And the Oscar goes to…

O.C. Register: Raise your hand if you agree with Miami guard Quentin Richardson’s assessment of Paul Pierce’s acting ability.

In their playoff game Saturday, Pierce went down on the sideline clutching his shoulder. Boston teammate Kevin Garnett walked over to check on his teammate and Richardson apparently was nearby and the players began exchanging words.

“He started to talk to me, so I talked back,” Richardson said. “I don’t have any business talking to (Pierce), he was on the ground crying. I don’t know what was going on, two actresses over there, that’s what they are.”

“I don’t like them, and they know it,” Richardson added. “Sometimes he (Pierce) falls like he’s about to be out for the season, and then he gets right up. That’s all I said.”

Pierce nearly earned an Academy Award nomination in the 2008 NBA Finals against the Lakers when he crumpled to the court because of an apparent knee injury, had to be carried off the court and then wheeled to the locker room in a wheelchair.

Two minutes later, Pierce came back onto the court and led the Celtics to a Game 1 victory.

Remember that? Now, raise your hand.

  • Jack Y.

    Gotta hate the Celt-fakes!

  • 09champs!

    Yeah, I think I´ve seen that before hahaha man, I hate pierce so much.
    As for KG, i had respect for him, because he is a true competitor, but his actions were totally out of line, he´s starting to see that Boston has no more shots at a title and he´s getting old, so he takes out his frustration like that.

  • xtro

    to quote Q Richardson, ” KG and Pierce are actresses.”

    • LakerMarc

      Yeah he said he hated them and this has been the case for some time now, KG turned into a monster the year he won that ring but really hasnt been much of anything since then nor was he prior to that year either. AND he gets paid WWWAAAYYYYY too much for the mediocrity that he represents.

      But, …….I would root for the Celtics if they met the Cavs…..Off with the Kings head.

  • ricky

    I never really liked Pierce much. As for KG, I had respect for him when he was in Minnesota. He was a true competitor then, and I also felt some pity because he never won, but he’s really turned into a cheap, dirty player in the past few years whose arrogant and a loudmouth punk. The only guy I remotely like on Boston is Ray Allen, he’s still a nice guy and he doesn’t try to get into unnecessary situations or tries to escalate them. He’s the only class act in Boston, if there is one that is.

  • Lakers 24 7

    KG’s suspended. I hope Boston loses their series.

    • WifelovesLuke

      Naw…..I want a rematch

  • lakerbunny


  • livetowin16th

    LOL Q rich is awesome. He wouldnt take the crap from KG. All Q rich was trying to do was see if the actress was okay.

  • CelticPride

    Paul Pierce is a true warrior!!!! Leave Paul Alone!!!

    • LC09

      lmao hahaha thats too funny.. hahahahaha please stop makin me laugh

    • LakerMarc


    • keepon_keepinon18

      Actually Ron Artest is a Tru Warier!

  • LakerMarc

    Ohh and don’t forget Rondo too, WTF is it that that Fool…sorry Tool always has to be carried out off the floor when he gets injuried, not walked out like their supporting him BUT CARRIED!!!!!!!!!

  • Marwan Marzina

    Paul Pierce has to sit the suspension for KG, pay the fine for Quentin, hand the championship over to the Lakers, collect his Oscar and apologize to the NBA for his actions in the playoffs.

    • 242LakerFan

      That would be justice in its truest sense, wouldn’t it?

  • xtro

    Miami HEAT in 6 over the Leprechauns.

  • Sonny

    F…Paul Pierce, KG, Doc and the rest of the Celtics…a bunch of actresses


    ‘ “He started to talk to me, so I talked back,” Richardson said. “I don’t have any business talking to (Pierce), he was on the ground crying. I don’t know what was going on, two actresses over there, that’s what they are.” ‘-Q Rich!

    That’s the single funniest sh!t I’ve seen come outta a player’s mouth! Gotta love Q-Rich!

    Now that the stage is set (pun intended), the Celd!cks’ season is gonna go out as a TRAGEDY for this season! Their director, Cock Rivers (Franklin Lloyd Webber) is gonna retire after this season. Their best supporting actor is Tony Allen, Their best actor is well… no one, because they’re all a bunch of cryin b!tches over there! Their best PA (production’s assistant) is Rondo! That boy still got game, hate that fool, but boy’s does got game though!

    So glad that the Cockston Celd!cks’ production of CATS (aka P U S S I E S) is finally gonna come to an end! Tired of all their bullsh!t and sh!t talk when that’s all they are… are big pile of sh!t!

    Funny seeing how success changes people. GayG used to be well respected while in Minnesota as a hard working, no non-sense, loyal, all star, but since he joined the leprechauns and won, all he’s been is a loud mouthed bully slummin it out in the ghettos! Pierce(d) by a D!ck used to be a hard nosed all around player, but since the big 3, he’s become the Prima Donna and crying for attention all the time… he’s definitely the Ru Paul of the 3! Gay Allen is pretty much the same lil prick that we’ve known him to be since Seattle… a jealous little fcuk who couldn’t win one over Kobe until he joined the big 3. He’s become a DIVA now and, you know how we know you’re GAY, Gay Allen? You wear fcukin panty hose on your arms! Such a stupid and ugly trend with all that sh!t!

    I hope that it’s these ACTRESSES that we see in the finals and not the Cavs because I’m still looking for revenge for the loss in 2008, and so we can end their tragedy of a story right! The righteous will prevail and the evil vanquished!

    GO RON RON!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and GO Q-Rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert

    Celtic franchise is done. They bankrupted their team (age wise) to win a championship. Now they’re a shadow, and won’t ever be the same again. 2008 was their last shot.
    I don’t think bad of Doc Rivers. To my knowledge he ‘never’ badmouthed Lakers, or even gloated over victory. The combination of KG, Pierce, and Allen was the thing that irked me most of all. They cock-ified that friggin team. I even don’t mind Rondo as much as before. He’s actually a good player. The Big-3 were overhyped by the media, and themselves, and the NBA payrolled the Refs to help them win in 2008.
    But … it’s over … it’s done for them.
    The Lakers have to concentrate on repeating their Championship, and hence other things – maintaining dominance in spite of the Cavs (and LeBrick’s) run.
    Whatever happens this year, the Lakers have to build and keep that dynasty for several years. Remember that the Lakers are ‘still’ doing well despite all those injuries – AND – when they are fully healed this summer, they will be even better, so ‘keep the faith’!

  • Toni

    Was watching this particular game when Pierce was “carried” off the court only to come back in full health not even 2 minutes later and run the court!

    This Academy Award Nominee should have won the Oscar for best actor!