Tech fouls Just everything went wrong give the Cavs alot of Credit they Acted more Like they were the Defending Champs and we were just some average Team SO I give Cavs alot of Credit it will be intresting to See what Mitch and the Front office does, Do they Go for a nate Robinson or Jerry Stackhouse it will be intresting

    • Marwan

      How can they play with urgency when everytime that Lakers make a run, the refs blow the whistle for something stupid. Though Cavs did play well, the refs had a part on it. The Lakers should learn from this, especially Mitch, he should make a move for Nate or Kirk Hinrich. Farmar and Sasha for Hinrich. The Bulls get a replacement for Hinrich and a backup for Rose. Its not likely but its worth a try.

  • desecrator93

    Ugly sh*t here tonight. I agree with the guy above that you should take this sh*t down. Kobe was all alone out there tonight…

  • alwayzworking

    It’s only one game, we are still the Champions. We have 15 championships remember how many the Cavs have…ZERO!

  • drive-for-16th

    that is true, as bad as a game this was in every way possible, Take this Article off, we all saw the fucking game we don’t need to be reminded of this bad game. Lets just move on and put Cleveland as another team on the hitlist with Denver, Dallas and Boston.

  • Jim

    The only game that was more humiliating was against Denver. Bench production was just so poor, the disparity in bench scoring was the difference in the game.

  • http://57.amklac Marwan the tard

    just shows how soft the west is….wheres the leadership..?at least your messiah bryant jacked up enough shots to keep his stats up….

  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Bench or stinch Bynum still is a pussy when it comes to Shaq and d howard and boston s bigs,
    Bynum farmar and Sasha ,get the fuck off the laker team your weak and your D league product.
    Memo to Phil Sasha cant hit a open shot why do you give him a try. And Farmar the santa elf still makes horrible decisions. Bynum said he was going to play like a allstar this season when fuck head?
    Weak as baby punk. Fuck you boy man .

    • http://LakersNation Laker fan

      Dude how much of a bandwagoner can you get? Calm the F down. They are giving their all but the other teams are outplaying them. I know they arent producing but that is no way to approach the situation. “Only one laker fan in L.A.”… it certainly isnt you…

      • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

        fuck you jerk call as you see it they played like a bunch of pussys like you making excuses. FUCK that

  • kobe,bi-curious? aka laffs atu says:

    Kobe sucks thats why the lakers lost.