Yahoo: Kobe Bryant scored 24 points and reserve guard Sasha Vujacic dominated the fourth quarter, scoring 19 of his career-high 22 points and powering the Los Angeles Lakers to a 127-99 rout of the Denver Nuggets on Thursday night.

Vujacic shot 6-for-14 in 21 minutes of action. Andrew Bynum had 12 points and 13 rebounds and Luke Walton added a career-high 14 points in 27 minutes. The Lakers’ much-improved second unit played so spectacularly and efficiently down the stretch that Bryant didn’t play in the fourth quarter — despite the fact that the Lakers only had a six-point lead after three. The reserves outscored their Denver counterparts 63-29.

Carmelo Anthony led Denver with 23 points and Allen Iverson had 21. The loss was the Nuggets’ third straight, following a 7-1 stretch.

J.R. Smith opened the fourth with a layup that cut Los Angeles’ lead to 81-77. The Lakers then went on a 24-8 run that extended the margin to 105-85. Vujacic scored the Lakers’ last seven points of the rally — two free throws, followed by a 3-pointer and then a 20-footer with 6:41 to play.

Earlier in the run, Vujacic was fouled by Eduardo Najera behind the 3-point line and sank all three free throws.

Anthony was ejected with 6:18 remaining after committing a flagrant foul against Vujacic, hitting him in the throat away from the ball.

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  • laker_27

    Great 2nd half! The bench steps up again! Hope they can do this consistently as they head to Utah tomorrow!

    Congratulation to Sasha and people at Staples(free tacos!)

    Great game for Kobe too: not much forced shot, some spectacular passes!

  • n8

    Ariza’s 2 free throws looked like his nerves got the best of him. He’s a career 64%’er from the line.

  • foxxy


  • MILO

    I was not surprized to see Carmelo pick on Sasha.Quite a while back last season him and his friends beat up a fan after he called Melo a punk for refusing to give him an autograph.THAT’S FOR ALL YOU LAME A$$ PEOPLE WHO WERE ALL UP ON HIS NUT’S SAYING HE’S A GOOD FRIEND OF KOBE AND ALL THIS CRAP BACK WHEN THEY WERE PLAYING TOGETHER IN THE SUMMER.MELO IS JUST A HATER!I HOPE AND EXPECT DAVID FAG STERN TO SUSPEND HIM FOR AT LEAST 3 GAMES AND FINE HIM 25,OOO IF NOT WE SHOULD ALL RAISE HELL


    man we broke it open in the 4th quarter starting 4 white boys and a european african. i thought that lineup was stupid but i have to give jackson props bc it worked. normally putting farmar,sasha,walton,vlad,and turiaf on the floor at the same time would = a loss but damn did they play good… i guess white men can jump…

  • KLMonster

    yes panthom…white men can jump…

  • KLMonster

    and can act…right, sasha?

  • jack

    the best part of the game was Kobe. made plays in second qrt, showed the right direction to the team in the third and rested in the forth. back to back time guys, can the lakers pull it off tomorrow again against overrated utah jazz. (overrrated: yeah, that’s wat i think they really are)

  • dj matt20

    that game was great!!! i haven’t watched a game at the staples center ever before tonight, and man it was a great experience! it was the best $30 bucks i spent in a while…i was seriously thinking that we weren’t going to get the tacos when there was still 4 mins left in the game, but the defense kept it tight. GREAT GAME!!!

  • Jrich

    The best play of the game was Java’s consecutive behind the back dribble. He didn’t even break stride when he dribbled behind his back. I can’t believe how fast he did that going full speed. Java is the man and I can honestly say he is way better than Lamar at this early stage in his career.

  • Michael_23

    Smush of the Day right here:

    This is stupidest free agent signings the Heat has made ever.

  • lakerfan81

    Nov 30th, 2007 at 8:20 am Click this link to quote this comment in your reply

    Smush of the Day right here:

    This is stupidest free agent signings the Heat has made ever.

    She accidently scratched his smushcalade.

  • Billy Kupchak

    EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Smush was found to be without cash, after he had spent his last $20 on some medicinal marijuana for his back pain & headaches caused from playing with the Miami Heat. His doctor has justified his story & fronted the $12 for his patient.

  • sK


  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #18293 Will Be Quoted Here]

    PHANTOM – You are surprised because you have no faith in our coach or in the Laker team. Grow some faith man.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #18293 Will Be Quoted Here]

    We do have the best bench in the league!!! Don’t forget there are more players than the one you idolize. If anything the bench has saved the team this year and the first unit has been about average. I shouldn’t dignify your rascist comment on whites, but what if they were 4 asians instead???

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #18284 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I know I am sure you wanted to trade Bynum for JO which would have been a stupid move, but I can’t remember if you wanted to trade Crittenton too. Did you????

  • Shaq786

    BYNUM, wow… is all i can say, i hope he can keep it up, with utah, and then DWIGHT!!!

    kobe, a true leader…

    farmar continuing his improvement

    walton with defense!!???!!!!

    lamar sparked some energy later… but begginng sucked!…

    sasha, played strong

    d-fish, still the freakin man.. him and kobe have really changed this team around

    javaris… i understand why u dont get minz… u freakin awesome, and we dont want to trade to anyone!…. and move with the ball dawg

    turaif… take some more shots!!

    trevor… got speed dawg… increase the IQ, and ull be getting more minz for show

    P.S….phantom stop with those dum*** comments… i believe its his second time… if the mods can take care of him, that would be great!!


    sorry shaq,

    tring to have a laugh didn’t meen to offend dawg…

  • BEC

    “The young fellas came in and took care of business,” Bryant said. “We have young players who have a lot of heart and who care. And when you have that combination, you have a lot of potential. In the past, I’ve always been the only guy in the gym really working hard. But now I’ve got guys in there with me pushing themselves every single day, and that makes a big difference.”

    Thats why we are a better team this year, a lot more heart and a lot more hard work, especially the hard work. So for those who question our guys heart and hard work, guess again. Hopefully, we’ll add some more pieces in time, and bring this team to an elite level.

  • hZm

    I was originally gonna title this “Lakers Blowout Nuggets.”

    … But that didn’t sound right. Hahaha

  • MILO

    Kobe is now showing why he is the best, not only can he score and play defense but he can play the ponit too.He is playing the best right now because he is no longer trying to score or draw fouls, he drives and draw’s the defense then gives it up to his team-mates for an easy basket.If Kobe continues to do that the Lakers are going to be in great shape this year.LET’S NOT FORGET IT ALL STARTS WITH KOBE AND HIS ABILITY TO GIVE HIS TEAM-MATES WIDE OPEN LOOK’S NASH AND PARKER EAT YOU’RE HEART’S OUT…

  • MILO

    Ha ha i ment to say point i guess i need to go back to school!

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #18342 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • mr47

    [Comment ID #18339 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOL! Wow that was funny, good laughs.


    Javaris does need more PT and I STILL want O’NEAL(Next Year).Just one or two vets and we’ll be UNSTOPPABLE but it is good to see everybody and I MEAN EVERYBODY clicking on ALL cylinders.2nd best game they’ve played this year,now you play the rest of the season like this and they’ll be CONTENDERS for sure.To be honest,when Ariza starts learning the triangle more then only one more piece needs to be added to the puzzle.Classic game for SASHA.The PACK RULES,ONE HUNID!!!!

  • MILO

    What i wana know is if this guy is getting suspended???