Pau is demanding the ball and I don’t blame him one bit.

pauieDaily Breeze: And so Pau Gasol finally dropped the nice act after Monday’s loss and said what has become clear as the crisp air in the Rocky Mountains.

“I wish we would take more advantage of our height and the inside game, because it’s pretty effective. It’s unfortunate that we don’t recognize it enough,” the 7-foot Gasol said after making eight of his 11 shots, but watching his teammates jack up a ridiculous 31 shots from behind the 3-point arc.

“I don’t know what to do anymore, to be able to get a couple more looks. Like I said, I’ve been pretty effective all season long, and in the playoffs, and I want to continue to be able to help us have a better chance of winning ballgames. I think I’ve been doing that. I just haven’t had a chance to do it enough.”

What’s most troubling is that exploiting their frontcourt advantage with Gasol and Bynum doesn’t even seem to be a focal point of the game plan.

“Obviously it wasn’t the game plan tonight,” Gasol said with an annoyed shrug. “It should’ve been. It should be in the game plan every night. At least for me. From my perspective. But obviously it wasn’t and we didn’t get the ball down low early on, we settled.”

But after a loss like this, in a series he could’ve dominated, in a season in which he has played so well, Gasol was through being polite.

“It’s frustrating because we lose games,” he said. “I don’t mind when we win, because the bottom line is, I want to win. But I feel like we have an advantage, and I’m effective, we should stay with what works and what’s effective and not get away from it. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

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  • xfellerx


  • skew

    give gasol the freakin ball !!!!!! i cant stress that enough !!!!!!




  • YellowPurpleFever

    Speak it Loud and Act like one!!! Stop playing like a “little girl”
    Yes Pau has done alot, BUT needs to be Touhger and more AGRRESSIVE.
    Like taking charges and protect the hole any means even HARD FOUL once in awhile(not dirty) like trash(jr, jones, kmart, nene)and all Thuggets. I am beginning to dislike Karl the Thug.
    Go Lakers!!! good guys always win in movies…

  • willow

    It’s about friggin time!!! Stop being such a pushover to Kobe and demand the friggin ball ala The Diesel. This is dejavu all over again. Why don’t they understand that if they feed the inside it opens up the outside?!?!? Supposedly the coaching staff have a high basketball IQ combined being former champs and all but wtf! Why can’t they get it through the players’ heads to feed the middle? Pau Gasol 8-11 shooting, Andrew Bynum 6-7 shooting. This comes down to the coaching staff. If the starters are not getting the ball inside, then find someone on the bench that will get the ball inside.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    i must stand up for PAU on this one..because he is right..the only person on this team that should be able to ignore PAU- is Kobe..and he does not……feed pau..feed bunum-sometimes……..and kobe will do his thing…
    and can someone step up and help us???? kobe and pau do enough already…LO?

  • Eli

    Pau is 100% abso-freking-lutely right. Jesus Christ, what does it take with this stupid team? We have TWO 7 footers, and we figure the best thing to do is to jack up jumpers like they’re going out of style? I read an article where Bynum himself said Pau looks for him more than any of the guards. That’s depressing.


    Thank God!! Hopefully they listen to him. I am not sure how many times I yell this same thing at the television!!

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    Hopefully, the teams gets the message!!


    Guys, it’s fine and dandy that he’s asking for it right now but where was his nuts at when the rockets where playing? I mean he was guarded by a 6-6 dude and getting manhandled. Instead of him running back to the huddle and not say nothing, he should grab fisher by the head and farmar by the ears (can’t miss) and let them know that the ball WILL GO THROUGH HIM!


    [Comment ID #73137 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah, we went to 7 with the Rockets, but the fact of the matter is that we advanced….we have to stop dwelling about the Rockets series! Yeah… we f**ked up then, but at least Pau addressed it this time around instead of not saying anything at all. Forget the Rockets series, we need to worry about this more talented Nuggets team and do whatever it takes to get the job done…..plain and simple.

  • Sums

    Amen! Finally, Like I’ve said before,how can everyone see the problem except for the former mushroom eating coach that now makes $10 million!
    HEY PHIL…Keep going to the bigs and for God’s sake,don’t ask thenm to gaurd the 3 point shooters from Denver on the switch.
    Hey,I have a idea,why don’t you play straight up Defense and quit switching every play.
    If we get to the next round and we see Orlando,they will kill us with the 3 ball.
    Wake up Phillip,

  • phil buss

    Nice to hear Pau speak out…but everyone should calm down. Nuggets shot 49 free throws to the Lakers 35 in game 4. We know who decides the outcome of these games. Lakers in 6!… and more thing, Mr.Stern(FU)

  • Freshh

    Lack of energy, Rebounding, and inability to close out on shooters didn’t affect the game at all huh^

  • WifelovesLuke

    Pau is right on the money. The problem here is that the Thuggets also know that the Lakers need to go inside more frequently and they are doing a good job of sealing off the inside pass. More penetration and dish will solve that problem. Denver dared the Lakers to shoot the 3’s and we completely obliged them. 31 three point attempts? WTF? Our presious Lake Show took the bait.

    More ball movement and penetration will be just what the Doctor ordered. Let’s go Lakers!

  • double

    squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  • Kb24sdbest

    I agree. The laker players are not working hard enough to get him the ball. I’m glad he finally demanded the ball. Pau should demand the ball more during the games and also be on attack mode offensively each time. I know sometimes Pau can be too passive and deffer to kobe more often, but he has to know that kobe can’t win it himself and we need him. The laker players are not throwing him the ball, they got to take adavantage of Pau and repost. The game of bball is so easy if it’s played the right way.

  • getgasol

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s so simple it’s retarded. You are WAY more likely to pull off a slam dunk than sink a three pointer. Go with the percentages and take it to the hoop!

    Plus, it’s not like our guys have been hitting their 3 pointers anyway. How many has Sasha made during these playoffs? One? Two? How many attempted? Dozens upon dozens.

    I guarantee we’d win ballgames if we did utilize our size advantage more.

  • Dragon

    We have two big guys Bynum and Gasol should work down low and use that as to their advantage. They should be dunking the ball most of the time because we have two towers.

  • Kb24sdbest

    I just finish watching the Magic and Cavs game. To be honest and realistic, i don’t think the LAKERS can defend the magic. THe MAGIC are going to kill us with their 3’s just like they swept us during the season. Unless the lakers change their whole defensive plan and play everyone single coverage and switch on every pick and roll so it won’t open up any threes. Let Howard beat us single handedly and foul him all game until he proves that he can beat us with his free throws.




  • JohnJohn

    Leave Bynum in the game longer please………let him foul out. At least they will be hard fouls. Gasol just needs to be more selfish sometimes. And the Refs…..what the hell is their problem.

  • Rob.D

    Frankly Im not impressed with this at all. Yes its common sense just feed the ball inside to demand double teams and get open shots, but when I watch the game I see Pau come down with that weak position and watch the ball swing right to the other side of the floor. He needs to grow a pair and tell the players not the media to give him the ball, yea he says he wants it but when its game time the only to players that play hard are Ariza and Kobe. Can I please have Gasol from last year who was hungry to get out the 1st round. Seems like he’s lost it. And Bynum…..well screw him Im with pPhil if you not gone play hard on the defensive end and rebound GTFO the game…worthless 7 footer. Honestly I have to blame Phil 1st…how dumb is this guy, I remember when Shaq was here the triangle started inside 1st. Damn Phil just run plays for Pau and get him the ball, ITS NOT THAT HARD!!!!

  • SomeonreadthistoLAkers

    Can someone please have those “highly-potential” but “playing ball like a joke” Lakers read this forum and gain some sense of how to play better and win the damned championship? wtf is up with two 7 ft and still get out rebound, out scored in paint?

  • L.A. All The Way

    Good for Gasol to speak up, and I love him and all but…but umm, learn how to shoot free throws first.

  • kobe8

    i think Pau is right. they need to work from the inside. this will free shooters on the perimeter because no one on the Nuggets can check Pau.