ESPN: Kobe Bryant scored 29 points, Vladimir Radmanovic matched his season high with 21 and the Los Angeles Lakers stayed on track for the Pacific Division title with a 114-92 victory over the Sacramento Kings on Sunday night.

Radmanovic hit five 3-pointers and tied his career high with 14 rebounds, while Pau Gasol added 20 points and nine rebounds for the Lakers, who won their fourth straight. They snapped their longtime rivals’ four-game winning streak with an outstanding second half, including a 23-9 run in the third quarter led by three of Bryant’s four 3-pointers.

Although the Lakers still trail New Orleans by 1 1/2 games for the Western Conference lead, the win pushed Los Angeles (53-24) — which has the same record as San Antonio — two games ahead of Phoenix (51-26) in the Pacific standings with five games to play. The Lakers have 18 division titles, but none since 2004, Shaquille O’Neal’s last season with the club.

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  • LAL

    see how much better we do without LUKE

  • iLakers


    he takes quality minutes from Radman.

  • gugy

    Walton injury might be a blessing in disguise.

  • Majic “Big” Johnson

    I agree. Walton needs to be traded.

  • Brett

    Fun Kobe Facts: Kobe uses human flesh as jerky.

  • True Lakers Fan

    good game and yes fluke needs to be traded Lakers 08 champs!

  • Brett

    Fact number 2: Kobe watches 5 replays of mike tyson biting holyfields ear before every game.

  • erickson

    [Comment ID #31856 Will Be Quoted Here]

    wow you guys are just horrible LOL. when radmanovic does horrible one day you guys say omg he sucks trade him. how did we ever sign him to such a big contract. then when he has those occasional good days you guys say omg. trade luke walton hes taking away precious time from radmanovic. this isnt only to radmanovic you do it to. you guys said something similar to this about lamar odom, now hes doing terrific and you guys are in love. you guys just cant make up your minds.

  • kaybee248

    luke sucks simple as that

  • Lakers12345

    [Comment ID #31865 Will Be Quoted Here]
    You are fuckin stupid. Luke sucks and he’s only in the NBA because of his dad. Turn on the TV you fuckin retard. Obviously you don’t watch the lakers. He looks like he’s trying to give games away. I’m sure he’ll thank you for sticking up for him. So will Lamar. Now go back to sucking their dicks. Faggot.

  • LAL

    my mind has been made up and everyone else’s about Luke HE SUCKS! He misses about as many layups and dunks as Kwame did, I cringe everytime he goes for a layup or when he takes his soft a$$ in the post just to get blocked or turn it over, he showed UP IN ONE game out of 77 games in seattle in garbage time, did i mention SEATTLE and even though lamar and vlad rad have had their share of up and downs they came to play in more than ONE GAME, vlad might have had more than 20 good games and lamar more than 40 and 20 and 40 is certainly better than LUKES LONE ONE GAME. SO YES WE AT THE LAKERSNATION HAVE MADE UP OUR MIND ABOUT LUKE

  • west213

    v-rad dominated the kings

  • lakerz

    i hope Phil noticed how much better Vladdy is then Luke.

  • Banzai

    [Comment ID #31874 Will Be Quoted Here]

    na He’ll put Luke in the game next time when the Lakers are ahead..just so “luke” can catch up lol

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    [Comment ID #31863 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i dont get it, what did KOBE DO???

  • kb24 4life

    what happened to the post game reports??

  • Peter

    Haha, in the pic it looks like Radmanavic is kicking Phil.

  • chinese guy

    ira was nervous out there, he made a few mistakes… with another game or two he’ll begin to get into the flow and keep luke on the bench…

  • Phant0M

    We gonna lose 1 more game during this last stretch..

    GO LA!

  • drake hunter

    Let me join in on the party and say the Luke sucks ballz and I hope he tears his hamstring and is out for the rest of the year so that Ariza and Radmanovic will get the minutes at SF. How hard was it to get 4 more points for Lamar. We could have had 4 players with at least 20 points. Oh well, the Lakers F@cken kick azz!

  • Smush Walton

    Come on all you haters, saying all these bad things about me. That’s so totally not nice and you aren’t really Laker fans – you’re just MEANIES! I work hard polishing my post moves and don’t blame me if I can’t jump, or make a layup and I airball most of my three point shots, and I occasionally fumble the ball away when no one is near me (well, ok, a little more than occasionally), and my defense is not the greatest. I’ve got five more years as a Laker to practice my game when I’m not staring on my Life with Luke show so you just watch and see I will be better than Cookie and The Original Smush and Kwame, you’ll see!

    Now lets just be nice everybody and say bad things about the Celtics, yeah that’s it, the Celtics, or else that Big Bad Bryawn will get his panties all in a bunch and then you will all be sorry, you’ll see you, you, meanies!

  • domidomdomz

    You Guys are so funny..Anyway, we had a good game and I hope we’ll finish the Season with no more losses..Yes!Especially against San Antonio and New Orleans..That would make a statement to the Western Conf. and will land the MVP award to our very own KB24, he deserves it so much rather than CP3 and others..

    To those pips who say KB has more weapons than CP3, maybe they look at a perspective where the Lakers have no injured players..Hello!?! Are they out of their mind? Additional, when you have a team with two All-Stars (CP3 and West), a former All-Star (Peja) and an alley-oop addict Olympian (TChandler)..Woah! That’s a full-packaged team as well..and they had injuries also but not that serious compared to ours..

    To sum it up, KB still deserves the MVP award coz he has the most consistent performance this season plus he played with couple of injuries.

    We, here in TLN, wants that MVP for you Kobe!!!



  • Laker for life

    Lakers need to trade Luke, and Chris Mihm. Lakers are wasting about 7.5 million a year on these two guys.

  • Keep Odom

    We need to offer Artest Luke type money…

  • pjt

    What a day it’s going to be when Bynum starts coming in off the bench, and Pau moves to power-forward. I hope Ariza and Bynum are back next week…

    What a line-up:



    Get Mickael Pietrus,he’s cheaper(plus we’ll be able to keep LO).