This may be the back up plan IF they do not re-sign Odom, but there is interest in Shelden Williams.

sheldenL.A. Times: Because they are already over the salary cap, the Lakers have few options available to them if they don’t re-sign Lamar Odom.

They can sign a veteran forward for about $1 million. They also must decide by Aug. 1 whether to bring back seldom-used guard Sun Yue for $736,000 next season. The Lakers have also considered forward Shelden Williams.

  • six45ci

    for what? thats just a waste of money. this guy has been a complete bust since he entered the league. i think hes worse than kwame brown. only reason the lakers would consider him, is because his wife * who in my opinion is waaaaaay too hot for him * plays for the sparks and could be whispering to the lakers to get him so he can be closer to him and their child. HES A WASTE !

  • richtown

    Sun Yue all they way!
    Sun Yue all they way!!!

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN


    at least SUN might generate some Chinese $$$$$$$$$$
    sun is now the face of china without Yao. plus Sun has a can’t believe i am saying this

  • lakaluva

    Please dont.

  • lakaluva

    Why are we doing his wife a favor?

  • agamemnon spankatronix

    I know this is unrelated, but next to Luke Walton, Shelden Williams has the biggest head in the NBA.

  • xxv112002

    With all the waiting on Lamar Odom, Lakers missed out on other Free Agents. Spurs just signed Ratliff to a contract of 1yr 1mil. Wow. All we have left to sign is Shelden Williams. Wow. Mbenga & Powell is better than him. Lakers better sign Odom!

  • pAul

    why wont the lakers consider al harrington instead of williams? he is still out there. he versitile like Lamar too.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

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    that is very important lol.
    Luke can’t jump, and Williams can’t jump- a head problem…corny but funny when i wrote it.haaaaaaa

  • Michael_23

    I thought Coby Karl wasn’t gonna make it, but Sun Yue … boy does he need to get his act together.

  • Eidraq

    waste of time

  • ?

    fucking sun yue he is not imortant to the team. dont sign him next year fucking chinese

  • mplakers

    shelden is a way for the lakers to try and lure candace parker onto the team to replace lamar. once the wnba becomes defunct, candace will be the first lakers girl not wearing a g string.

    trust me. it’s from a reliable source.

  • ballin ’09

    seriously…was this photoshoped or does he really look like that? lmao…

  • thefishthatsavedla

    Forget Sun Yue; sign Sheldon & Candace in a package deal! Candace will start & Sheldon would be a seldom used reserve.

  • ricky

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    No photoshop, he really does look like that! Other than Sam Cassell, he is probably the ugliest looking player in the NBA right now seriously! He is absolutely hideous! and to think he scored the hottest WNBA player is absolutely unfathomable! I don’t see what she sees in this guy, Candace is freaking hot but once they have their kid, he/she may look terrible and it’s all thanks to this guy! I feel bad for their future kid.

    Friend: “Who’s that block head?”
    Kid: “Hey, that’s my daddy!”

    Total bust thus far!


    Dont get this joker! resign LO

  • Ro*Ro

    Another “Goonies”!!! Lol ayyyyyyyyyy u guuuuuuuuys!!! Ugh

  • Victor

    Who the fûck is this shelden shít will-i-am dumbas$?! Maybe the Lakers can sign him as a janitor. We already got talent. We should just develop it more. Powell and Mbenga are good enough backup big men. And why does this shelden shít will-i-am has got an expanded forehead much like an alien. Get LO if we can.

  • NBA executive


  • lakergreg

    The Lakers worked out Sean May, but he signed with Sacramento. I doubt it much will come of this latest workout. It’s prudent to check out some of the options even if you don’t have any intention of signing these other players when Odom and the Lakers finally do work out their differences. Besides, if the Lakers were serious about keeping a 13-man roster, where is this guy or any other, including Sun, going to fit? The team has to pay Sasha and Luke and Farmar and the others under contract. Lamar signs, all 13 roster spaces are filled. No room even for Elonu, the sole draft pick (who may still come to the team as training camp fodder).


    WTF is going on?!

    Resign Odom and stop looking after losers like Williams… like erybody said its just a waste of time.

    I want the 16th Title Next year!!!!

  • David Regoso

    Id rather hav this guy then SHELDEN!!!

  • Johnnybarry

    i always thought his face was an example of poor floor spacing.

  • Victor

    This guy has hydrocephalous. Yeah, enlarged head. Cant believe he fücked candace parker.

  • Evil Empire

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    I agree