Thats top priority right now.

L.A. Times: Fisher, who turns 36 next month, wants at least a two-year contract worth $10 million. The Lakers are open to a two-year deal, though it will need to be several million below Fisher’s asking price. The negotiations hadn’t taken on the laborious tone of the monthlong talks the Lakers endured with Lamar Odom last July, but the prevailing mind- set was that a deal would be done with Fisher by the end of the first week of free agency.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    We need fish back

    • Jeremy

      Since they don’t have the money that he wants they should add to his contract that he will have a position as a Laker staff member or coach after the second year.

      • Kat

        I so agree I said the exact same thing! When Brian Shaw takes over Phils job Derek should get Brians job. He’s an excellent player, coach and team leader!

        if i were his manager he would have that in the new contract!

  • Bynum & Odom Is Overrated

    C’mon Fish you know you have at least one year left just take what you can get or bolt outta here and get more money else where like in Cleveland

    • BosnianBullet21

      Fuck you and your profile name.

      • Bynum & Odom Is Overrated

        @ BosnianBullet21 Hey hey don’t get angry fucking bitch. What’s wrong with my profile name? Looks like your profile name aren’t that great either if you like Bosh then go and then fuck him like a fag. But anyways, I’m for Fish. He can get more money else where if the Lakers are not giving him a better offered. That’s all I’m trying to say…

        • Bynum & Odom Is Overrated

          @ BosianBullet21 Haven’t you heard he had offers from Cleveland and Miami? Read up stupid…

          • Kat

            I agree Fish is worth waaaay more than Odum…I like Andrew but he’s hurt allot

            Bosnian Bullit is obviously a lowclass moron with nothing to say on the game…swearing @ people w/o any modicom of intelligence…what a complete Moron!

    • thienisthebest

      learn grammar first before you come and talk shit guy.

      • Bynum & Odom Is Overrated

        @ thienisthebest WhatEver!!! I was typing fast Bitch! This is a forum not grammar school dip shit!

      • Bynum & Odom Is Overrated

        @ thienisthebest And if your talking about my name. It’s my name you Fuck not a sentence. What shitty name do you have? And read who started first you Fag!

  • Messenjah

    Fisher has more, he seems to prove it every year. Pay him what he wants. We dont want to be in the playoffs and say “we should have signed fish”. He’s a proven winner, so pay him. What better way for Jerry Buss to catch up to the celts. He needs fish, we need fish, the lakers need fish.

    • rynorod32

      The problem is the money the Lakers have left.

    • Kat

      Right I so agree! Fish is the glue for the lakers! Amazing player, captain, Prez of Players Association and team leader!

      Cut Adam Morrison from the sleeping season on the bench and give Fish that 3 mil going to waste!

      Morrison is a Waste of $$… Fish was worth so much more than he got!

  • daboss1849

    Mitch don’t cave in and over pay for him. No other team will give him more than 2 yrs 5 million total.

  • richard

    just gave him1 year 4 million.

    • Bynum & Odom Is Overrated

      @ Richard Really that’s good I would take it if I was Fish

  • Bill Douglas

    We love fish. He has always been under paid. Now before he retires give him what he deserves, by low balling him you are insulting not only Fish, but the fans who love him.
    Jerry Buss don’t burn bridges with him or us fans. He has always been there for you, now it’s time for you to be there for him.
    Thanks for reading,

  • L8ker

    Let Fish walk. We need to bring Raymond Felton.

  • BosnianBullet21

    This is why we screwed up signing Steve Blake before Fish. We got less money to work with. Mitch Cupcake’s stupid….
    Steve Blake ain’t D Fish. That was disrespectful by the Laker staff to sign Steve Blake before Fish, no matter how old he is, he’ll take the big shot, that’s why he’s been to the Finals 7 times, and he’s got 5 fingers that are rockin the rings. That’s like signing Kerry Kittles before KG, are you serious! If the Laker staff really cared about
    Fish, Fish would be sitting on the 10 mill right now. Pitiful.
    I just don’t understand how people can be soooooooooooooooo stupid.

    • daboss1848

      thats not how the cba works – the blake signing has no effect on the cash available for fisher or brown

  • jaydubb415

    Dude with the userame ”byum this odom that”suck on a bowl of ”donkey dick”n then get back 2 me n tell me if ”thats over-rated????If youre getting on here just 4 some attention you ot it now ”bounce”

  • LakersReloaded

    LeBron James more Like “LeGone Blames” everyone but himself for
    not winning.
    All I care about is who can the Lakers sign to improve their roster
    either through Free agency or via trade..

    -Hedo Turkoglu
    -Tracy Mcgrady
    -Mike Miller
    _Raja Bell

    Who??? and How???

  • Lakers Girls Boobs

    Sign D-fish, and trade walton and sasha for hedo from raptors! lakers and raptors are talking about a deal!

  • jaydubb415

    I Love ”fish”with all-my heart,but ”phil jackson”has won ”championships with different guards”its been awhile since phil has,n that being said i want ” fish”back but he’s ”pushing us”’in a corner.We can’t ”squeeze”lemons thats already been ”squeezed 2 death”were does he see the ”money”at were not ”hiding”it from fish.You see the ”lakers”n ”kobe”took it hard when ”utah”was ”booing him”but he’s getting 2 the point were it just want be ”utah booing”him 2 if he can’t ”comprimise”if not ”fuck it we tried”we needed 2 get younger,bigger,n faster at that position sometimes ”shit don’t work out?!

  • Drake Ramoray

    IT’S OFFICIAL…..LEBRON JAMES has waved the white flag. Lebron declaring that he is leaving Cleveland for Miami is him basically saying he’s a sellout and he would rather win an asterick championship rather than win a real one on his own in Cleveland or anywhere else. Having D-Wade and Bosh sure as heck ain’t gonna guarantee a championship but you basically admitted to the whole world on national television that you are no longer the king or ever was, that you quit on your franchise because you couldn’t win it with a stacked Cavs team, and you need to superstars to help you get your first championship rather that do it with a strong supporting cast in Cleveland. Thanks Lebron, you just tainted the rest of your career and now KOBE stands alone as the greatest basketball player in the NBA today!

    • Rio Rondo

      yea big time pansy ass LeBitch James. dude your no longer a king shit you like the towns doofus

      • Showtime4eva

        Yeah.that’s ok we’ll get them and put all three of them in their place. Boston might even knock them off before we get the chance.

        • Rio Rondo

          fianlly getting along with some laker fans great day

  • Showtime4eva

    So right now you must have big baggy lechoke jersey on wit your baggy shorts thinking you look all fresh huh? Oh can’t forget the headband but your pasty white is ruining your look huh?fuckin little identity crisis. Kobe didn’t go anywhere L.A. Is home sweet home! Wit a name like justdog your name says a thousand words about you.and the clown you worship says more. You are a dipshit DUDE

  • justdogm1

    MAYBE lebron will help with that OLD GUYS salary, kobe never will and buss needs scotch money…

  • Zukes McGillicutty

    Fish needs to stay! Hey, he said he came to L.A. for his daughter right? whats a couple mil for these goofballs!! eh, Shall we start a ‘We want Fish’ website?
    also: off subject but i’ll share to the lakers fans: I found a dope shirt..I bought one for my chic as well—> IDK, it’s cool!! L.A. shirt


    WTF Mitch. Lets re-sign D-Fish and make some moves before Miami gets their roster stacked even more. Not to mention the other teams in line. Time is of the essence.