itsonL.A. Times: The trip ended, finally, the way the Lakers would have wanted it.

It wasn’t exactly poetic, and they needed various pick-me-ups just to stay awake, but win they did, beating the Milwaukee Bucks, 104-98, on Wednesday at Bradley Center.

It gave them a 5-2 mark on their longest foray from Staples Center this season, and it got them within 2 1/2 games of Cleveland for the league’s best record. They dressed quickly after the game, smiling at the way they rediscovered their winning touch. Or maybe it was just the fact that their 13-day odyssey had run its course.

“We had two tough games, but we bounced back from that,” Kobe Bryant said. “We don’t let those losses get past two. It was a good trip.”

The Lakers (59-16) ended a modest two-game losing streak and avoided their first three-game losing streak since acquiring Pau Gasol last season.

The first three quarters against the Bucks were mostly a sleepwalk, in many ways, as the Lakers failed to put away the injury-ravaged Bucks.

Lamar Odom was seen sipping coffee at the end of the bench in the second quarter. Bryant walked by a group of courtside reporters and laughed at how bored they looked.

“Y’all look like you need something to write about,” he said, smiling.

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  • Paul Garnett

    First again biaaatches!!! Big deal Fakers won with a beaten up Bucks team. Boston is the best. Now time for some highlights of some wonderful memories.

  • Aztig

    Yeah! Kobe Is Back.

  • luke sucks!

    @ the boston fan ur a fag for posting that gay video oh wait ur a leprechaun all green bitches are gay!

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    [Comment ID #66579 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This is some funny sh!t! How is Gaynett’s knee doing? hahaha having this troll around is kinda amusing. He’s like our mascot. This dude sucks donkey d!ck. You should change your name to donkey focker.

    The starters looked a lot better today, even though it’s a banged up Bucks team. The bench looked horrible again (nothing new)… although Vujabrick had a good game. Farmer, Fluke, and Josh Bow-wow were terrible and looked lost on both ends of the floor.

    I agree with everyone saying that KB should drive to the basket more when his outside shot is not falling, but you have to understand that it’s long season. He’s trying to conserve energy and get ready for the playoffs. A lot of guys get hurt driving to the basket. It really takes a toll on your body. I think during playoffs, he’ll be more aggressive. The thing that pisses me off is when he forces the issue by going 1 on 5 and taking bad shots.

    Today, there was more ball movement. Guys have to move around more and get open. Some guys are just standing around being spectators. This is one reason KB doesn’t pass the ball. Also, there were times when guys didn’t secure rebounds. They were all standing around like there was a foul or something. That’s just lazy play.

    We should have blown out the Bucks. I hope they tighten up their game and play better in these last few games. They need some positive momentum going into the playoffs.

  • farmabrick

    Lamar Odom drinking coffee on the bench? Kind of reminds me of “Kicking and Screaming” with Ferrell pounding espressos from the espresso machine behind the bench. Perhaps Gary Vitti should install one down there by Dyan Cannon.

  • lainok

    I’ve been one of those people pushing to sit out kobe and pau to rest them. But then I heard what kobe had to say about it in the post game interview with john ireland. He was right. My mind is now changed.

  • Banzai

    [Comment ID #66579 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Boston is not the best.

  • ceballos_neverforget

    I’m a fish out of water…a Laker fan who moved to Wisconsin years ago, so I only get to one or two laker games a year and this was a great game! Pretty average team so it shouldn’t even have been close, but Kobe was undeniable, Sasha got his rhythm back and pau was a force…slump, my A$$! We’ll be fine for playoffs.

  • Rajon Pierce

    The Lakers beat a bad Bucks team. Kobe and Pau have dead legs. The Lakers will lose in the first round of the playoffs. GEt ready for another banner CELTIC FANS!!!!

  • LakersFirst

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    You mean dead legs like those of Allen and Pierce who are already so burned out from carrying the Suckdics that they should be in an oven. Let’s face it, with KG out the Suckdics are nothing. Coach Hack Rivers is already trying to publicly convince everyone they can without a healthy KG – Bunch of BS if I ever saw one. HAHAHAHHAHAHA – The curse of Marbury!!!

    Boston Suckdics!!!!

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

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    you mean the “2009 Boston Suckdick C0cksucking Champs!!!” banner? Boston, where Suckdicks happen.

    Here’s your big 3… Gaynett, RuPaul, & Gay Allen

  • PierceCanSuckMyC0CK

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    Its funny how Smelld1cks lost the last 2 games against us so it makes sense that these p ussy boston fans would come here to hate when their record is failing them. Heres some advice get a life and suck pierce’s d1ck more.

  • paulpierce_best

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  • paulpierce_best

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