UPDATE: Interesting, according to Jeff Goodman, a senior basketball writer for FoxSports.com, “The Nuggets “tried like hell”, but couldn’t pry DC from the Lakers.”

With the 58th pick, the Lakers selected Derrick Caracter, Caracter averaged 14.1 points per game and grabbed 218 rebounds in 27 games as a junior.

Here’s the scouting report on Caracter, courtesy NBAdraft.net:

Huge body, with incredible strength. Long armed shotblocker and active rebounder on both ends. … Above-average shooter from middle and long range. … Similar to Walker with his array of skills, as he can shoot it from outside, dribble the ball in, and has excellent passing ability. Can grab a rebound, take the ball the length of the court, dribbling through defenders, and pull up on a dime and hit a three-pointer. Excels using his strength backing defenders in, as he did to Greg Oden at the 2004 ABCD camp.

  • Mecos

    Never heard of him…

  • http://www.ld2k.com Chris Manning

    Nuggets wanted him.

  • http://www.ld2k.com Chris Manning

    And Denver got him.

  • Xtro

    For cash?

  • http://www.ld2k.com Chris Manning

    Conflicting reports say Denver got him. Nothing official, yet.

  • daboss1848

    Projected 42 by RealGM
    Caracter will be on his last chance before even arriving in the NBA, but he is an absolute monster to guard in the post. He is a big boy and plays even bigger while possessing strong athleticism, a soft touch and great hands.

    • LC09

      we shuda kept him, seems like a good back up PF we need that lol

  • Be Strong

    no!!!!!!!! this guys is good……..

  • Be Strong

    i will be pisseoff if the Denver goin to get him….

  • lakers0828

    Yeah we Dont Need Rookies Right Now so Smart Move by the Lakers

    • daboss1848

      we only have 7 players on the roster – of course we need rookies – they are the ones to develop for the coming years . . .

      • Be Strong

        4 the Future Dumb***

        • daboss1848

          im guessing u were replying to the other guy . . .

          • Be Strong

            sorry man! wasnt talkin 2 u daboss1848.. i was talkin 2 lakers0828

  • inverse

    i agree man its good to have rokies around, u dont want to end up lke boston. Caracter is gonna be good in this league, hope we keep him

    • Be Strong

      i agreed with u :)

  • http://www.ld2k.com Chris Manning

    Interesting, according to Jeff Goodman, a senior basketball writer for FoxSports.com, “The Nuggets “tried like hell”, but couldn’t pry DC from the Lakers.”

    • Be Strong

      hahah!! take that Chicken Nuggets:)

  • http://www.myspace.com/626bones Lakers 24 7

    “good passing abilities” ?? I thought they said that he wasn’t a good passer? lol

  • Lakeshow123321

    trade him for ty lawson

  • althelakerfanyoushouldmeet

    WOw I remember this guy had a TON of hype in High School. I mean OJ Mayo, Lebron type hype except he never got much better but he did get much bigger he got kicked off of Louisville and made his way to UTEP it sounds he is a definite steal especially if he gets his act together. You tube his name!

  • althelakerfanyoushouldmeet

    Maybe the steal of the draft. Mark my words you will cheer for this kid.

    • dalink

      def is a steal and everyone who passed him up will be shaking their heads

  • Lebron is scared

    Ebanks reminds me of Ariza. Caracter reminds me of Kwame Brown.

    • 09-10-11champs!

      Kwame couldnt do this:
      Can grab a rebound, take the ball the length of the court, dribbling through defenders, and pull up on a dime and hit a three-pointer.
      So dont make pointless comparisons!

      • Lebron is scared

        I was mostly thinking about their physical attributes (no homo) with that comparison using past Laker players. But yeah, he has better game than Kwame for sure and a bigger version of Davis.

    • Marwan Deletes My Comments

      Ebanks is Ariza-like but Caracter is Glen Davis-like.

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  • inverse

    Man i have no idea how this summer is gonna turn out in terms of Laker free agency, but how is this for food for thought. I have a feeling lakers have no interest in bringing back any of their free agents except for fisher. That means lakers only have 8 guys under contract, assuming shannon opts out, and lakers will let him walk. The league minimum is 13 players, leaving lakers to sign 5 players. The fact that lakers didnt want to sell Caracter over to Denver for money tells me a lot of things. For one, the nuggets obviously see potential in him and 2 Lakers have bigger plans for him other than just summer league. This means that he will most likely make the team giving lakers a total of 9 players, but more importantly, he will have a small sized contract. The next player is Ebanks, who is most likely making the team, as kupchak even referred to him playing back up minutes since walton is always injured. That gives us 10 players and 2 of them have rookie contracts. I see lakers also signing Javaris Crittenton as well, who i feel is going to be a great point guard in this league, but more importantly he will have
    a small contract as well. That then leaves the lakers with 2 spots to go out and sign 2 proven veteran layers to shore up the bench, whether t-mac or bell or both.

    • inverse

      How is this for the lineup:


      People on this site sometimes are living a fairy tale and believe lakers pay players in hershey kisses and not real money. The fact of the situation is, lakers dont have money to go out there and sign all these players. Sure it would be nice to sign ridnour, haywood, raja bell, t-mac, and miller, but reality is, jerry buss is wayy over the cap. We just have to hope that these players will develop quickly, most importantly javaris, and sacrifice for the team, unless of course, lakers can somehow convince ridnour/t-mac(Bell) to split MLE, which most likely wont happen.

      • inverse

        BTW lakers can sign Ebanks and Caracter for 1 year 470,000 dollars each, 2nd year contract jumps up to 800,000. If these players are solid and mitch feels like they can contribute, which it seems like ebanks can with defense considering he was the one guarding john wall when wvu beat kentucky, expect these guys to make the team.


    Saw the video of him (UTEP vs OKLA). He’s a friggin beast as far as sheer size! Nice soft touch on his shots and can knock down the 3s. He can pass which is a plus in the Lakers’ Triangle Offense. The only thing I didn’t like was that he was laying the balls up when it looked as if he could’ve thrown it down!

    If he makes the cut then he’ll be the Lakers’ version of Big Gay-by. Similar look, size, game, but I think that Derrick’s got more up side!

    We’ll see… maybe he’ll end up being the replacement for Powell or Mbenga.

    • gameplan

      lol! watch that clip too, he looks lazy out there. What beast? he’s just playing with some college team you think he can bang-up with the NBA’s bigs? I saw that clip that he miss 2 or 3 lefty hook, he can’t do that in the NBA. I am fine with ebanks can be a replacement for odumb..just 1 rookie pls! and trade odom for some shooters…Lakers 3peat…


        Actually, I got the same feeling, but I was trying to be positive! I was hoping that it was just that 1 video that he “SEEMED” to be running in slow mo! I did see the video of him vs Oden at the ABCD Camp and he looked better, energy wise.

        I was hoping that he actually is better than what that video represents. He is a BIG BOY though and if he hustles and works his @$$ off, then I think that his services might be rendered!

        He’s looking better than Powell already! powell is moving at that half speed all the time and he doesn’t seem like hes able to hit that jumper or grab that board that he used to be able to get.

        I just hope that the Mitch and the guys makes the right decision, whatever it may be!

      • dalink

        for someone who just watched a clip. u should of seen some his games nobody in college could match up with his strength in the post. he straight bodied everyone guarding him and would get ridiculous fouls called on him because everyone would flop

      • dalink

        he is the only person from utep i have seen this season that was always diving for loose balls so i dont no where this lazy thing came from and he works very hard on the court.

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  • gameplan

    we don’t need this guy, he’s not dunking no excitement, just like kwame, We don’t need more rookies co’z we’re chasing 3 peat, but that ebanks guy is good, has the perimeter, athletic, has length a better substitute for lamer( get rid of odom). Ebanks will be good playing along side kobe co’z he will have a good look to shoot.

    • Odom the worst player

      Gameplan you mention this guy missed a couple of hook shots, well Odumb always misses hook shots, layups, 10 footers 5 footers whatever shots given to him. Amen I hope they trade odumb so people on this site can see that guy can’t play.

      • HATER

        Are you guys OH DUMB? Odum grabs rebounds.

        • gameplan

          so as kobe’s 15 rebound in a game 7, so wheres lamar that game? just beat by 6’6″ kobe in the board. Get real!

          • Odom the worst player

            Chad b c d or whatever your name is, no Riley isn’t an idiot, but Odumb is

        • Odom the worst player

          There’s more to the game than just rebounds idiot. You cant tell anyone that he had a real impact on the any game in the finals

          • chad b

            Rebounds = Rings… someone once said that, oh yeah that was Pat Riley. Was he an idiot?

          • chad b

            try to understand that each person plays a role on a team. Odom plays his role very well. mmmmkay

  • imh

    Also got Chinemelu Elonu in the mix. Our bench is gonna look very different nex year.

  • rondo

    This guy is not lazy. You have been misinformed you read to many negative reports. Caracter is maybe the steal of the draft. He’s a old school power foward. The fans are going to like him. He can play and he’s a load.

  • rudy t.

    the guy reminds me of glen davis with more range.
    honestly, i dont think we should get our hopes up too much though. too early.

  • althelakerfanyoushouldmeet.

    Watch the predraft interviews with this kid he is very determined since he declared stated he lost 35 lbs

  • daboss1848

    Los Angeles Lakers: A
    Picks: Devin Ebanks (43), Derrick Caracter (58)
    No team had a better second round, and there’s a lot to be said for that. Many question whether Ebanks will ever put it all together, but he has vast potential and should fit right in for a team that could use an athletic defender on the wing. Caracter is the ultimate risk-reward player, with knocks on just about everything players get knocked for but more talent than some NBA starters. At Nos. 43 and 58, respectively, both were great values. What more can you ask for from the defending champs?

  • cjm

    odom is not long for the team, and that will free up money for t-mac.

    • daboss1848

      actually we are so over the cap, no money gets free’d up with the loss of odom . . . we have our exceptions and our vet minimums thats it – w/ or w/o odom.

  • Drewskeelove

    Let me tell you guys something. I went to UL when DC was there. Out of high school, some scouts thought he was better than Oden.

    This guy can blame ball. He had some issues with Coach P at Louisville, but he’s matured.

    We got a steal. Had this guy been able to enter the draft out of high school, he would have been a lottery pick.

    I assure you this, he will crush Mbenga and Powell in practice, and is a hard nose, tough, bully in the paint.

    Don’t discredit someone you know nothing about.

    • dalink

      so true he will crush them even odom

  • Drewskeelove

    I meant to say the guy can play ball above, sorry.

  • seankobe

    anyway this won’t hurt the team at all cost. ebanks and this bigbaby look alike can be an upgrade for luke,morrison,josh and mbenga. get rid of farmar and odom ang get a true shooter..

  • r4nlee

    Ahhh … keep him pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  • LAKE SHOW 2010

    why didnt the lakers sign willy waren
    they need a pg not forwards

    • TeamMorrison

      Because they are going to pick one up in free agency. They need a veteran point guard that can potentially start right away.

  • kobez

    Why does it say on Yahoo NBA draft analysis say that he will most likely play over seas next season? Does that mean the lakers arent going to be sign him?

  • Jimmy

    Does anybody care? These guys might not even make the team.

    • dalink

      yes ppl care and he will make the team and make a believer out of you… and dont jump on his bandwagon when he is helping the lakers win

  • Robert

    Outsiders (outside LA) don’t like the Lakers. They may not make the best comments about the Lakers. In fact, at the beginning of the draft (in MSG) on Thursday, Stern’s opening statements included something about the Lakers, who (of course) we’re boo-ed.
    EastcoaStPN. Still are seething about the Lakers winning.
    Anyway, whereas most other teams have to stock up on
    ‘key’ players. The Lakers only have to craft good role players. They seem to hit the mark on talent, but will only stick with those who have some type of potential, and let others go.
    So, remember Shelden Williams? Trying out for Lakers last year — ended up on …. Celtics! Ha ha!
    I saw some of the draft yesterday, and it was boring. And somehow, when the Lakers picks were announced, I felt as though they made good decisions. Lakers mgmt is actually good at recognizing something of value. They may not be these ‘big time’ top 5 type All American players, but they’re good strategic pics.
    I think these guys have a chance.

  • justdogm1

    as long as they can lick kobes marble bag,…….they have a shot.

    • Body Bags

      hahaha you should be gone by now Your boy wonder Lebrick gotta leave cleveland to have a chance you just a hater Kobe laughs and we laugh at little fools like you get off our blog and go do something with your life guess what?I justdogya bitchass

  • http://www.2010-nfl.com nfl

    For those of your who like the shirt, it’s on sale now.

    And yes, you do recieve a free pro membership or one yr. extension with purchase.

  • Be Strong

    Wonder y Da Nuggets wants him really bad???

    • http://www.twitter.com/TLN24 Marwan Marzina

      Their biggest problem when they faced us was that our bigs (Pau, Lamar, Bynum) were destroying their bigs and Caracter is someone that is physical and isn’t afraid to knock his body around which is something the Nuggets need out of someone to do against our bigs.

    • dalink

      because he is going to be a force down low he has major upside… talent is unlimited just didnt really get to showcase it. and he would of had a great ncaa tournament if his team didnt give up the lead against butle. he was crushing that team

  • Javi Espinoza

    From the two picks the Lakers got in the second round, Caracter, I believe, has the biggest upside of the two. Can’t go by feelings with any sports league as far as player abilities are concerened, but Derrick Caracter just seems to be the type of player that can come off the bench and maybe avg about 9 pts. and 5 rbs. for his first year. As a rookie starter, I don’t think his numbers would be that much different. But hey, you never know. Caracter has potential, as does Ebanks, but DC is a big man with a nice shooting touch and solid rebounding skills. Lakers would be dumb not to sign this guy after the summer league.

  • MistaBinks

    The UTEP/Oklahoma game was one of Caracter’s first games after becoming eligible. I wouldn’t use that to gauge is skill level. Try and find some video of him in the C-USA tournament. Also, he has lost a ton of weight since the end of last season.