And we thought the Celtics/Knicks game was an embarrassment to the NBA. Who would’ve thunk the Lakers would lose and this bad? Geez!

Oh, and what’s up with Utah booing Fisher, the guy left to a city with better resources to save his daughters life. Utah is a just a bitter who will never accomplish nothing in the NBA. Sorry TLN fans, am just venting. *sigh* Just sound-off in the comments and tell us what you think.

L.A. Times: Andrei Kirilenko had his third career triple-double and Deron Williams scored a career-high 35 points to help the Utah Jazz overcome injuries to two starters and beat the Lakers, 120-96, tonight.

Kirilenko finished with 20 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists, along with six steals.

Williams had more turnovers than assists, but made 14 of 24 shots from the field and the Jazz won without leading scorer Carlos Boozer (ankle) and center Mehmet Okur (back spasms).

Kyrylo Fesenko added six points and seven rebounds in his NBA debut — just hours after he was called up from Utah’s Development League affiliate in Orem, Utah.

Kobe Bryant had 28 points to lead the lackluster Lakers, who were flat one night after beating Denver, 126-99, in Los Angeles.

  • selam

    whats up with the booing on fish .its not like he didnt wants to stay there .anyways they are jerks .and every body was terrible except kobe .

  • gugy

    They killed us.
    Once again, consistency is the Lakers problem. Yesterday great game against Denver. Tonight, no comments.
    We are a .500 like it or not. Bring bring help soon.

  • gugy

    I agree that Fisher booing was of very bad taste. Once again, Jazz like the Suns and Kings will never win a ring. :-)

  • 949Mike

    I Agree we’re a .500 team we have to make a trade to be a real playoff contender. The Lakers should try and trade Luke and filler’s for Artest. If not then Just trade Luke and Farmar I’m sure the Kings will do this. New Line up:


  • Ignard

    we need to package Lamar AND Luke. I don’t know about you guys but watching these 2 is starting to get real old, for me at least. They never show up for big games especially Luke and back to backs, you can forget it. I felt sorry for Kobe tonight.


    3pts from fish 7pts from odom and 8pts from bynum will not get it done. u can forgive bynum bc there is a learning curve but odom come on now… he looks like he is in a daze out there, i dont even think the guy is tradeable anymore, who would take his 26-27 million contract? kobe was awesome again tonight, farmar also played well too but nothing from the rest of them. i guess you can quote dennis green “they are who we thought they were”, which is a team 2 games over 500. you can ink in 42-40 unless we make some changes now, i just don’t know who mitch can get now with odom being unwantable, hopefully someone wants kwame expiring contract!!! if the season doesn’t change around soon i say get critt and trevor as many minutes as possible and lets make a run for next year while we still have kobe bc lets face it without kobe we will have the #1 pick in the draft with this team.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    i feel sorry for kobe every night…
    playing with scrubs and young talents
    no rings 4 kobe before he opts out…
    thats sad!!!!!!

  • E-ROC

    There was no defense in this game. Phil needs to give Ariza more playing time. The defense is looking horrid. The Lakers were executed to death by the Jazz and there was nothing that the Lakers could do. Then Odom has another inconsistent outing. Seriously, when will he start putting up numbers with regularity? It doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen ever.

  • MILO

    I would have liked to have recorded the game just so i can count how many times Lamar did not close in on Moon face, he kept giving him too much space.He also did that yesterday with Carmelo.I say we package LO Ronny and a first rounder for JO.I know that when players drive to the basket JO is not just going to get out the way.Over-all the Lakers as a team didn’t play defense.Phil need’s to really start to enphasize defense because with Kobe we already know that the offense is there.The question is are the Lakers going to become a strong team on the defense as well?That is why Phil will always take Kwame over Bynum as a starter because he may not have a lot of offense but he provides a great defensive presence in the middle.Bynum is still not there that’s why we need JO.SHIP LO, RONNY AND A FIRST ROUNDER FOR JO NOW!!!

  • E-ROC

    We don’t need JO. JO is as injury proned and soft as Odom. JO isn’t even healthy right now. I’d pass on that if I was the FO.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #18408 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He just seems that way because he’s tired of being in Indi.They had their shot at a championship and guess who took that, none other than the Lakers that is why he wants to be here with the best KOBE BRYANT…

  • MILO

    And btw, why is sorry a$$ Mihm still here why dont he just crawl into a casket and die???PLEASE!!!

  • Neo-Laker Era

    Jesus Christ you guys are brutal. The way I see it, the Lakers didn’t play THAT badly. Utah came out firing on all 12 cylinders (forget the puny 8-cylinder). If we were really playing that badly, we should’ve lost by 40+. THAT’S how well Utah was playing, and props to the TEAM (not the fans, those non-understanding, ungrateful punks…bad form, Utah fans, bad form!). They (the Jazz) played extremely well.

    I know that LO has consistency problems and we are still a growing team, but gimme a break, aren’t we allowed to have bad nights??? I mean, we’ve even won with LO suckin’ arse. I’m getting so sick and tired of people complaining when we lose. LOSING IS A PART OF THIS GAME. Until we see a team go 82-0, losing is inevitable. Bad nights will happen. Opposing teams will come out just one step ahead of us, much like we have done to other noted teams (Denver, Phoenix, Houston, UTAH).

    I see a lot of hot and cold on this site and no in the middle, no positive reinforcement. Stop trashing OUR team when their chips are down. THAT’S NOT WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A LOYAL FAN!

    Humans = not perfect
    Lakers = team of humans

  • Neo-Laker Era

    Oh, and consider that this was the 2nd of back-to-back games…

  • dave p

    It was misery watching the Lakers tonight. Dumb turnovers, horrible defense, lousy shooting. The Jazz really mopped the floor with the rag players we had out there and they were missing two of their stars. It’s time to flush Lamar. Once again he stunk up the place. Why does he keep flinging up 3’s? He just makes one bone head play after another. The guy is a complete dunce out there – he looks like he is in a daze. And Sasha was horrible bricking shot after shot and flailing at the ball as he’s falling out of bounds making stupid turnovers. He has about one good game a month. Let’s see what J Crit can do. Luke really stunk too. So many bad passes and always shooting that lame fall back shot. O-dumb, Sasha, Luke, Kwame, Mihm, Vlad Rad – this team needs a giant ENEMA.

  • dave p

    I don’t think Artest is the answer. The guy is a psycho.

    Getting rid of “Cookie” was a good start but we’ve got a lot more rubbish to dispose of. Unfortunately there is only one GM dumb enough to trade for Kwame and Lamar and we’re stuck with that half brain too.

  • E-ROC

    I don’t think Artest would be a good influence on this young team. I’d like for the Lakers to acquire Joakim Noah. We need more defense on this team.

  • lakerfan81

    A team that is missing their best (in this case 2nd and 4th best) player at home can be very dangerous. Teams in that situation tend to come out with a lot of energy and the team coming end has to match it. That what happened here. Utah came out with a lot of energy, and the Lakers didn’t match it. That simple. The players in the NBA are too good to take lightly just because a team is missing one or two of their best players.

  • LAfan

    I’m sick of the way Lamar is playing, I used to support this dude, but come on man enough is enough, Kobe needs help out there, bynum is still not consistent enough but he tries at least. Lamar can’t perform under pressure and he is counted on to score but he can’t, thats why he no longer is a captain of this team. He gets pushed around by guys like Millsap who are average player, lamar makes 10-15 mill a year? and this is his contributes 7 points in a game u know utah is pumped up too win. He needs to go, or at least resign or retire, because Kobe and Laker fans cant take this anymore, he is torturing us. his defense sucks now too. We need artest, for lamar i dont care anymore because obviously Lamar doesnt care, he should be ashamed the way he plays, we given too many chances he has no heart! and Love for L.A.!

  • LAfan

    Shave that star on your head Lamar because ur a joke, stop teasing us with potential you’ve been in the league long enough and u still dont get it , play with some heart man not just collect ur checks!

  • nyla

    I question Artest because hr can be a complete head case. But its like night and day compare to some of the guys on this team. I really think Kobe, Fish, and PJ can keep him check though.

  • JoJoEnglish94Bulls4ever

    Joakim Noah? He’s a Chicago Bull. They wouldn’t trade for any of your garbage. Why do Laker fans think they can just trade for anyone? Artest? Are you people that retarded here? You wana guy with the mind of a 14 year old boy?

  • Shaq786

    aight guys check this out

    trade odom to seattle for kurt thomas and damien wilkins

    than trade walton/v.rad and trevor ariza for ron artest/maggette

    our line up immediately….

    turaif/kurt thomas

    with kwame and kurt thomas expiring… we can sign elton brand

  • LaKErs

    man utah just showd there class last game .


    ahaha screaming out “LAKERS SUCK” let them travel to the staples center see all the championship banners we have.


    let us have an 0-82 game season we still the best

  • OdoM7

    The Utah fans booing D-fish was absolutely disgusting and made me sick…

  • Michael_23

    Remember when Karl Malone was booed. That was terrible. Karl Malone left a Jazz Team that couldn’t go past the 2nd round anymore and they lost John Stockton. Jazz fans don’t realize that.

  • Newtdog

    [Comment ID #18413 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I completely agree…lets face it 3 of their players had career nights. Milsap and Williams each had unbelievable games and set scoring career highs and Kirelenko had on of the best all around games I have ever seen a player have…basically a quadrupple double. You have to take your hats off to the Jazz….they were the better team tonight. Our defense was not it’s best, however, to say the Lakers played horrible is just false. Utah played unbelievable.

  • e

    [Comment ID #18440 Will Be Quoted Here]

    of course they played bad…it always starts from the defensive end and that is what they completely lacked last night…all i know is that we need to get rid of odom before he keeps sinking his trade value

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    The Lakers lost to Utah for a lack of energy that was clearly evident on the defensive end. It was a second of back to back (and they traveled) but that is still no excuse.

    Furthermore, it is obvious that the Lakers cannot compete with teams that have great point guards such as Deron Williams, Tony Parker, Chris Paul, Jason Kidd – ALL ON TEAM THE LAKERS LOST TO!! Even sub-par point guards such as, Mike James (Houston), Mo Williams (Milwaukee) and Rondo (Boston), on other teams that we lost to, give the Lakers issues.

    The Lakers are in deseparate need of a power forward and they need both Fisher and Farmar, out point guards, to step up their defense. I thought Fisher was a good defender. Fisher is having many inconsistent games this year, like he did during the championship years.

    EVERYONE IS TO BLAME for the Lakers defense. Don’t let Kobe go scot free. Yes, Kobe made incredible shots, but his rotating defense was awful. The ENTIRE LAKER DEFENSE was pathetic. How many points in the paint did the Jazz have – ANSWER TOO F’N MANY!!


  • MILO


  • kobe-wan kenobi

    Newdog – neo laker fan
    what? r u guys out of your mind?
    utah played so perfectly (without 2 starting 5) only because la could not defend even against the 7 dwarfs yesterday…
    Because there was no energy, no commitment, they were soft!
    they could not grab 1 fuking rebound
    That was a team without 2 starting five, 1 of them is the best player in the team, and you say it is not our fault but we lost only cause they played perfect?
    What game did you watch?
    so it is not because LOser odom got dominated by kirilenko, Defensively and offensively, or because williams dominated fish or because nobody could even avoid utah to get offensive rebounds…
    Having talent but not bring it at the game it does not count
    lakers players are a joke in terms of effort
    the only one who does it every game is KOBE… D Offense he always plays aggressive of course if he has to score 40 or more points to win he cant be always aggressive in defense, that is why it should be other players role!!!!!

  • sdsuballa


  • LA Forever

    Lakers had a bad night thats all. Every team has a bad night, and every team losses. The lakers will take this lost and win against the Magic. I think they will beat Magic cuz they at home and la rocks at home.

  • Lonestar848

    Everyone besides Kobe was dominated by their opposing player. We could not get any boards. I agree win wan-kenobi…who cares how hot the Jazz were playing? We got outhustled, outexecuted…there is no way we should lose by 20+ to any team. We were way too soft.
    It’s one game but we need consistency.
    Even though some of you say Artest is a headcase, I would take him over Odom any day. Check out his stats…they are far superior to Odom. He comes to play EVERY night. He can shoot, play D, hustles on every possession.
    We need people who play consistently every game…especially against the elite teams. Only a few players on the Lakers play that way against every team.

  • GoBEACH!

    Utah is straight classy booing Fish like that! That’s wack! Yesterdays game was wack! PERIOD! PLAY SOME D-FENSE and GRAB SOME BOARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    YEAH Lonestar, let’s get ARTEST!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    YEAH Lonestar, let’s get ARTEST!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rpoc

    [Comment ID #18431 Will Be Quoted Here]

    [Comment ID #18420 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Noah = Bust. Waste of a lottery pick.

  • Nabil

    Wow, really glad I missed the game. Just reading about Fish getting booed made my blood boil. That’s stupid, classless, and insensitive. Where’s the humanity? Here’s a free travel tip: next time your driving cross country, pack your car with some extra gas cans. Fill up just before Utah. When you run out of gas, just roll down the back window and lean out to fill up your tank. Be careful not to touch their sacred ground. Enjoy the beautiful scenery- from the relative safety of your gas-filled car.

  • JoJoEnglish94Bulls4ever

    Noah going to be good. You’re dumb. He’s already shown flashes.Good passer he works hard, has active hands and can score in the post contrary to what scouts said. He’ll be a good player once he gets his feet wet. Ohh bust? You wana talk bust how about trading Bulter for Brown? K Brown is the biggest bust of all time next to Sam Bowie. Just because Jordan drafted him.

  • Ignard

    Lets face it guys are Lakers are SOFT. We need some toughness from somewhere stat. Mitch please tradr away Lamar while you still have a chance and LUKE WALTON!!!!!

  • Rpoc

    [Comment ID #18490 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Phil got the recommendation from Jordan that Kwame had a chance. And he was still a bust. Jordan sucks at judging talent.

    Noah is a bust too. Trying to defer to the Kwame trade instead of focusing on him is indication of excuses.

    Bust, bust, bust, bust.

    Just so you got it clearly.


    and remember at one point when those red necked hicks started chanting “Lakers Suck”? that REALLY Boiled my blood. and booing fish. I had a whole lot of respect for that team. Now those hicks in utah are just like suns fans to me. Fish left cause he knows utah is hick city. Go to hell utah.