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At least they didn’t lose by 48? Well, they lost by 34, which brings the Lakers to 11 games lost this season by a margin of 20 or more points. It’s a franchise record. This team is racking up franchise records this season, but not the good kind.

As if playing OKC for the second time in 5 days wasn’t enough, the Lakers had to play the Spurs on the second night of a back-to-back. Two straight losses to two of the best teams in the league – it was a no-brainer. Despite flashes of competence in defeating the Trailblazers in Portland and the Thunder a week ago, tonight’s performance was less so…much less.

The San Antonio Spurs showed the Lakers how the game should be played, and the Lakers showed how far they’ve been from doing the same all season long. The Spurs took in their 49th win, while the Lakers absorbed their 44th loss, 85-119.

High Points
Turnovers – If they’d shot a better percentage (a much better percentage), they might’ve had a chance…to lose by less. The Lakers committed just 10 turnovers to the Spurs’ 16. It’s quite the anomaly in the grand scheme of the game. Based on how the game ended, it would’ve been no surprise if the Lakers had 20 or more turnovers.
Free throws – The Lakers got to the charity stripe 12 more times than the Spurs, and converted 19 of 25.
Pau Gasol – He only played 26 minutes, but he did the most on the floor for the team. 18 points on 8-16 from the field, 11 rebounds, two assists, a steak and four blocks

Low Points
Rebounds – It’s like beating a dead horse with this consistent low point, but when the Spurs outrebound the Lakers 64-37, what chance do the Lakers give themselves to win the game? Absolutely none. Rebounds, like defense, is rooted in something simple – effort. The Lakers were overrun by the Spurs, and in the second quarter alone, they were outrebounded 18-9. Their spirit was waning as the game went on, and along with that, their efforts.
Offense – The Lakers shot just 34% (31-91) from the field and only 19% (4-21) from three. They actually got some good looks, but just couldn’t convert. Kawhi Leonard, Tim Duncan and Danny Green had two blocks apiece in the first quarter.
Defense – The Spurs didn’t shoot a ridiculous percentage (just 49% for the night), but they had 58 points in the paint to the Lakers’ 44; took 18 offensive rebounds and produced 18 second chance points to the Lakers’ eight, and hit 13-27 from three. Against a porous Laker defense, they could have done a lot more damage than that 35-point lead they accumulated before the game’s end.

With all the Phil Jackson to New York deal in the works, and Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash using this week to do their talking, the Lakers are unable to escape a day when their minds aren’t turning elsewhere other than the game and the opponent at hand. They’ve tailspinned to the bottom of the heap and their future is uncertain. On the bright side, there are only16 more games left in this season – thank goodness for that!

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  • Deion

    Wow the Lakers have been getting blown out by their opponents then they suddenly pull a major upset against a team this is a bad mix they are playing like the 80’s Clippers.It’s better to just lose all the games and act like you did it for a top draft pick in a rich draft class they are bad right now.

  • BugaWuga

    My predictions for this team is! Lakers will NEVER win a championship again as long as Jim Buss is running things there!