Two chosen winners have received a Phiten Lakers Gift Pack that includes:

  • Phiten Lakers Titanium S-Type NBA Bracelet
  • Phiten Lakers Titanium X30 NBA Necklace
  • Limited Edition Phiten Tee-Shirt
  • Phiten Sticker Pack


The Winners ARE:

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[blackbirdpie url=”!/Seannakamoto/status/60989254980997120″]

Laker Nation & Phiten will EACH choose ONE winner. Simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Follow @LakerNation and @Phiten on Twitter and make sure to like Laker Nation and Phiten on Facebook (if you haven’t already).
  2. Fill in the blank and tweet the following message:  “I want a LakersGiftPack from @LakerNation & @Phiten b/c the Lakers _________________________.”
  3. Make sure to watch the Twitter feeds for @LakerNation and @Phiten on Friday, April 22nd at 12pm PST to see if you will be one of two lucky winners! (Laker Nation & Phiten will EACH choose our favorite, funniest, most clever tweet!)

If you see your name on your feed, reply to collect your Phiten Lakers Gift Pack.

@LakerNation and @Phiten will each announce a winner on Twitter on Friday, April 22nd at 12pm PST.  We’ll also be announcing the winner on the Phiten and LakerNation Facebook Pages also so make sure to stop by and check us

Good luck!


    way too many instructions and rules….Happy 4/20!!!!

  • jun zafra

    Back To Back To Back NBA Champs

  • Dennis Carpenter

    have and always be my favorite team even though I live in Chicago Bull’s country.

  • Russell

    “I want a LakersGiftPack from @LakerNation & @Phiten b/c the Lakers GOT RINGS!

  • Anonymous

    Are not goin fishin this year

  • Anonymous

    Are not goin fishin this year

  • Nsense4life

    “Purple ..yellow..purple… yellow”

  • Nsense4life

    “I want a LakersGiftPack from @LakerNation & @Phiten b/c the Lakers are the world’s most loved basketball team(Purple..Yellow..Purple Yellow).”

  • Zeeshan

    I want a LakersGiftPack from @LakerNation & @Phiten b/c the Lakers mean alot to me and i have been a lakers fan for a long long time! So if you can allow me to have this i will be the pleasured and be the happiest man in the world! Once i was little(5 yrs) and i went to the lakers game i was yelling so loud and drinking soda at the same time the soda exploded on everyone!!! i was laughing from inside lol!

  • chris tejero

    “I want a LakersGiftPack from @LakerNation & @Phiten b/c the Lakers are my one only NBA team since 1977….it doesnt matter if the LAKERS has winning season or losing season…im still rooting for them…i folloed the lakers since 1977 when i was still back home in the (Philippines) im a TRUE DIE HARD FAN for the LAKERS…i rather give up my girlfriend or fiancee or wife over the LAKERS every time the LAKERS play on TV or LIVE gotta watch no matter how much important i have to do today i will watch my TEAM LAKERS play…..the people in the philippines who loves the game of the basketball loves the LAKERS…..

  • shylee

    i want a LakersGiftPack from @LakerNation &@Phiten because the akers are my favorite team and i dont have a necklace braclet or t-shirt. Another reason i think you should pick me is because i think the the Lakers are like the best team ever i have a dog and we have a Lakers outfit for him to wear we put it on him all the time and when the Lakers play he always has it on him we always watch them play.