Bring on the REAL season!

Nuggets Lakers BasketballESPN: Rookie Ty Lawson had 29 points, six assists and five steals to help the Denver Nuggets beat the Los Angeles Lakers 119-105 on Friday night in the exhibition finale for both teams.

The Nuggets (4-4) played without Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups after coach George Karl gave them the night off, while the Lakers (6-2) were without 7-footers Pau Gasol (strained right hamstring) and Andrew Bynum (strained right shoulder).

Kobe Bryant played only 9:51, all in the first quarter, and scored six points for the Lakers, while Sasha Vujacic had 18 points.

The game was punctuated by eight technical fouls and two flagrant fouls from the replacement officials. The Lakers’ Lamar Odom and Denver’s Chris Andersen had to be separated after a rebound battle led to a pushing and shoving match in the second quarter.

On Friday night, the NBA’s regular referees agreed on a two-year contract to end the lockout.

Five technicals and both flagrant fouls were called in the second quarter, which ended with the Nuggets leading 57-49.

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  • gugy

    Boy this Denver team has so many thugs. I am glad we keep beating them when it matters most.

    Fu—ck Denver!

    • Jaime Quintanilla

      Seriously! I really enjoy seeing our Lakers ass-whooping the Nuggets when it really matters. BRING ON THE SEASON!!!

  • Norco Wayne

    On October 23 I watched the most unprofessional performance ever put on by any NBA team. Bynum and Gasol did not play. Bryant played 9:51 minutes, Fisher played 08:44 minutes, they both scored 6 points, Artest did a little better he had 7 points plus 5 turnovers for a total of 12. Eight technical fowls were called. What I found especially degrading was that Bryant and Fisher didn’t even bother to warm up for the second half. I paid over $200 for two tickets to watch the Los Angeles Lakers. I was defrauded.

    • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

      Yeah, you got ripped off.

      Never pay for pre-season ANYTHING: the games are meaningless and the smart teams know it. Jackson wants Kobe and Fish fresh for the start of the season, when the games actually count.

      But I like the feistiness exhibited by both teams: no way will the Lakers overlook any game with the Thuggetts this season. There is Bad Blood.

      Denver is an update of Detroit circa 1991 to Michael’s Bulls: wildly physical and more interested in beating up the Lakers than beating them.

      It was a very good way to end preseason: a tough, nasty game to remind guys that the “real deal” is about to begin.

  • Short Dog

    Fukc-They told me all the tickets were sold out. These choker fans jumped on the Laker band wagon. Go lakers #1.

  • gugy

    I hear you.
    I thought about taking my son to see the game, since it was easy to go because I live in San Diego. But at the last minute I thought the tickets were too expensive and during pre-season the players really don’t care much about it.

    I rather travel to LA and see a real game at Staples. That would be worth the cost.