Can’t say I don’t agree with Ireland here… Lakers have been looking sluggish as of late. Something to worry about, Lakers Nation? Sound-off!

ESPN: All of the headlines today will be about how Kobe Bryant has done it again, pulling victory from the jaws of defeat. But there’s another story that might get lost in all of that.

I would argue that the Lakers have developed a bad habit, and it’s getting worse.

In their last five games–against Cleveland, Sacramento, Phoenix, Golden State, and then Sacramento againL.A. has fallen behind in every game. And when I say behind, I mean way behind. Take a look at the deficits the Lakers have suffered in each of those games:

Cleveland 21 points

@ Sacramento Nine points

@Phoenix 21 points

Golden State 15 points

Sacramento 20 points

Even though L.A. was able to recover and win both Sacramento and the Golden State games, this isn’t how a championship team is built. I can’t tell you how many coaches have told me that you can’t just “flip a switch.” If the Lakers continue down this road, the chances of a repeat title are non-existent.

Before Friday night’s game, I asked Phil Jackson if he had made any New Year’s Resolutions.

“No,” he answered, “but I did put up last year’s record at the start of the New Year, and wrote this year’s record next to it.”

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  • blackmindblacksoul

    We are not even half-way through the season, and we have folks on BSPN (John Ireland or not) already counting us out. Meanwhile, they are blowing up the Cavs as the champ because of the streak that they made. Let the team find its rhythm, mojo, and their killer instinct. if it was at the end of the regular season then i’ll worry heading into the playoff. However, at this time let them figure it out because I am 100% confident that they will.

  • immasnakewithnovenom

    This is something i cant argue with one bit.. I think it has alot to do with we are relying on Kobe too much. were not running our offense fluidly. Yea Kobe is easily number one in the world and in my opinion challenging MJ for best 2 guard of all time, but he cant go into the second half of a game down 15 just run isos and pick and rolls our offense has to be ran and then 5 or 6 mins left we can go to the best finisher in the game if we have to, but when we run our offense it leads to our defense (which is opposite of most but how i feel for us) Like bynum especially hes aggresive on d when he gets touches, but well be fine

  • http://57.amklac Marwan the tard

    paper tigers!

  • LAtimes

    the switch thing was said about the lakers in the playoffs last season (especially by barkley) and the lakers doing this was apparent in the houston series. I know it isn’t a good thing to develop but the lakers HAVE been able to do it. I agree that they get bored at times and look lackadaisical and that cost them on xmas. I think the lakers need luke and ron back, to finally have EVERYONE healthy and develop some consistency on who comes off the bench as a result. Either that or a shake up – a trade, signing, something; they need like a boost or injection so to speak. Sundays game against dallas should be certain to grab their attention but with this squad u never know…

    • LakerMarc

      Sometimes fear works better than anything else. When people are afraid to lose their job, they often become productive or increase their production to a new level. It’s just like in the workforce and the real world, only these guys are getting paid ALOT more. Live in FEAR Lakers (esp the so-called BENCH MOB), some of you may be going out for a ride soon.

  • Sasha4Lvp

    i think the biggest problem is our PG position. one of the reasons out defense has been poor is because fisher is too old and is constantly getting burned by the quicker, younger PGs. Fisher needs to be moved to the bench and mitch needs to bring in a quality PG somehow because farmar nor brown will cut it.

    • LakerMarc

      The One thing I’ve learned, although reluctantly, is that Mitch is always working in the background. The recent and not-so-recent history is all the proof you need. I trust what you are talking about here is already in the works.

      • Sasha4Lvp

        yea i think so too…but just thought i would put it out there. nate robinson *cough cough*

  • drive-for-16th

    Fisher gettting worse every day, he gets owned by all the point guards in the nba, even jason kidd and nash, who are both 35 or over. Our guard situation is the worst in the league. Mitch should’ve tried to get Nate Robinson, I think ya’ll know what he did after he came back. Sasha needs to fucking leave and Farmar, well we put him in their to guard fast guards and he can’t even keep up with everybody, his defence sucks ass. His shot always looks bad and looks like hes gona miss it, its not reliable. Morrison is garbage, hes just another player who was good in college and sucks dick when entering the NBA. WE NEED TRADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert

    I don’t know if their dominance is being ‘threatened’. It’s more like their dominance is diminishing. They did look somewhat dominant in a few games since the beginning of the year, but certainly not now.
    Reggie Miller had them 20/1, because they looked invincible at the beginning of the year. And now the Cavs look invincible. The Celdicks are running on empty, and on injuries, so I think we can count them out. It will take a lot for them to get up to Finals speed.
    Our ‘east’ threat is the Cavs, but I think they got lucky on Christmas day. I think we can handle them come playoffs time.
    Also, the Lakers don’t really have to be dominant now, and perhaps shouldn’t be. As usual, they should start ramping up after All Star, and by April, be at full steam to trounce the Rockets, or Nuggets, or Spurs (yes, they look better now).
    Recall that the early 2000s Lakers weren’t always even the top seeded team. But they ran over everybody come playoffs.

    • LakerMarc

      The great thing about The Cavs is that they must get rid of the Celtics. I don’t think they will. I still say Lakers/Celtics. Orlando will get its chance too. The Cavs aren’t invincible, (they had a hard time with Atlanta this past week????) nor are they really that impressive, unless you impress easily.

  • Matt from Dallas

    The Lakers are clearly not playing at their best right now or even playing well, but its not even half way through the season. I mean we are 26-6 so I am not worried at all for the long term, every season has its ups and downs.

  • thanhttrinh

    Lakers were up and down for a while, its hard to determine who is the best team and favor in the Playoffs run, but hey, let me tell u guys something, remember last yr we lost to the average teams, and when Lakers had to closed the Rockets in 7, at that time i mean the guys from TNT and ESPN said Lakers couldnt compete agaisnt the nuggets [ we all worried about that] but we still beat them so my point is the Lakers r a completely different team in playoffs and i believe we can get back to the championship run !
    we obviously didnt play good at this period since got beaten to the Cavs, the energy was good as the beginning of the season, plus the injuries made us slow down for a bit, but we still ok, lets move on

  • LakerMarc

    In response to comments about players being traded….How about Shannon Brown? Seriously….his horrible ball handling as of late (the last 10-15 games)….lots of travelling, poor passing, poor look shots. Dunks aren’t going to win you games And well…he hasn’t even done any of that, either. Its a miracle that the one bright spot has been that Lamar has really turned up his game. FINALLY!!!!

  • LakerMarc

    Tonight has to be about revenge against Dallas (I don’t care what Clem says). Next, Houston and then Denver. Sorry Trevor, You were my fave Laker, but Laker Nation must have its revenge. Then there’s the Christmas lump of coal The Lakers brought me, which must also be vindicated soon. Keeping my fingers crossed. Still no Ron-Ron?

  • AllthewayLA

    new about ron-ron for tonight’s game?

  • http://LakersNation DFISH for Prez

    Why couldnt Lebron win the game or tie it if he is more clutch than Kobe? They lost to Bobcats and Lebron couldnt do anything to help them win. See, they lost to a .500 team and when we do we make a big deal out of it.
    LeClutch has better clutch than a worn out Volkswagen… wait, no he doesnt.

  • http://57.amklac tarwan the tard

    lebron is a likeble guy, kobe is a CRYBABY that as many people hate as like…whats your problem?

    • Smush Walton

      Yet another DUMB comment from old reliable.