This would be an interesting signing…

L.A. Times: The Los Angeles Lakers are pondering whether to sign free-agent forward Ira Newble, who was waived Feb. 29 by Seattle the Los Angeles Times reported.

A physical, defense-minded player, Newble would be eligible for the playoffs because he was waived before March 1.Newble, 33, averaged 4.3 points in 33 games this season with Cleveland before being traded to the SuperSonics in February as part of the Wally Szczerbiak deal.

Newble played two games with the SuperSonics but was subsequently waived so he could sign with another team.

  • DBricks

    With the question mark on Trevor ariza and needing a physical athletic defender…I say why cant hurt us!

  • xxv112002

    Hope the Lakers sign him. Ira’s a really good defensive player. Solid help defense. He can also bang a little. Well, he’s better than Mbenga and compared to Mihm, at least he’s playing. Haha.


    Athleticism,if needed,get Gerald Green for physical tough play get this guy,NOW!

  • Kobefan24

    We shold get gereld green,hes way better.

  • vida24

    lets do it … we need a guy like him in the defensive end ..lets do it micth !

  • Jbmonkeyman

    this means Trevor’s return is looking less likely. Sigh

  • MILO

    i dont know much about Newble but i do know that G-Green deserves a chance if he comes to the Lakers (wich i doubt because the Lakers arent looiknd at #2’s WICH I THINK GG IS MORE OF) the system will mold him into a good team player like they have with Ronny and Sasha.Look at where they were 2 years ago and now even Coby Karl and Mbenga are begining to show signs of improvement.I like the fact that Phil finaly put Coby/Mayonase in the game when it counted.GERALD GREEN DESERVES A CHANCE HE’S GOT SKILLS THEY JUST NEED TO BE DEVELOPED A LITTLE.FU-CK MINNI AND HOUSTON FOR NOT GIVING HIM A CHANCE AND HOUSTON YOU’RE STUPID LITTLE STREAK WILL END AT THE HANDS OF THE LAKERS MUTHA-FUKERS OH YEA!!!

  • Keep Odom

    Get Gerald Green and Ira and let go of Luke or send him to the D league.

  • Michael_23

    Gerald Green is already in a team. To get him you need to have a trade. Who do we trade if we get him?

    Newble is already a free agent and can be signed to a pro-rated amount of $400,000+. The minimum.

  • lakerz

    i dont know about this guy


    Milo,I’m glad there’s somebody else on here besides me(and KOBEFAN24)sees the potential and talent this youngin’ has. I’m tryin to find out if Mitch has a personal website so I can make a suggestion. Gerald Green,to me,is sorta of the same talent as Kobe when he 1st came into the league,meaning,he’s athletically gifted beyond his yrs.,good defensive skills and plays at a hyper pace which is what the lakers need right now,INTENSITY! I don’t expect people to like this guy over getting Newble but that’s because of his defense(that’s why we got Mbenga). I feel you get GG with the Lakers and let KB,DF work their “Magic”(and he too could help)and in about a year or 2 the Lakers can trim down 3 more mins.from KB,HE’S THAT GOOD. Lastly,his game fits The Lakers style of play,if you need a reminder go to YOUTUBE. LAKER ARE ABOUT SHOWTIME,NOT CLOBBERIN’TIME!, Lakers get this guy and their straight when KB and DF RETIRE,WHO WANNA BET?!?

  • Kobe 4 Life Nikkas

    get him, he his one o the best defensive players in the NBA as kinda as a rookie or his 2nd year in the NBA.. so GO GET HIM MITCH!

  • John C

    lakers should not get gerald green, why do you think he was traded from the timberwolves and waived by the rockets? probably major attitude problem. plus we wouldn’t be able to use green in the playoffs. ira newble is a solid veteran defender with a 3 point shot, which is all that we need from a free agent small forward. we don’t need any additional offense, something which he lacks. plus we might need him if we need him to superkick any players in the playoffs.

  • Kobefan24




  • DBricks

    Ariza next VC….Turiaf next nxt tmac…ok ok I love my lakers but come on

  • Kobefan24


  • drew

    Get Newble… i would not mind signing Gerald Green but if we signed him he could not play in the playoffs because he was released after march 1st… but Newble can play in the playoffs.

  • kobe4ever

    you guys are all idiots. Gerald Green was not waived before the March 1st deadline meaning he CAN’T PLAY IN THE PLAYOFFS. So add Gerald Green instead of Ira Newble b/c he’s better? yOU GUYS know nothing about the NBA or the rules in place, ONCE AGAIN GERALD GREEN CANNOT PLAY IN THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR BECAUSE HE WAS WAIVED AFTER MARCH 1ST BY THE ROCKET IDIOTS.

  • drew

    kobe4ever: not everyone on here is stupid to the rules of the NBA… check out the post before yours i already said that Green can not play in the playoffs

  • Kobefan24


  • drew

    Do you really think Green would fit in right away for the remaining 18 games!!! What makes you think we need someone like Green for the last 18 games? You really think he is going to help us win more than we have been already. Especially with him trying to learn the offense and help us win with ONLY 18 GAMES LEFT!!!!!


    Kobefan24,I went on ESPN yesterday and T-wolves and rockets gave this guy high praise(especially Wittman for The Rockets)it just that they had no need for him and plus he wanted out of Minnesota(Garnett did too and look how he turned out).To be honest Minny is stupid for getting rid of GG,now look at that team(Al Jefferson is not enough). Yes,he needs developement but so did Kobe in ’96 and look how he turned out,THIS IS THE SAME SCENARIO. It doesn’t matter if we can’t use him now,free agency is good(MLE),let him work his way up and that’s where he’ll go,UP. People forget what Kobe did for Caron Butler,WHAT DO Y’ALL THINK HE’LL DO FOR A 22 YR.OLD ATHLETIC TALENT LIKE THIS?

  • drew

    I agree that Gerald Green has talent and can be better than what he has shown. But people on here like Kobefan24 that say Green would be a nice fit until the playoffs start is stupid. You want Green to come to the Lakers, learn the offense, and contribute to us winning more than we have already in ONLY 18 GAMES!!! Green is good for the future, but right now the Lakers need to focus on right now. Green would be a good piece to invite to join our Summer League.


    If you were Mitch would call or invite him(GG),whether now or in the Summer to be a part of LAKERNATION?


    Heard from the radio GG has a hard time understanding plays, what more if it was the triangle =\

    perhaps his best bet would be the nuggets and their pick-up style of game they play lol

  • Edward

    I think Green would be a good fit with our second team. We don’t need him to help us win, he can start off like Ariza, not starting, but coming in off the bench. Newble is a good add too, both are great additions, and have what our playable SF are lacking. But either way I don’t see either add helping the lakers much right now. They would definitely help, but our team right now is good. Plus for either player getting signed right now, it’d be a free ring if we win haha.

  • kobe4ever

    sorry Drew your right, I saw that after I posted, I just read like 3 comments before yours stating that and I was just incredulous that people would just blurt things out without knowing if its feasible or not. Once again I apologize Drew, you sir are on the ball and for the record I did feel like an idiot when i posted and saw your comment before mine. Thanks for the catch also.

  • kobe4ever

    This one’s for Kobefan24 wow bro you really are an idiot, not once in your comments did you state prior to my statement that you wanted Gerald Green for jsut the regular season and not the playoffs. Funny how you didn’t even mention that Gerald Green couldn’t participate in the playoffs, makes me question your b-ball knowledge and the rebuttal that you are going to use him for ONLY the regular season…wow…wow…less than 20 games to go…yeah…Gerlad Green big time contributer help us win games, seriously bro your a genius. I’m sure Gerald Green would come in and gel quite nicely with our team and then come playoff time he would have to sit on the bench and all the time and chemistry would go to waste. Wow…you sir…you know what there isn’t a word to describe your incompetence or lack of knowledge. Once again Drew, good call I deserved that and nice point on Kobefan24 it just doesn’t make sense.

  • http://lakers nation_in_la



  • John C

    i agree with kobe4ever, gerald green would just not be the right fit. lakers shouldn’t just go sign anyone who gets waived. what next? smush parker? ira newble, on the other hand, is someone who would fill in a depth need.

    bottom line is that anyone considering gerald green would not be thinking practically. perhaps signing him in the summer if he’s still available, but for now, i’ll pass on integrating a young player into the system this late into the season.

  • Mr. B-DAY

    only if we got mark madsen… just imagine…

  • Phant0M

    Green won’t even play in the playoffs..

    Ira’s defense>>> Greens play.

    Do it

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    I say go for it


    I disagree with you Drew,I’ve seen a lot of great players come and go because they couldn’t read plays well on certain teams but went to that one team that turned their basketball career around,JO had that problem in portland,hell,Kobe had that problem when first came in the league(he said it himself last season)and if DABOSS is reading this(or if someone know him),DCLAKER wants proof about GG’s basketball IQ.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #29172 Will Be Quoted Here]

    im already thinking of 4-5 years from now when Kobe starts getting old and we need a solid shooting guard to back him up, yes we should get Newble i mean it cant hurt but we should also open up a spot for Green next season after all Mbenga i doubt will be coming back…

  • lakerrfani

    [Comment ID #29179 Will Be Quoted Here]

    haha kobe4ever is a dumbas-s
    im sure everyone the majority of the ppl here know the rules
    of the nba. not just YOU, phag.

  • lakerrfani

    we need ira
    the lakers need some defensive players
    especially with the pick and roll offense that most
    teams use on the lakers(ex. suns, sacramento, etc

  • kb24 4life

    we are good right now.. but it wont hurt us…

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #29192 Will Be Quoted Here]

    just reading how you start you’re comments “this one’s for” tells me you’re the one who is the idiot here.DCLAKER and myself have been suggesting that we get GG for a long time now and we both are thinking more of the future.Not only do we want GG but we also want Artest for next season so please stop trying to sound like you are some kind of genius because you’re not!!!

  • SunsRGay

    we don’t need NewbIe, that kobe ankle injurer…

  • Tim



    I feel,at least me,seeings though I kinda brought up the whole “Getting Gerald Green” with The Lakers in the 1st place,that this is my opinion(along with others) that this kid is FARAWAY FROM BEING HAROLD MINER(REMEMBER HIM).Like I said yesterday and many other times,he deserves a shot at a career in the NBA and The team he would be perfect for is The Lakers,whether now or FREE AGENCY(AFTER PLAYOFFS).Some of y’all said G.Arenas would be nice for the Lakers,NO HE WOULDN’T,THE SUNS YES,Green plays better defense than “Agent 0″(I see The Wizards on daily basis),HELL,NICK YOUNG PLAYS BETTER DEFENSE THAN GIL! A talent like GG don’t come everyday,I mean,he does play defense good and SO WHAT HE DIDN’T GO TO COLLEGE,IF THAT’S THE CASE THEN WHY WERE THERE NBA SCOUTS DOING AT HIS HIGH SCHOOL GAMES TO WATCH HIM? It’s funny the NBA pimps these young talents offering money and fame then sweeps the rug (or crushes the dreams of these young guys)from right under them,IT A GOTTD!@# SHAME! I WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THIS GUY BECAUSE HE AND D.HOWARD TOGETHER BROUGHT BACK THE SLAM DUNK CONTEST,SH*&,I’D GET JUST BECAUSE HE HIS OWN TOP 10 DUNKS ON NBATV(AND HEONLY BEEN IN THE LEAGUE 2 yrs.,WHOA). The Rockets GM(Wittman)even said somebody needs to pick the kid and is rooting for him but they couldn’t use him because of the chemistry that is already built.,YOUTUBE PEOPLE!!!

  • ricky

    like i mentioned earlier in one of the other articles, the lakers should get gerald green. sure, he wont get to play in the playoffs becasue he was waived after march 1st, but we can sure use his youth and athleticism in place of trevor ariza, since he is injured. also, he would just brighten the lakers already awesome future which already headlines: andrew bynum, jordan farmar, ronny turiaf, sasha vujacic, and trevor ariza.

    about newble, i would sign him just because he can play, however i really dont like him that much for some reason. also, kobe hurt his shoulder from a few years back because newble was the one who came down on his shooting shoulder. anyways, i would sign gerald green if we can instead for future purposes. imagine the slam dunks the lakers can showcase with green and ariza, two of the most athletic high-flyers in the entire nba.

  • Michael_23

    Smush Parker is coming back to L.A.!!!!!!!! That’s today’s STD:

  • kobe4ever

    just reading how you start you’re comments “this one’s for” tells me you’re the one who is the idiot here.DCLAKER and myself have been suggesting that we get GG for a long time now and we both are thinking more of the future.Not only do we want GG but we also want Artest for next season so please stop trying to sound like you are some kind of genius because you’re not!!!

    Milo your an idiot, your so stupid OMFG bro he was JUST RELEASED. You specifically state and I quote that “DCLaker and myself have been suggesting that we get GG for a long time now and we both are thinking more of the future” BRO HE WAS JUST RELEASED. A LONG TIME HOW LONG AGO? HE WAS JUST RELEASED OMG YOUR SO STUPID GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. Drew is the only competent person on this site thats for d@mn sure the rest of you need to go to school and learn how to build a constructive argument this is ridiculous, your supporting statements aren’t even in tune with your main idea/theme and your rebuttals are off base and you bring in irrelevant information. Seriously, you should take a writing class and learn how to express your ideas correctly instead of sounding like an idiot without any supporting evidence.

  • kobe4ever

    MILO and no I don’t think I’m a genius, but I worked my @$$ off to get where I am, I’m a law school student at NYU but its not that I think I’m smarter or some kind of genius. I’m just pointing out your facts are wrong, you don’t need to take it to heart bro seriously. Read my earlier comments, I got something wrong with DREW, I apologized and he was right. At least I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong and be able to take constructive criticism, but you, your just in your own world and you need to grow up.

  • Kobefan24



    Let me set the record straight,1st off my chest Gerald Green IS WHAT THE LAKERS NEED WHETHER FOR NOW OR THE FUTURE(especially the future)because he’s suited for a team that plays an open style or like a triangle(think GS,PHX,Dallas or LA).The off season is fine with me because that gives him time to learn and study the triangle.We all know about his athleticism but I’ve seen this kid on defense and it wouldn’t take long for him to learn,plus he would under Kobe’s tutelage(Jordan & Kwame would be the mindframe here,without the horrible outcome). This suggestion that I and others have about acquiring GG is JUST A SUGGESTION,though a good one but the rest of you can make suggestion like we always do. Tomorrow I may say Maggette,next day Artest(another good suggestion)etc. I just feel with this kid on the team and he studies the triangle correctly and has a good MENTOR,SKY’S THE LIMIT EVEN AFTER KOBE!


    Let me ask this. Do y’all think he’ll be another Smush Parker if he plays for the PURPLE and GOLD?

  • drew

    I don’t think anyone is an idiot… And I think Gerald Green has a future. I was just saying we should not sign him now because he can’t play in the playoffs, but we should invite him to join our Summer Team. If Green can develop he would be a nice piece for the future.

    For right now, Newble is not a bad choice. He plays pretty good defense and can contribute on the offensive end if needed. He can play in the playoffs which might be something we need with injuries and other problems that may occur.

    Sign Newble for the rest of the year and definitely offer Green a chance to make our team next year.



  • erickson

    [Comment ID #29164 Will Be Quoted Here]
    your fckn crazy if you wanna let luke walton go… every team would want someone like luke walton on their team. he may not be spectactular in the stats, thats probaly all you look at. but hes a very good player in the triangle. let him in the d league? LOL. okay. apparently your just a stat lover or whatever.

  • lakerrfani

    haha kobe4ever,
    calm the f_uck down
    and shut the fu_ck up

  • tradekwame11

    can we get Gerald Green or not?

  • tradekwame11

    Keep Odom said to sign G Green and Ira Newble and send Luke to the D League

    Why send Luke to the D League
    Does this in 24 minutes

  • Lakers2410

    I say we get Ira Newble right now, we’re desperate to get a guy who has (well…I’m not sure but maybe I’m true but don’t yell at me if I’m not true) as good of a defense as Ariza, we’re desperate for a good man to man defender, and Ira can answer our prayers! For other people, stop arguing over GG and Ira, it’s stupid, also calling someone an IDIOT? People, please be a little bit more sensitive, no need for fighting or foul language!

  • xtro

    Sign Ira Newble for defensive purposes and insurance in case Trevor Ariza can’t return this season.


    Sorry for the outburst(and also the takin’ up of space on this site).

  • lakeshow77

    For Michael 23, Gerald Green was already released by the Rockets and is a free agent. The lakers need wing players – in the triangle 2s and 3s interchange. We could use both Green and Newble right now. Sasha can shoot, but he can’t guard anyone…ANYONE!!!!

  • lalakerfan

    sasha can’t guard anyone? please. he annoys the crap out of them and get them to do things that jeopardizes the other team’s chances of winning (read: carmelo’s chokehold, balkman’s elbows) sasha is one of the quickest players we have. of course he can defend.

    do not get gerald green. i don’t know when he was released so i don’t know about his playoff eligibility but regardless – we don’t need this guy. he’s been bounced around too often (3 times in 2 years) so it’s definitely a sign of personnel problems; attitude or otherwise. the kid appears to have a big ego that will take him down the wrong road.

    gerald green is like kobe in his early years? please…say no more

    ira newble on the other hand…i’m not familiar with him at all. to me this guy’s just been loitering around the nba and now he doesn’t have a job. i don’t know about adding another piece to our roster like this. it’s all up to mitch and dr. buss

  • LakersFirst

    If the Lakers were to sign Newble for the rest of this season, it would be to add more of a physical presence to the team and to play physical against the other teams. The Lakers really don’t have anybody like this at the current moment.


    Yes Gerald Green is like Kobe in his early years because Kobe didn’t have any defense,no jumpshot(remember him shooting that airball vs. Utah in the playoffs)and plus no passing abilities what so ever.

    Kobe had to learn from scratch,remember in Kobe’s 3rd or 4th yr. he started to develope and that’s because he had Shaq,Ron Harper,Brian Shaw(still has him),Glenn Rice,Rick Fox and AC Green(WHAT!).

    I forgot that he couldn’t play defense so just imagine if Kobe would’ve went to the team he was drafted by in ’96(I think it was Charlotte,if not please correct me)he would be GG but because of the EXPERIENCE the Lakers had when he came in he was able to take his game another level.

    Gerald,I feel,would be the same way,not in the sense that he would be better(NO WAY,not yet)but in the future you’ll have a 6’8″ athletic MONSTA and let him work out with KB,have DF teach about professionalism and last he’ll be coached by PJ,what more can you ask.

  • kenny smith

    [Comment ID #29174 Will Be Quoted Here]hey, that is a good future lineup, with those 5,sasha and newble. and kobe and gasol will be 35 and 37, still able to play

  • Odom the worst player

    We need him

  • west213

    don’t get the nooby we’re solid after trevor and drew return.

  • xxv112002

    Get Green?

    Haha I guess you all already forgot we almost lost Kobe last year because of lack of experience on our team. Now you all want to add Gerald Green on our already young roster over a much experienced Ira Newble? Ira’s 30+ yrs old, veteran locker room guy. Hustles, quick and you all would rather gamble on some youngster who has potential? Remember, veterans win championships because of experience. Look at the old Laker team with Shaq, veterans Horry, Fox, Harper etc. Remember, we almost lost Kobe because of lack of experience on our team.

    I thought we were all on a “win now” mood? And yet when a youngster comes up, yall want to think about the future…


    We don’t need to get GG now but let him come to the summer league and A STAR WILL BE BORN. I feel the experience we have now,counting the younger players who have a wealth of experience and the fact he is only 22 and hasn’t played with experienced guys in the league,of course he’s going to get bounced around playing on teams that are filled with nothing but youth. The point some of us are making with GG is his game and the way he plays is perfect for the Lakers and a good investment for the future. All he needs is a oppurtunity,that’s it. I haven’t even started talkin FREE AGENTS like Artest(A favorite),Maggette(1 of my favorites),Josh Smith(Lakers get him,3 in a row)etc.(go to espn for the list).

  • tradekwame11

    we don’t need anyone

  • tradekwame11

    we don’t need anyone

  • xtro

    Ron Artest

  • kb24b3stever

    either get gerald green or sign newble nd try 2 trade luke walton 4 gs non playing rookie