The Lakers players are enjoying life outside of basketball.

7019_808882840201_6018131_45503020_541164_nO.C. Register: Someone sent this out via Twitter on Thursday, shouting all the relevant info in all caps, apparently so excited that the words tumbled out in the wrong order: “RON ARTEST BIRTHDAY PARTY ADDRESS NOVEMBER 14TH: CLUB EMPIRE 1716 N. CAHUENGA BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CA 90028.”

Who did it? Artest, himself.

Artest is insanely interactive with fans via Twitter and wants to meet them in person, too. Mere minutes after Artest finishes talking to the media in the postgame locker room, he is communicating with his “Tweoples” and offering more details.

Or he will express lament that a fan didn’t pick up the tickets he left. Or he will ask for suggestions for his birthday party theme: “What would be cool theme? Something sexy for women!”

Artest’s social life is just one building block of the lively Lakers landscape today. They are a championship-caliber team, yet they are also crossover stars — and we’re not just talking about Kobe Bryant.

Pau Gasol sells more jerseys in Europe than LeBron James, and Gasol has a legitimate non-basketball acting role with multiple scenes in the episode of “CSI: Miami” airing Monday night. Odom married reality TV personality Khloe Kardashian and thus had much of his life story told last Sunday night on E! network’s coverage of their wedding.

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