k0beL.A. Times: It wasn’t easy, but the Lakers defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves, 111-108, this evening at Target Center.

The Lakers clinched the victory only after Timberwolves guard Randy Foye air-balled a three-point attempt at the final buzzer.

Kobe Bryant had 28 points, and Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom each added 25 as the Lakers (46-10) improved to a league-best 20-6 on the road.

The Timberwolves never shrunk back from the Lakers, getting 20 points from Ryan Gomes and Sebastian Telfair.

Odom’s tip-in off Bryant’s miss from the left wing gave the Lakers a 108-105 lead with 20.5 seconds left.

Foye’s fadeaway three-pointer brought the Timberwolves to within 109-108 with 9.2 seconds left, but Bryant made two free throws at the other end and Foye couldn’t hit another three-pointer as time expired.

  • lainok

    first comment! barely saw the game, but my insight is golden. I’m fairly certain the smush of the game was probably sasha.

  • Mitch4Pres

    unnecessarily tough game. i hate it when this happens. the starters should have been able to rest in the 4th but nooooooo.


    If we had Bynum he would have had LO’s numbers 25/14 and we would have won 111-90. We miss him on the D end.

  • David

    Our defense is too shaky against the bad teams in the NBA. We’re just not motivated to show up against the poor teams, and will continue to be this way as long as we keep winning these close games.

  • lakers2000

    Boring game. I hate when the Lakers play “good enough”. Intensity is necessary at all times. I don’t want to see anymore losses to bad teams.

  • http://www.deluxpro.com VIVA

    We would have lost this game last year.

  • Dave

    Ugly? Boring? Shaky? I see another glorious win.

  • sketch

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    Where’ve you been bro? That’s the Lakers M.O. They do this all the time…play “good enough”. I know exactly what you’re saying, I hate it when they don’t play up to their potential. But at the end of the day, it’s still 1 more in the W column.

  • lilkobe24

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    yeah, we know “lakers aint shyt” boston is


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    This joke of a punkster is most obviously desperate and sweaten some scared bricks!

  • imfasterthanur

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    So, Im guessing you guys want to see an 82 game season of blow-outs and domination?

    I honestly don’t mind seeing winning against subpar teams with minimal effort because all that matters now is clinching the 1st seed and gettinng ready for the playoffs. Take the Celtics for example. They tried to start the season with playoff intensity and all that got them was a fluctuation at play, having a losing record against the Cavs, Lakers, and Spurs.

    It’s not about dominating every night, it’s about dominating when you have to. I guarantee that the Lakers will be the most well-rested team, barring any major injuries, come playoff time.

  • http://yahoo.com King Lebron James

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    raise your banner? are you sure you’ll get passed by my cavaliers????? eat $hit celdicks!!

    and btw.. we did’nt beat those purple and gold this season…. that’s what running around my head..

    so i’ll just fill my stats sheet this season, so i can win my first MVP.. ahem..

  • LA

    We beat you on your home court just after we lost one of our greats and we beat you on Christmas with ease when we did have him. Where did both of your streaks go this year? lakers ended them. Boston will get swept by the lakers because the lakers are Stronger, tougher and all around better then last year and much better then Boston will ever be. The suns..you’re bragging about that just cuz they out ran the clippers..come on! you guys won’t even get past The cavs who’s a one man team if you don’t get home court advantage in the east..you better hope you all win some more games and get that east top spot or you won’t be in the finals

  • jason

    I just think its funny when the celtics fan come here, I honestly wouldnt even know where to look for a Boston fan site, cause well, who gives a sht about em. Just lets you know who’s really scared of who now doesnt it.

  • MeloMamba

    come on Joe, u smokin dat sh*t, I say Lakers n 5 n June. with or without Andrew, n i hope yall get Mikki Moore, just another fool for Kobe to put n a poster…

  • udechukwu

    very sloppy win. like alot have said it also disappoints me when they do “just enough” to win against the bad teams. At the start of the frist quarter i immediately realized it would be a close game, everyone was walking around on defense leaving guys with wide open looks. i know we’re capable of playing better defense so why not do it on a consistent basis.

  • udechukwu

    oh yeah and JOSEPH… you beat the suns is the keyword.. who cares that doesnt prove anything. if you can come into LA and beat us without KG then you can talk. the suns are also missing just about their best player in Amare. it was a shootout and suns no longer have that dangerous offense they used to

  • LA

    Do you know basketball? where do you get these facts from? just making comments on our site to look dumb because you are scared.If we’re talking about the Lakers today, which is all that matters..then how can you say they are a one man show??? One man shows don’t sweep great teams, which is why lebrons cavs couldn’t do anything against the Lakers.. The lakers swept boston and the cavs and they did this because of their team work. Look at how many guys grab rebounds on the lakers and how many guys pass great passes. everyone does their job. Kobe Bryant is the MVP because of how dangerous he is and how dangerous he has his team playing. Maybe you are just trying to be a punk or you might not know anythingg about Basketball. Don’t come on our site making little comments because you are scared of the mighty Lakers taking the Championship this year. We are strong and aggressive and have shown that throughout the whole season. we can take a fall, but get right up, which is why we havn’t lost three in a row. the stat sheet has great numbers all around it for the whole team and we are the most prepared team who is in it for the Championship. Well, you should be scared because when LA comes to town, we come to win as a TEAM with our MVP Kobe Bryant who will adjust his game in any situation to make sure his team is ready for the true battles..this team has taken time to build, but look at them.I’m sure you know, we are set to win what 5,6 ,7 championships. Look at your team.. most your key guys are pretty old..lakers are young and are getting better each year with an experienced coach and Kobe Bryant. Boston is going to fall out of the picture soon with the young talent in the East. Just saying the truth. sure you guys won last year, but The lakers beat you with Ease on Christmas Day and had every answer to you on your home court. Boston don’t look all big and bad now. Face it, The Lakers are the most dominant team in the League and Will be for awhile.

  • lakers

    KG’S Knees aren’t that great and Ray Allen looks like a grandpa. La is loaded with young, Experienced weapons all over. They are the most balanced team in the league and can adjust to any style of play. what the Lakers are going to accomplish with this team is going to make everyone forget about what Boston did.. brought three vets together with lots of experience and won 1 championship.the only ring any of those guys have.. the Lakers have a dynasty here.. everything set..Boston you have one ring and a team that keeps getting punkd and older..you are going to leave the league as quick as you came in and the Lakers will remain on top for a long time because of their greatness as a team.

  • daboss1848

    lol LA
    you’re responding to my username hijacker

    but u do need to chill – reg season is nice but PO is where the Lkaers have to make their mark.

  • daboss1848

    lol LA
    you’re responding to my username hijacker (which is y that post is no longer present)

    but u do need to chill – reg season is nice but PO is where the Lakers have to make their mark.

    (sorry for double post)

  • lakers

    a boston is pretending to be you?

  • LA

    PO is where the lakers are really going to shine. There’s many games the Lakers could of won that they lost, but they lost because they were trying things out to prepare everyone for the PO and the Finals. they don’t need to rely on one player to take over, like the Cavs did when La came to town. La will be ready to win in any situation come PO and the finals. That’s why they have real weapons. Championships are not only won by D, but by a TEAM. that’s what Kobe has here now. they are they most prepared team in the league for the PO

  • http://www.lakersvolssparks.blogspot.com Margo

    I know everyone is thinking we should have just WALKED over that T-Wolves team, but it’s evident that the legs are tired on the starter. And poor Pau…I know he is tired and just toughing it out. And with the bench not being able to FIND their offensive game…it just looks bad. But what I love about this team now, is that we are not giving up IN THESE TYPE OF GAMES…we are finding a way too win when our legs are giving out…and it’s meaningless.

  • sketch

    You guys are funny, just pay that fool joseph no mind. He’s a d!ck and we all know it, he’s just trying to get a rise out of us Laker fans. Don’t give that A$$hole the satisfaction and just ignore that moron!


    Of course I’d like to see a blow out. They’re damn capable of it and so I’d like to see it. You’re an athlete right? So, are you telling me that you wouldn’t want to perform up to your highest expectations whenever you compete? You would want to perform just “good enough” so that you’d win? Sure, you’d be happy with a win nonetheless, but if you know you can perform better, wouldn’t you want that?

    There will be games where an inferior team can compete with us and maybe it’s even because it’s the Lakers so they get up to play us. But there are way too many of these games that the Lakers are allowing the opposition to hang around and giving them a chance to actually “steal” a win from them. You can’t say that those same teams are not “up” for the Celdicks, they are and yet the Celdicks blow out teams way more than the Lakers do. It’s time to see them kick the other teams a$$es!