About time… this’ll be sweet:

L.A. Times: When the Los Angeles Lakers take to the floor of the Staples Center next Sunday against the Golden State Warriors, they’ll be wearing the retro uniforms of the 1987-88 championship Lakers, as part of the NBA’s heritage week program.

“It isn’t so different from the current uniform,” says John Black, the Lakers’ vice president of public relations. “The uniform hasn’t really changed much over the last 20 years.”



    man i wish the lakers would were thosr nice black jerseys for once

  • David

    I agree, I have one of those black jerseys and they are pretty sweet, but I am happy they are going to wear these jerseys next Sunday, they are tight

  • http://www.myspace.com/jwalksocali jermaine mciver

    Oh dont diss showtime!

  • http://letsgolakers.com Mr.81

    Haha, sick

  • http://www.lakers.com Ed

    Ed is back.

  • Ignard

    Black Jersey? Come on fellas, i’m still getting used to the all white ones, i’m old school, bring on the throwbacks baby.

  • dj matt20

    i like this jersey it’s sick reminds me of the times when i first started watching the lakers while growing up. i never seen the black ones before. got a link to the jerseys?


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    those black jerseys are sick

  • JoJoEnglish94Bulls4ever

    Those are the classic ones. They shouldn’t have changed them.

  • Ignard

    I’m sorry I don’t wanna see a Laker wearing a black jersey, we wear purple and gold.


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    i guess you dont have no fashion

  • ignard

    i’m a traditionalist

  • daddy

    what season did they use those black jerseys? 2004-2005 maybe?

  • Ignard

    they NEVER wore black jerseys

  • Michael_23

    This is not the exact replica from which they wore in the late 80s. The shape of the shoulder portion on the top of the jersey was more thinner and skinnier. I know because I magic’s, shaq’s, and kobe’s jerseys before the 2000 season before they moved to the Staples Center.

  • MILO

    Who cares about the uniform’s!!!