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…and when I say embarrassed, I really mean mortified…and when I say mortified, I really mean completely and utterly humiliated. Crestfallen, if you will. How else can you describe a 48-point beating by a team who could barely keep a roster of healthy players in tact not too long ago? A team with a turnstile philosophy when it came to coaching changes? A team who couldn’t win 25% of their games?

Now the roles have been reversed. The Lakers have been an unhealthy bunch for the last two seasons. They will barely win a quarter of their games by the time April rolls around. And since they won their last championship in 2010, they’ve had two coaching changes (three if you count the Bernie Bickerstaff era that lasted about four days).

How bad was tonight’s game?

The Lakers were outscored by two points in the first quarter and they won by a point in the fourth quarter. In the second and third quarters, however, the Clippers outscored the Lakers 80-33. The Clippers led by as much as 51 points. It was as like a vengeful rage, for all the seasons that the Lakers made them the laughing stock of the NBA.

Eight Clippers scored in double figures; just three players for the Lakers.

The Clippers had 18 turnovers, and the all the Lakers could produce from it were 15 points, which isn’t a surprise seeing as to how they could barely shoot 40% from the field, while the Clippers ran with a 55% shooting percentage.

Along with this embarrassing night comes an even more shameful fact – this was the team’s worst loss in franchise history. What a terrible piece of Laker trivia to be part of.

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  • Joel

    we should do a major change over. start from coach first !

  • Tedi Wheeler

    The Clippers really exposed the Lakers last night. And I’m sorry but small ball ain’t shit, unless you have the best small baller in the game (Lebron James). This concept where you just have guys running up and down the court shooting threes with no defensive mindset, and no quality big men is just bullshit. Plus playing this way no one is really going to rebound or protect the rim , the Lakers always get killed on the boards . If I have a bigger team I would just pound the Lakers down low. I have never seen any Mike D’Antoni team play defense, this small ball bullshit is just a gimmick offense that makes a guys stats look good ( think Kendall Marshall ) but also think about how many times the other teams point guard goes right around Kendall Marshall all the way to the rim. I’m not just saying Marshall, but none of these dudes play defense, because it’s hard to teach defensive concepts in this offensive scheme. This small ball shit is better suited for college. What happens when the game slows down? Look D’Antoni needs to go coach a college team.

  • quickster007

    The Lakers first, should fire Dantoni, Jim Buss, here’s some advice, hire the best and get out of their way similar to what your Dad use to do, the late Jerry Buss. Draft, Dante Exum to play the point guard. Why not Joel Embiid? Remember Andrew Bynum whose hurt every season, that’s why. He already have back problems and it’s going to get worse. Don’t resign Pau, 19 millions off the books. Don’t go for Kevin Love, go after Anthony Davis whose making a little over 5 millions a season. The Lakers can offer him 10 millions a season to play the power forward spot. Don’t resign Steve Nash, that’s 9 millions off the books. Go after, Greg Monroe for the center spot, He is making a little over 3 millions a season. The Lakers can offer him 5 millions a season. In 2016, when Kobe leaves, 24 millions off the books, The Lakers can go after Kevin Durant and pay him 22 millions a season. He can play the small forward. The Lakers can have Kent Bazemore, Marshon Brooks to play the shooting guard. I would lean towards Bazemore he can play some defense.