It looks like Walton will be out of the Euro-games. However, this means more time for Barnes who will get his first Lakers action Monday evening!

Yahoo: Team spokesman John Black says that Walton’s right hamstring felt worse during Sunday’s practice session before the Lakers’ preseason opener against the Minnesota Timberwolves in London on Monday. Black says Walton will “definitely not play” against Minnesota or against Barcelona in Spain on Thursday. Walton, limited by a back injury for much of last season, will be evaluated after the team returns to Los Angeles.

“We’ll just have to hold on and see how he goes,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said.

  • Robert.

    I’m not clear on the whole Walton issue. Wasn’t he scheduled to be ‘out all year’ this upcoming year? (I think they said this at beginning of summer).
    Actually, I think it’s good that there’s a chance he might play, considering the Lakers are on the hook financially for a few years (unless they dump his contract),
    Shouldn’t they fly him home and have him keep re-habbing until he’s 100%? It seems like that whenever he scrimmages, something else goes wrong.

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  • Leo

    The guy is utterly useless. Can somebody pay me half of what he gets to be injured all the time?

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    which one walton or bryant?

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  • drive-for-17th

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    Why do Lakers even bother with this guy.

  • bdmf


  • si pepe

    he should be paired with lebronkz.the elbow and the back or brokeback lebronkz..

  • keeponkeepinon18

    Stop whining guys! Don’t forget that this pinched nerve injury on the back was getting so severe that retirement was considered by Luke himself. I distinctly remember many of you jumping for joy at that thought and excitedly hoping that Lakers could get reimbursement from the league like the Rockets did with Yao….
    Anyway, be somewhat glad at least that he has come back much more quickly than anticipated and is just a little health away from playing regularly (not in games yet, mind you…).

  • Jack Y.

    Suffice to say, Walton will probably retire after his contract this season.

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