The Celtics have had bragging rights and are one of the best teams in NBA history. We have all waited for this day and now it has passed…

Lakers – 92
Celtics – 83

No need to say more, it’s the start, but Lakers make statement and snap Boston’s 19 game win streak and Phil Jackson earns his 1,000 career win!

We’re ready for you Boston, The Lakers Nation is strong and we are right here waiting for you. And believe we have the next game circled on our calendars.

Merry Christmas and see you on February 5th!

  • Ryan

    Yes! What a great Christmas present. Thank you Lakers! Way to close it out.

  • dom1020

    Yeah LO dug him self out a huge hole by nailing those 2 3's. Just like the other article said lakers werent even on their A game, they have till feb 5 to hit it. But this should be a huge confidence boost for the lakers to show they can beat anyone

  • lakers2000

    YEEEEEAAAA! That helped heal the pain from the finals. I hope the Lakers continue to win. No more playin’ nice. Time to have the killer mentality. Go Lakers!!!!