Mitch is at it again, lets see what he does.

L.A. Times: The Lakers will look at free-agent point guards Steve Blake, Earl Watson and Luke Ridnour, the executive added.

  • Coco

    It’s sad to hear that there’s a high possibility that Adam, DJ and Josh will not return next season wearing that purple and gold even though their contribution on the court is not that significant but this Lakers team the past two years is the most attached to me as far as being a fan is concern.

    • Coco

      and Jordan if ever.

  • Junya

    I would like to see us go after Redick. He would seem to fit nicely in the triangle. Also we should try to go after Channing* Frye. Even though he sucked in the Conference Finals, he can stretch the floor and that could mean less double teams on Kobe. Blake would be sweet too. Just think if we had this lineup on the floor at one point in time(not the starting lineup) Blake, Redick, Bryant, Frye, Gasol… There is no way Kobe gets double teamed. He will get double doubles at a very high rate! MVP anyone?

    • Junya

      Maybe Josh Childress too!

      • Robert

        Hey Junya, RIGHT ON! Josh Childress – one of my favorite players, and on the 2008 Hawks before bailing to Olympiacos (or was it 2007). He’s ‘fast’, and must have learned EuroBasket by now – would work well with Pau.

  • ricky

    I have been hoping the Lakers would take a look at guards like Blake and Ridnour. I like both and realize that their games can fit into the Lakers system really well. Both solid shooters and can make the right decisions. Either one is good for me, but if I had to choose one it would be Ridnour because he seems more creative with the ball, but if we can get both then it would be heaven.

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      u guys are out of your freaking mind
      blake and ridnour?
      r u serious?
      those 2 players are a total liability in DEFENSE
      no thanks we dont need defensive scrubs like those

  • Robert

    I suspect Fish will return, and they will groom a ‘proven’ PG to start to take over. Also, it depends if Phil returns. I suspect he will, and then we have one more year of the Triangle in its current form. After that, anything goes. If Kobe wants to keep the Triangle, then we will never need a ‘true’ PG as long as Kobe is around (in case Brian Shaw takes over, or Rambis returns years from now).
    Otherwise, it would be great to get a true PG anyway, who I’m sure can learn the Triangle, and may sacrifice in order to win a Championship.
    BTW, I suspect Championships for years to come! This group has done well, and has been stretched to the limit. It’s probably time to re-tool a little too, and give the starting 5 even more of a break (during ‘bench’ times – would be nice to see a new bench mob).
    However, again, it takes time to learn the Triangle, so there may be some rough times at the beginning. But I’m sure Mitch will acquire a smart cookie.

  • Xtro

    Steve Blake.

  • Mitch

    KIrk Hinrich

  • daboss1848

    Fish and Farmar . . . none of those are an upgrade.
    (grass isnt always greener on the other side)

    • LC09

      boss we’ll b good as long as fisher comes back..farmar on da other hand ehh idk, are we guna get brown n farmar back?? hmmm

  • Sheldon

    Im gonna miss Farmar, he’s already won 2 rings, and has already said he will go somewhere else so he can take a step forward in his career aka START.
    DJ, Adam or Powell will also leave, but who really cares. I just hope we can hold on to Shannon Brown, even though he is a restricted free agent. He provides great energy.
    And yeah if Orlando was dumb enough to let Reddick go and we got him in a Laker Jersey, it would be LIGHTS OUT for the rest of the league.

  • m1k3

    none .. what happen to Raymond Felton .. Darren Collison .. Kirk Hinrich

    • fitted24

      raymond felton and chris duhon are free agents duhons tall and plays great defense and can shoot well

  • Craig W.

    I’m not sure we should be looking beyond the initial PG candidates. We do have salary cap issues and they are not going to get better next year. We have to think ‘somewhat effective’ and ‘cheap’ to bring in someone new to the triangle. How about Crit for a tryout and the vet minimum?

  • Wilt

    lets sign fisher first then sign a bench pg.

  • 123kid

    we are just a solid guard, possibly a sf, and a back-up center away from securing another championship.

    • big diesel

      Shaq? lol

      • R T

        Dont lol at that…i would take him if he came for the Vet min ($1.3M)

        • LSR

          dis nigga is stupid.. shaq??? cmon why would we bring em back

  • korver

    kyle korver

  • q rich

    Quentin richardson from heat, he also hates the celtics lol

  • brian

    javaris crittenton

  • ImaLaker

    fish is coming back he assured us all that but i think farmars unrestricted offer sheets gonna be too pricey to match so i think we should do a sign and trade with charlotte and get raymond felton who is one of the fastest point guards with the ball and were gonna need that quickness to hang with russell westbrook and the other fast guards in the league.. and that way we can slowly push fish to more of a back up role cuz feltons a proven starter and a 40% 3pt shooter and ultimately replace his position… the last time we waited to replace that position we ended up with tierre brown lol… TERRIBLE!! and shannon brown said hes gonna opt out for a bigger contract so i think its time to improve our perimeter shooting and maybe sign kyle korver in the back up 2 or 3 man position?? cant double kobe with felton and korver at the 3!!

    • http://none DaveintheDesert

      I’m not sold on Felton’s defensive prowess which is what the lakers need out of that position the most. The Lakers don’t need a lot of scoring at the point. They need someone who can put the clamps on opposing point guards more than anything else. Plus, Felton is probably going to be too expensive and would demand at least, the entire MLE.

      Korver can shoot the rock but he’s a liability with everything else. I’d rather see a guy who can not only shoot from range but also drive, slash and manufacture some points on his own. That’s never going to be Korver and like Felton, he’s going to be too pricey considering the present cap problem the Lakers have.

      • ImaLaker

        i just dont see any other worthy point guards available then… or that are better than farmar… i dont think ridnour, and blake are better.. maybe iversin can back us up for 1 year hell ima outta suggestions

        • gameplan

          Iverson can be another payton on the team that ca make the lakers more intact to the fans. I like iverson play with the lakers only if he will understand that this is kobe’s place, but I doubt that, but ’96 class is one of the best includes ray alien.

  • http://none DaveintheDesert

    Kyle Lowry, Will Bynum or Shaun Livingston would all make better point guard options than Blake or Hinrich.

    Lakers need a reliable 3 point scorer off the bench, preferably a swingman who can deliver for 15 or 20 mins a game while Bryant rests. Sasha was supposed to be that guy. He isn’t panning out. I would love to see Anthony Morrow (A-Mo) but the Warriors won’t let that happen. Travis Outlaw would be a nice addition as well.

    Lakers need a fourth big to compliment the 3 headed monster of Bynum, Gasol and Odom in case of one of them is injured or just gets into foul trouble. I like the upside of Amir Johnson from the Raptors a lot and he’s a California kid also.

    • http://none DaveintheDesert

      There’s no trading Powell or Mbenga. They’re unrestricted. And there’s no particular market for them anyway. Either re-sign them or let them go. No interest in Morrison either.

      Might be able to trade Luke and Sasha but there won’t be anything much gotten in return. Probably the most value in a trade would come from Farmar but the only option left there would be a sign and trade since he’s a restricted.

      Not a big fan of Ridnour’s. He might be slightly more serviceable then Derek because he’s younger, but he’s still not a good defender which is what is needed the most.

      Part of the reason Farmar hasn’t worked out is that he can’t stop the ball consistently against the best point guards in the league. The laker defense is consistently having to adjust for the poor individual defense that they aren’t getting out of the point guards.

      It was true all season. It was true with Westbrook, it was ture Williams, it was true with Nash and most recently it was a major problem with Rondo.

      Kobe has to be constantly cross matched with these great point guards or the Lakers get killed defensively.

      Lakers don’t need more slow, decent 3 point shooting point guards that distribute adequately. We need a stopper first and foremost at point. And that’s Ridnour or Hinrich or Blake. These guys are no better defenders than Jordan Farmar.

  • Laker4 Life

    First, lakers should resign fisher and shannon. Then trade luke, ammo, powell, mbenga. Then go after pg. I think the pg that would fit best with the triangle offense is luke ridnour.
    The starting lineup would be
    Bynum, Gasol, Artest, Bryant, Ridnour.

    • Craig W.

      Trade Luke?? His contract isn’t trade-able unless we give up one of our key pieces.

      Ammo, Powell, Mbenga are, I believe, free-agents so we can’t trade them – it is up to them, if we offer them a contract. If they sign we won’t be able to trade them until 15 Dec. I say let them walk or use them to fill out the roster at the minimum.

      We can’t just pick who we want – the other team has something to say or we have to review our salary cap situation.

  • lakers0828

    Wonderful Im glad to See lakers adressing there Point Gaurd Issues I would Like to Lakers Go after Steve Blake or an earl Watson personally I like to See Lakers Keep Fisher and Brown but Pick Up Steve Blake or an Earl Watson


    My first blog since our last year champion, if anyone cares.. WOW what a great season! Congrats to all the true Lakers fan and OG that started the “getgarnett” site, that seems so long ago when theres only a few handful of us that regularly exchange ideas to get Garnett and possible trades to make us champion again. And those days are here again!
    See ya on Figueroa!!! I was there for the 2000 and it was Unbelievable.
    Someone mention about Travis Outlaw. That would be a great pick up if hes healthy. Portland let him go due to his injury. He can play behind Kobe if Shannon leaves. He doesnt need to move just change locker room. Hes a good shooter, good defender, good IQ and doesnt talk sht. Luke or Steve is OK either way to back Fish.

  • Lakerdude101

    Keep all three in Fisher, Farmar, and Brown. Farmar and Brown are evolving players. They’re getting better each year, and they’ve proven excellence already. Farmar and Brown helped us so much in attaining a ring this year, and we don’t even need to talk about what Fisher has done for this team.

    We just need to give more time to Farmar and Brown as the season progresses. They’re both quick, agile guards. We should be fine.

    Get rid of Josh Powell though, we really don’t need him as much of an emotional attachment he may have for us.

  • mr.laker

    Raymond Felton

  • daboss1849

    I’m sorry but where does Farmar think he will be a starting PG? He wasn’t even our main backup in a subpar PG team. He can probably be the number 1 fry cook at waltons restraunt!!!

  • trash

    Its time for jordan farmar to leave

  • RealTalk24

    EARL WATSON??????????? hell no

  • big d

    I think J-Critt would be ideal he’s younger got handles gud 1st step and u could get him on the cheap he has 2 prove himself 4 what happened wit Gilbert he is a true pg and u have the future pg as well and I 4got he can pass the rock as well

  • big d

    And maybe take a chance on a sg or sf like a T-mac or Mike Miller or Rasul Butler Travis Outlaw they can rest Kobe and Artest a lil more rest and they can find a desent backup center they defintly need a bench up grade 2 catch up wit a few teams

  • gameplan

    I want mo’ williams to win a ring with kobe only to prove that lebrog is a joke and not a true team player. mo’ can shoot and lay-up better than fisher, but I still want fisher in the lakers. fisher and kobe are destined to play together to win.

    • domz

      Mo isn’t a good defender so no to him and he’ll prolly not come for a cheap contract.

  • Sasha4Lvp

    this is what we should do:

    1. Let farmar and shannon walk.
    2. trade for collison as a backup for fish.
    3. Sign Ray Allen to a cheap deal to come off the bench. (Yes i know ray was a celtic, but he is the spot up shooter this team has need for the past couple year.)

    Lakers Bench next season:

    Collison, Allen, Walton, Odom, DJ (or somebody else mitch picks up for backup center).

    Best bench in the league.

  • Be Strong

    How about this

    1. Get rid off Powell, Morrison, N Mbenga

    2. Get Shaq back cuz Bynum’s injury

    3. Get Channing Frye, he’s a good 3 point

    4. Re-sign Fisher, Farmar, N Brown

    • jeremy

      shaq is too old. powell played well in his minutes

  • Drake Ramoray

    Y’all want the truth. You can’t handle the truth! The Lakers problem in the regular season and playoff was the bench. Here’s what needs to happen. Ammo, Powell, and mbenga will be gone. Shannon will opt out and we let him walk. Resign Farmar for one year and then ship him and Vujacic to Chicago for Hinrich. We sign “Raja Bell” to back up Kobe to a 3 year deal. He’s a great defender and shooter. Resign fisher to half of what he made this year to come off the bench and that way he stays fresh for the playoff. Hinrich starts and then we fill out the remaining roster spots with an insurance pg, an athletic big, and a savy vet.

    • the_lake_show

      imagine having raja bell ron artest and kobe great defense but all players that kobe got in fights with…lol

  • brian

    javaris crittenton has the ability to handle and play in the triangle offense. we only need a growing player because fisher will still be the starting point guard. crit still has much to prove after the incident

    • lakeb

      crittenton may be the worst basketball player i have ever seen

      • big d

        U don’t know ur talkin about this guy has all the talent in the world if he plays and it took the Lakers drafting him 4 farmer 2 try and get his act 2gether

  • willmo

    There is a reason why Mitch is the GM and not us, sign Raja Bell to a 3 yr deal? He’s freakin’ 34 yrs old and on one leg, Darren Collison to be Fisher’s backup? WTF.Do you think the hornets will just put him in a bow and deliver him to the Lakers for Sasha and Farmar…
    Resign Fish and Brown, get another PG that can score and defend, that’s what they need is a guy that can get into the lane and play some agressive D. I would entertain the thought of Shaq for the vets minimum and a guaranteed fifth ring but good luck convincing Mitch, Kobe and Dr. Buss bout that one. Another thing that is lost in all this is that the Lakers now have alot of cache as the back to back champs and therefore can easily convince a player desperate for a ring ala Ron Ron to come here and we all know that Mitch is a genius at this. The Lakers will have to start monitoring Pau’s minutes from now on since he will be hitting 30 soon and still have him under contract for another 4 yrs. The NBA draft this Thursday will be the beginning of the madness of the off season.

    • Drake Ramoray

      It’s official! willmo has lost all credentials on this website! Please don’t respond to his remarks for he knows not what is right. Resign Shannon Brown? For What? So he can throw down one monster dunk every other game? So he can turn the ball over all the time? So he can run around the court looking out of control and not knowing the offense? So he can go one on one on offense and lose the ball? So he can be left wide open for a three and miss? – Sign Shaq for the vets minimum? So we can have a 39 year old 350 pound guy complain about not starting or playing? So he can miss free throws and lose a possession for us? So he can slow down the offense and miss layups inside because he has no legs? So he can cause drama on the team and in the locker room and can be confrontational with Kobe? Raja Bell who won’t turn 34 til next year is old but Shaq turning 39 isn’t? This Fu ckin clown named willmo is a JOKE! He’s like a cream puff with no cream! Raja Bell makes perfect sense. He’s still playing at a high level when healthy, can hit the open three which is what the Lakers need. Good outside perimeter shooting and perimeter defense who can come in and give Kobe 20 minutes of rest each night and still be able to play defense and score on offense. He’s a veteran and respected around the league. If Fisher at 34 can play for at least 2 more years, Raja is a safe bet for 3! Monitor Pau’s minutes at 30 years old? The guy is entereing his prime of dominace as long as he stays healthy! willmo, might as take stick your face up your azz when you talk because no one else is listening to you!

      • inverse

        Take it easy bruhduhh lol there’s flaws in both your solutions, but I for one will never want to see raja bell in a laker uniform. He’s a bi.tch, and kobe obviously doesnt like him. He’s not artest where we can say kobe has respect for him so its all good that the lakers got him. Aside from when kobe was feuding with shaq, Bell is kobes #1 enemy, so that guy. I dont want him riding kobes coattail to a championship. Dare i say i hate him more than pierce

  • Alex

    When you look at the list of “Free Agents” available, I could see re-vamping a big part of the bench. Maybe adding one or two of the following 2nd tier players.

    Eddie House
    Nate Robinson
    Jannero Pargo
    Will Bynum
    Luke Ridnour
    Earl Watson
    Joe Smith
    Javaris Crittenton
    Wesley Mathews
    Raja Bell
    Roger Mason

  • jeremy

    whats wrong with dfish, jordan and shannon brown?
    i don’t think lakers should worry about point guards. the should be focussing on Phil

  • Robert

    I like Junya’s idea (above) of Josh Childress. He is a shooting guard, however, and bailed to Olympiacos for more $$ (no taxes), and so he would have to want to come here for a Championship run.
    Otherwise, another blogger’s idea was mentioned above: many players will want to come to LA to get a ring. Perhaps it could work out better than Malone and Payton back in 2004.
    But we all know – Kup has tricks up his sleeve. Purposely left the roster thin (13) so that Buss could save $$, and we could see what the current team can do. This team was great for the Celtics, but things will change next year (I don’t expect the Celtics will make it to Finals again). Also, the free agent shuffle will create other potential powerhouses, so the Lakers have to be prepared for that.
    Anyway, it’s in good hands. So far, the decisions since 2007/8 have led to 3 Title runs, and 2 Championships. Expect this trend to continue!!!! I hope Buss can pony up some of the $$ that will probably be needed.

  • inverse

    why not trade for the rights for rubio? imsure he would entertain the idea of playing with his fellow countryman pau and play in LA at the same time, Cmon rambis hook it up lol

  • kobez

    Let Shannon Brown walk. He struggled in the playoffs and finals. Farmar has been inconsistent as well. Fish proved he still can run and bang with a lot of the players in the league.

    What we need is to let go most, if not all of the bench players, except Odom. Try to trade anyone on our bench. The only safe players would be Kobe, Artest, Pau, Bynum, Fish, Odom. Revamp the bench and sign some solid free agents. Most importantly we need a solid center/forward who will rebound and block shots : Brendan Haywood and a back up point guard if Shannon and Farmar leave: Luke Ridnour or Steve Blake. Maybe even sign a veteran player for cheap, like a energy player who comes off the bench : ?

    But do we have cap space to do this?
    Agree or Disagree Lakersnation?


  • Robert

    I don’t know … some of the guys mentioned don’t seem ‘Laker-like’. I mean they’re good in their own right, but they would have to fit into a team that may not play them much at all (DJ, Powell, and Morrison were hardly played at all in the playoffs – only during garbage time). We played with essentially a roster of 10 players, the 5 starters, and 5 for the bench (mostly the same).
    I just have a feeling that Kup is going to make some moves out of left field – that we will end up with someone from the Planet Pluto that nobody has heard of, but has a huge upside.

    • inverse

      Ya i agree i have a feeling its gonna be some player no one even thought of like when we got Pau gasol. Damn i’m excited, the thought that were gonna be even better next year makes me want the season to start already, and im going out on a limb and predicting that Sasha is going to have a monster season for us next ear

      • inverse


  • laker dave

    heres a rumor , pick up blake ,trade bynum an farmar to hornetts for paul,sign bosh free agent ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP !!!!!!

  • ^ ^

    Luke Ridnour sound good ^ ^

  • rondo

    Shaun Livingston is a cheap good player worth the risk.Shaun plays point guard and can really ball. Don’t be surprise if the Lakers sign him. He fits the mold of a triangle guard.

    • Robert

      Geez, but I’ll always think of that ‘accident’ he had years ago on his way to a layup — every basketballer’s nightmare. I didn’t even know a leg could bend in that direction.

  • Day

    Ricky Rubio.



    • Lakeshowwww

      really think phx is gonna give him up?? man u stupid

  • willmo

    Cream puff with no cream here Drake bro this is all just fun and speculation, take a chill pill. if it’s between Shannon and Farmar I personally like Brown and he was more productive in the finals and most importantly cheap since Farmar in his mind will probably think that he is worth 5-6 million/year..My comment about Shaq is to have him come off the bench for 15 minutes and that way you help Bynum out with minutes and not make him a starter of course, that’s ridiculous. Raja Bell has been traded 3 times in the last 2 years and is past his time and hurt all the time. and my comment about Pau is that as a big man he can’t keep playing so many minutes any more, the last 9 years apart from playing in the NBA 82 plus games a year he goes to Spain and plays all summer with his national team, you add that up over time and that’s alot of miles on a 7 footers body, it’s not like he’s Kobe, all big men when they enter 30 become more injury prone. Sorry that I have lost all credibility when i wasn’t looking for it in the first place. Lakers 3 peat.

    • Drake Ramoray

      Yep your credibility is as good as McGrady’s knees!

    • BigSal

      How was Brown more productive? Farmar had just as good of numbers plus Shannon is still looking up the definition of triangle.

  • big d

    Come on people J Critt would be perfect 4 now and the future


    HAHAHA! Some of you guys are just pulling names outta your @$$es! Look we need a PG who’s quick, good Basketball IQ, and who has a decent jumper! This guy needs to be able to keep the more premier PGs infront of him!

    Throwing names like Kyle Korver, Childress, Raja Bell, Dragic, etc… doesn’t help! Korver is a shooting guard who couldn’t guard anyone to save his life. Childress, what’s his game like now? Just because he’s played “Euro” ball doesn’t mean sh!t! What kind of logic is that? Pau had to “learn” to play “American” basketball, not the other way around!

    Raja Bell would be a nice addition if we’re just to add him, but he’s not a “PG”, so he doesn’t belong in this post! Plus he would have trouble keepin little qiuck guards in front of him too!

    Dragic? Right! Why not just throw Lebron and Wade’s name into the mix too! There’s no way the Suns will let him go and there’s no way that we’ll be able to afford him!

    Let’s just be realistic huh guys? Hahaha! I do hope that we find someone and someone soon! I’d want this guy to come in and learn the triangle as soon as possible!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      I do like J. Critt though! I’ve always liked him and hated to see him go! I don’t know if the Lakers can afford this guy now. Maybe with his gun charges and all that bad publicity with Agent 0 in Washington, he’ll want a change of scenery and come back over to the West Coast again!

      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Why are you still on here? We’re talkin about he NBA here, not the WNBA! The Cockston Celd!cks MIGHT have a chance of gettin that 2011 WNBA title if they can beat out the Phoenix Mercury!

    You really should concentrate on summer school now and leave this site!

  • anon

    mitch should do something crazy now maybe get mcgrady or miller and trade walton and let shannon ammo dj walk retain farmar powell and fish. im not a big fan of shannon i mean dunk is his only talent

  • big d

    I think J Critt and Travis Outlaw should be the 2 players The NBA Champs should go after they are both young and probably be had relatively cheap could u imagine Odom,Outlaw,J Critt and Brown comin off the bench and add a backup that would be nyce

    • big d

      And get B Haywood and keep Josh Powell I like his game Phil should play him more

  • In └A We Trust. (D UP LA)

    We need to get Fish Shannon Powell and Farmar back. I would like them trying to get Kirk Hinrich, JJ Reddick and Brendan Haywood. I think 2 additions would be enough. We should find a PG that suits well in the Triangle, and has a great team and defensive mentality too. Kirk Hinrich should be that guy. Drew needs a buck guy that bring the same quality off the bench, Haywood would can bring his size and defensive skills to the Lakers and should help them to win another next year. JJ Reddick, is a tough guy, and he’s so determined to improve his play in the NBA. With Kobe mentoring him, and knowing him form the Team USA Camp, they’re familiar to each other’s play now so it won’t be hard to play with each other. Other than that, Reddick is a decent defender, with the smarts of D-Fish and Phil, he can improve his Basketball IQ and be a better player. I think he is fits the system in LA. With those 6 guys I mentioned. They will 3peat! LA ALL THE WAY!!!

  • gmoney217

    everyone please lay off of fish. no pg can put the “clamps’ on the premier point guards. aside from being tremendously talent, every team runs high pick and rolls to free their pg’s. they are gonna get open, doesnt matter who is garding them, you just haveto improve o your pick and roll defense and understand the pg’s are gonna get their numbers. dwill, cp3, nash, rondo, westbrook torch everybody. it aint just the lakers, and w won despite that. my problem with fish isnt defense, its the 45 mins of the game that arent crunch time when hes like a 20% shooter from the field,. he usually makes up for that with clutch play down the stretch, and he’s a road warrior, he plays huge in opposing arenas during the playoffs

  • Laker s Army

    Josh Powell is Kobe s homie . Hes not going anywhere.
    Farmar wants to run a team good luck. This elf got two rings now say bye bye. Shannon is not worth keeping as well as Ammo and Mobenga.
    Snack and Raja will never be a Laker as long as Long as
    Kobe is here, he hates those two more than any other players.
    All the free agents as pg are better than what we have.
    J Critton has a bad reputation . Phil dosent want more head aches.

  • SunnyC

    fish stays, farmar stays, nothing out there, also nice if we get ariza back playing with kobe and ron.

  • Lakeshow lovr

    10-11 Los Angeles Lakers
    PG- ? Backup-Derek Fisher 3rd-Draft Pick
    SG-Kobe Bryant Backup- Mike Miller 3rd-Sasha Vujacic
    SF- Ron Artest Backup- Tracy McGrady 3rd-Luke Walton
    PF- Pau Gasol Backup-Lamar Odom
    C-Andrew Bynum Backup- Draft Pick or Free Agent
    We have like 2 draft picks to use so I would rather use those 2 picks, get them for cheap, improve them, then give them the money. Isn’t that what we did for Bynum? T-Mac has all the money he wants and all he wants is a ring and so does Mike Miller, isn’t this what the Celtics do in 08? and we can still pick up a PG if we still have extra cash to splash. And we would also have 2 roster spots to use during the season or if we need insurance for Bynum or any other injuries

    • Lakeshow lovr

      So Fisher would sign for about 3.5 mill
      Mike Miller would sign for about 2.7 mill
      Tracy McGrady for about 2.7 mill to about 3 mill?
      And the draft picks would go for the Minimum or the basic rookie contract

  • havoc909

    hate to say it but brown cant play besides dunk. Farmar wants to go? Let him. Dj and morrison let them go. powell should stay when he plays he does well. Hopefully phil returns. And no matter who we sign as pg fisher deserves to start. As for free agents…jj redik will b a good addition knocking down the 3. And for a pg we need a defensive player and that can get to the rim. Fu.k bell and shaq def wont happen. T mac? Idk he past his prime. One thing for sure is that id love to see ariza back in purple n gold. Either way well be back in the finals next year.

  • LSR

    we need to get rid of farmar hes jus not paying off, we should jus try to package him with another player to get a decent back up for fish

  • Lakeshowwww

    why dont they go after kyle korver???? he was lightin them up from 3 durin the utah series.. plus its about time we got a releiable 3 point shooter

  • putta

    i heard lakers release kobe for lebron.