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As trade rumors continue to circle around the Lakers, SI is reporting that there is a Odom/Iggy swap being discussed.

The 76ers are continuing to explore trade options for Andre Iguodala, and league sources said that a deal with the Lakers involving Lamar Odom has been discussed recently.  While it’s unclear whether the deal has real potential or is still alive, it’s yet another sign that the Sixers are determined to land an impact player while improving their salary-cap situation in any trade for their second-leading scorer and top defender. Iguodala is owed a combined $44 million for the next three seasons (including $13.5 million next season), while Odom is set to make $8.9 million next season in the final guaranteed year of his contract.

Furthermore, they hint that Ron Artest could be included in this deal as well:

The deal would have to include another Lakers player in order to work under salary-cap rules. One of the sources said the Lakers might include small forward Ron Artest, who will be paid $21.7 million over the next three seasons and has an early-termination option for 2013-14.

Would you send out the 6th man of the year and former defensive player of the year for Iggy? Do Iggy’s knee issues concern you? Sound off about this report, Laker Nation!

  • Jon

    i heard it was odom and WALTON.  that’s enough for me to want the trade to go through

  • A Yohannes09


  • knott2bad

    I would do this deal.  Iggy has to carry the 76ers in every way as the team’s best player.  If he was traded to the Lakers, he can choose his spots to be effective, can give a spark to this aging team, and is still coming in to his prime at 27. I love Odom but I would do this deal.  The Lakers need to get younger and this would help them do that.

  • JimboUCLA

    Yes, but only if we have something else in the works for a PF. Getting rid of Walton or Artest salaries would benefit us in the long run. Walton is basically a waste of space, and Odom I believe is on the decline. 6th man of the year didn’t even show up for the playoffs! 

  • Shiloh

    If it was ODom and Walton then Yes…

  • Hmm

    No way to pick up Jrue in the deal? Or even L. Williams for that matter?

  • knott2bad

    I would do this deal.  Iggy has to carry the 76ers in every way as the team’s best player.  If he was traded to the Lakers he can choose his spots to be effective and provide a spark to this aging team.  Also he is coming into his prime at age 27.  I love Odom but this deal is makes sense for the Lakers. 

  • Drew

    Odom and Walton, yes. Don’t trade two impact players for one, especially since Odom’s contract is so much better than Iggys

  • Paolodava

    That will leave us with no backup big.  Who will spell Bynum and Pau?  I would prefer two trades.  Pau for Love and #2 pick Derrick Williams and/or Blake and one or two of our 2nd rd picks this year for Ray Felton.  Iggy is good but losing Odom makes us less really shallow up front.  Thats just me  

  • Rey Rey

    How about Bynum & Walton? Knee problems for knee problems & a bench warmer

  • Anonymous

    Iggy is owed $44M over the next 3 years… there’s a reason that the Sixers want to dump him. Lakers need to get younger AND cheaper.  This will just hamstring the lakers from any future deals, and dimish our front court.  Give Denver a call back about Felton and a draft pick package!

  • Azuler83

    Hell No!!!

  • Bjbolusan

    If the Lakers trade both LO and Artest,I would cry…

  • Cygni2

    If the past is any indication, the Lakers may make a trade but the likelihood  of it being one in the rumor mill is very small. More than likely it will be one that nobody saw coming.

  • ernie

    Yes, i would gamble with the trade remember need to get a real point guard with all my respects to fisher but he’s getting a little older and he need to save some minutes for incase they get into the playoff and for the trade for lamar and artest not a bad idea i think the lakers have some who can defend and younger remember speed and some healthy koby,fisher,barnes,andrew and pau we have expierence also we need to a bench who can dominate for the absences. 

  • ray

    oh right. making our bench even WEAKER that it already was. that’s a great idea.

  • Joey

    Trade Odom, Walton, and 2nd round pick for Iguodala and Craig Brackins/Marreese Speights

  • Guest

    If they through in Lou williams or Holiday or their 16th pick, and we gave them steve blake, it’s a no brainer. If they did that, I’d even give them ebanks also because he plays the same position as iggy.  So, final trade: Lamar, Ron, Blake, Ebanks/Caracter (and possibly some second rounders) for Iggy and Lou Williams/Jrue Holiday/16th pick (whichever they’re more likely to do).

  • eric

    I truly think this whole possible idea of a shorten season or a lockout, is really making this really Retarded for the NBA. Lamar Odom and Ron Artest for AI. Then Mike Brown wants Anderson Varejao. I know its a speculation but I am hoping this doesn’t go down since Lakers actually need to rebuild the bench around Lamar Odom. And as for Lakers looking for point guard, they are looking at the second round of today’s draft for help. And probably if that doesn’t pan out to well to their liking, Lakers are making a deal.

    • Anonymous

      Hoopshype rumors has the Lakers Talking to Cleveland about Ramon Sessions… MBrown wanting Anderson Varejao might not be far off from making that rumor true.  Odom+Walton+picks for Sessions+Varejao works capwise.  Cleveland would eat Walton’s 2 years, but the Lakers free the Cav’s of Varejao’s 4years and get some 2ndRnd picks.  Not that I would want that, but just stating the rationality of the deal. 

  • Zach

    I have an explanation to why the Lakers are trying to trade LO. I am apart of another Laker website and according to another member on that website who has a very reliable source inside the Laker front office, the Lakers have PF Carl Laundry all but “signed, sealed, and delivered” pending the new CBA. Signing Laundry makes LO expendable and aquiring a young, athletic, great defender in Iggy would help us tremendously. Iggy is one of the best defenders in the league and him gaurding guys like Lebron or Durant, would put us back at the top.

    • Guest

      The Landry thing is interesting. The only problem is that Landry can find much bigger money somewhere else, and also if the Lakers have him “signed, sealed, and delivered”, then that would be tampering because they’re not allowed to speak to him before july 1. But that would also mean Iggy for Lamar isn’t happening until after the new CBA is completed, because it’s very likely that it will be impossible for the Lakers to sign a notable free agent the way things are looking.

      • Anonymous

        Teams, agents, and players can’t speak details before July 1st, but that doesn’t mean entourages cannot express interest. For Landry it would probably be an expectation of what the Mid-Level exemption might be ($5M+?) in the new CBA, with a wink and a nod. Odom and Walton (not Artest) for Iggy would be a salary-cap push in the current CBA, allowing the Lakers to adjust for Landry aftwards. I don’t think that I like it, but it does make some sense of the deal.   

    • kame

      yes i like landry there i’m hoping it’s true, i think if lakers would try to get CP3 i would sign west also as a starting PF i they gonna give gasol

  • Cody

    WORST IDEA EVER!!!!!!! Stop with these ODOM, PAU, and ANDREW trade rumors. It would be dumb to trade any of those three.

  • ilikebasketball

    oh, god.

    was that true? from eric below?
    please say nooooooO!!!

    i wouldn’t trade odom for AI, no way.

    though i do like the idea of getting carl landry. that sounds great. though i’m not sure landry is better than odom. perhaps he works harder? that’d b great if we got landry AND felton. wow, what a great mix, if we got rid of Blake and Artest.

  • Tristanspartan

    Dumbest Idea yet. Idiot jim buss

  • tim05

    Other than Bynum for Dwight, Lakers should not entertain other offers. 

  • Anonymous

    New Rumor/Comment from JJ Barea…  If Dallas doesn’t offer an adequate contract as FA, he’d field offers from Miami, Lakers, and Knicks???  (Hoopshype)   

  • Anonymous

    Igoudala is not that great… Odom is the better player overall and a chemistry guy. The Lakers would get smaller with this and less versatile. Iggy is a slasher, thats also something we need since Kobe isnt doing that as much anymore, but I would rather go for a quick pg that can use the pick for quick drives.

  • marss

    WHAT ?! no.
    what the fuck ?!

  • lakerman34

    This isn’t an awful trade.

    True, we’d be giving up perhaps the most versatile player in basketball, but we are getting a top notch defender in return.

    See if we can pry away Louis Williams as well?

  • Tyson chan

    I think Lamar Odom is really intangible player. He proved his worth this past year and he will only improve this coming year.

    Iggy is good.. real good but honestly a trade straight up for LO and Iggy will make me think twice but to throw in Ron Artest supposedly our second best defensive player makes this trade out of the question.

    Our starting lineup would be good as Iggy would swap out Artest but our bench would look horrible. I really don’t think this trade will work or go through.

  • Betto

    Why would they trade Odom or Ron ron for this foo, he doesn’t have strong legs, being injured too many times.  Hence the reason why 76ers wanna trade him..

  • online sports betting

    Hell NO!!!! I’d rather see Bynum gone than Odom. Geesshh.. What are the management thinking? 

  • TheNolanater

    I like Ron but dealing him Iguodala just makes sense. Iguodala is bigger and be more motivated to win. But, Odom in the deal is the reason I hate this. Giving up Odom and Ron 2 for 1 or what. This makes no sense. If it was possible to do Ron Barnes Blake I say deal. But, that’s not possible so I hate this deal. If we trade Odom it hurts us not only him but like 2 for 1 is just stupid.
    I’ll like the deal if it was for Ron and smaller pieces such as any 1 or 2 or all 3 of the so called Killer Bee’s. That would be a good deal.
    But, trading Odom and Ron makes no sense. I mean I would love to get Iguodala he be huge for our team but not at that price.
    If we can keep Odom and add Iguodala with Kobe and both 7 footers that be scary with size.
    I say package Ron are 3 Killer Bee’s make this happen.
    If we have to trade Odom this deal sucks big time.

    • TheNolanater

      Reply to my own post just a FYI note.
      Everyone ask yourself Odom has been on our team how long?
      And he’s been in trade talks every year and still on our team.
      This shows you how stupid management see’s trading him.
      Cause, people wanted him every year in a trade and we turned it all down.
      Oh and btw that Odom for #2 pick thing rumored was a bunch of BS.

  • TheNolanater

    Sorry all Laker fans it on my mind I’m posting it.
    Jerry Buss = Genius, A legend in the business
    Jeanie Buss = Smart, Hard worker, Great for the Lakers
    Jim Buss = Moron, Big Tool, Little kid trying fell daddy shoes,
    A job that be better ran by his sister.

  • kame

    if they include holiday I’ll go for it

    • kame

      if you really think odom was better then iggy that’s because iggy works at defense, let him play, i’d like to see him play with ariza.

  • kame

    how about package LO for Danny Granger?
    LO, blake = granger, hibbert