How good are you at predicting the outcome of Lakers Games?

Luck won’t win you this contest. To score well, you have to study game match ups, team trends, the injury reports, predict well, and do it for every game in November to stay ahead of the competition.

It officially Starts Friday with the Suns Game and ends November 30 (15 games in all).

We will do a ‘Trial Run’ on Tuesday against the Rockets. (So everyone will get the bugs out) Then it starts for real on Friday against the Suns.

The Contest Rules are simple: Total point accumulation for November wins.

Scoring is as follows…

Game Winner: 5 pts

Lakers High Scorer: 5 pts

Lakers Top Rebounder: 5 pts

Lakers Assists Leader: 5 pts

Bonus – Predict point margin of victory: 10 pts (must be the same as game winner)

Trivia Challenge: 5 pts

Please list your predictions in the following way. (On Fatty’s Game Preview Thread, before the start of the game in the comments section, one per person, Do I really have to say that?)

SAMPLE: MUST be in this order…

1. Game Winner: Lakers

2. High Scorer: Sasha

3. Top Rebounder: Fisher

4. Assist Leader: Kwame

5. Bonus: Lakers by 50

6. Trivia Challenge: Bozo the Clown

Results will be posted the day following game. And updated throughout November in a ‘TOP TEN’ format.

Tie Breaker: Who predicts the assist leader the most, then rebound leader.

November Grand Prize: A DIRECTV Hoodie – With super soft fleece lining, XL (includes S & H in the USA only) Fatty thanks DIRECTV for donating the Hoodie for TLN contest.


Better then a certificate. ;-)

Game Strategy: Total accumulated points at the end of November determines winner. Study the match ups, and participate for EVERY GAME. Missing 1-2 games could take a person out of the running. No judging is involved, so everyone can participate, including the Lakers Nation staff.

Questions? Post them via comment or e-mail Fatty at fatty@theLakersNation.com.

Fatty determines the winner and will be the sole arbitrator in case of disputes.

Post will be open for the Sun’s game.