The Lakers are holding two second-round selections (43rd and 58th overall).

With the 43rd pick, the Lakers selected Devin Ebanks, 6-9 forward who was a 3rd Team All Big East player as a sophomore. Avg. 12.0 pts, 8.1 rebs.

Here’s the scouting report on Ebanks, courtesy

An offensive minded wing with good scoring ability … At 6’8,” gets a lot of elevation on his jumpshot and boasts a nice looking stroke with a high release point … Very tough for defenders to check or block his shot … Has a lot of potential because of his length and coordination … Should be able to “put it all together” when he adds strength and better balance … Takes and makes difficult shots … Nice arc and form on his shot … Capable of handling the ball to an extent and should be able to improve his ability to create shots and get to the rim … His game is tailor-made to play the role of a scorer …  His huge wingspan enhances his athleticism making up for decent but not extraordinary leaping ability …

  • Marwan Marzina

    I honestly don’t know how to feel.

  • mecka24

    Reminds me of Ariza

  • jballer24

    I have a feeling this guy is going to be special.

  • Lamar

    i know how to feel. we just won the championship. EAT THAT BOSTON!!!

  • domz

    I really wished we could have gotten Willie Warren and find out if he can make the team.


    good pick… just train him good and he can replace probably walton.

  • lakers0828

    glad You Can Make Ebanks But So Long Ebanks And Good luck in the Future

  • daboss1848

    Projected 25 by RealGM
    Ebanks certainly improved from his freshman season, but he needed to show more in order to give scouts a little more optimism to go off of. He is a scrappy, hard-working player with excellent athleticism and the ability to be a slasher extraordinaire. Whether or not he can figure out his jumper will be the difference between 7th man and 12th man status for Ebanks.

  • KING

    EBanks could be a good wing defender like Ariza Was and we can find a PG in the NBDL that is better than Farmer Trust me I seen a lot.

    I really couldn’t enjoy The NBA Draft because all ESPN talked about was where Lebron was going It would be so funny if he stays in Cleveland because ESPN would have nothing else to talk about

  • jplakers120

    he’s from queensbridge too :o lmao just like odom and artest hahahaaha

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    hope he’s a good player

  • Be Strong

    Welcome To Los Angeles Lakers:)

  • Laker s Army

    Looks like Mitch has something brewing.
    Could be a La Mar trade or may be Bynum still

  • maccassedy

    They said hes a Family Friend of Odom nd Artest..I wanted this guy becuz he reminded me of Ariza both started of as not good shooters…Hell make the team..Trust


    He looked good from the videos that I saw on Youtube. Seems like a very athletic cat with a nice jumper. Like the way he just keeps running the floor and his handles and his drives to the hoop! Also like the fact that he finishes strong by dunking it instead of laying it up.

    He’s like a combination of Ariza and LO. Hope he can put it together along with Caracter during the Summer League and make the team. It’ll be nice to see some athletic guys coming off of the bench (besides Brown).

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  • inverse

    log jam at the small forward position now especially if the lakers have interest in signing bell or t-mac. Ebanks is making the team, and it seems like Walton is the odd-man out. We’ll see what Mitch decides to do with his contract, maybe package him with caracter or someone? thats my guess, but most likely hes staying and gonna warm up those benches lol

  • gameplan

    lol he’s really more look a like of ariza. Not bad at no 47, now we can get rid of odom. pls!

  • fff
  • LC09

    aite if another mofo starts talkin bout tradin LO or bynum shud get their as$ banned from this site for life… any fu kin moron that wants LO and/or bynum gone is too stupid to realize how much they mean to our team..WOW jus stfu with tradin bynum and/or LO..get a fu kin clue no reason to trade them

    • gameplan

      lol! you think LO is that good? put josh smith in the lakers and smith will be a monster which is already he is. Lo since 04 can’t help kobe until pau came, I’ll take this guy ebanks over your boyfriend. This guy ebanks can slay-up left and right and has a better range plus athletic than odumb that can’t even make an alley oop dunk for a length of 6’10.

    • Odom the worst player

      I agree with you about Bynum, not Odumb. Open your eyes dude odom doesn’t even try to help his team on defense, all he does is stand there arms up in the air. He has never come through in the clutch. He runs over people all the time. Why do you think teams left him open in the playoffs? it’s because he can’t play. Just because you love the guy like all the odom lovers doesn’t mean he can play

      • gameplan

        odom leads lakers in offensive foul!

        • Odom the worst player

          Not just the Lakers , he leads the league too. He also lead the league of a player not trying on defense. The guy sucks

          • LC09

            aite gameplan if ur “gameplan” is to get rid of odom, then ur ass needs a new one because ask any smart fan, and any laker player n person in da lakers lockerroom n theyll tell u that we WUD NOT HAVE WON DA 2 SHIPS WITOUT LO AND BYNUM.. but obviously its too much for u to understand so keep wantin ur stupid ass trades cuz i hate to break it to u ITS NOT GUNA HAPPEN

          • gameplan

            LOL LC09 are you dumb? Your boyfriend and bynum is in the lakers together since 05, but they can’t even contribute on the lakers suns play-off on 06 and 07…

  • batman

    great pick this dude was a freaken baller in collage and now we go and get a point guard by trading posibly luke,sasha,mbanga,&/or moison

    • Odom the worst player

      Or Odumb mostly

  • 123kid

    saw some of his highlight videos (they dont really persuade me or give me a well over impression of a player), but i mean he can def get up there like ariza did, i dont really know too much about his shooting ability, and not sure how good he is on defense. overall, he may be the next ariza, but it remains to be seen. if he does become the next ariza for the lakers, then that would be a great addition to the team. however, i think he’ll have a very slim chance to making a big impact on the lakers, especially if the lakers continue to run the triangle and because hes still kinda young.

  • daboss1848

    Los Angeles Lakers: A
    .Picks: Devin Ebanks (43), Derrick Caracter (58)

    No team had a better second round, and there’s a lot to be said for that. Many question whether Ebanks will ever put it all together, but he has vast potential and should fit right in for a team that could use an athletic defender on the wing. Caracter is the ultimate risk-reward player, with knocks on just about everything players get knocked for but more talent than some NBA starters. At Nos. 43 and 58, respectively, both were great values. What more can you ask for from the defending champs?

  • 24over23
  • ronin99

    Many of us agree there is some Trevor Ariza-like qualities here. And Ebanks wore #3 in WVU like Ariza wore #3 when he played for the lakers!!! Irony??? LOL!!!

  • ronin99

    And he looks like Trevor. Ariza v.2…Say QUEENSBRIDGE!!! This guy grew up around there.

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  • ape

    ebanks a very smart pick. no clogging at the 3. walton injured, ammo gone.

    and you don’t want a young upstart pg from the draft (read: farmar) – we need a steadier player who can shoot consistently.

    i think mitch was brilliant here. get a 3 and 4/5 from the draft and take care of the 1 during free agency

  • nfl

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