A big body in the paint but I’m not so sure.

ESPN: “We’ll just have to short up a little bit here for the next month and put it together,” Jackson said. “We’ll look at some outside talent and see what’s available out there to help us out, but there’s nothing we have that guarantees we can bring in somebody to fit in.”

One name the team has tossed around already is Erick Dampier. The 6-11, 265-pound center is 35 years old and looking for a team after a 14-year NBA career when he averaged 7.8 points, 7.4 rebounds and 1.5 blocks per game with Indiana, Golden State and Dallas.

  • Nathan

    I’d definitely like to see this happen so we aren’t rushing Bynum just because he is available and dressing when he does come back. No matter what us Laker fans are looking at our clocks and calenders when we think of Bynum but this gives us a cushion with 7 RPG / 23min. Plus more size against Boston doesn’t hurt. There’s already a small market more 5’s but few that can give Shaq some quality muscle down low.



  • Robert.

    I was thinking Dampier would be a great addition to the Lakers … has to want a ring, though – not sure how much $$ Buss is willing to part with.

  • 3starandthesun

    We should have got him in the first place…

  • timothy

    Yo..dis da word. Don’t let Andrew play his first game until Dec 3rd. Dat’s 17 days from now…da boys can hold the fort down until then…um predicting 14 – 4 ending Nov..
    Theo won’t be back till mid Jan…so i say just bring up some help from the D – Leauge for 30 days (12/15 – 01/01). Somebody who’s hungry looking for a shot…Shaq loves to eat Dampiers lunch…waste. So..between 12/1 and 01/01…rotate Ebanks/Caracter in to give Lamar and Pau some rest….especially Pau…his minutes starting in Dec should be cut back to max 35 per game…it’s a long season.s Ebanks/Caracter should be able to provide about 6 minutes per game to give some rest to the starters…plus valuable experience. Andrew gets about 30 to get back in the flow and bam…Theo is back mid Jan….finally were stuck wit Luke…but Shasha…sorry u got to go by trade deadline…

  • http://www.jackyang.info Jack

    I doubt Dampier would accept a vet. minimum contract … so no not gonna happen.

  • laker warrior

    Dampier is a big body,we could use down the stretch.
    True Snack has been always one to get numbers on Dampier so what. This will give Bynum more time to heal until his next injury.
    Get Dampier NOW . Trade Luke Sasha and one number one pick Bynum for Carmello. Throw in a six pack free car wash and 10 vip passes to the spearmint Rhino.
    Deal done. Bynum dosent care where he plays as long as theres strippers. He got his ring and now he is the next Elden Campell watch.

  • sancho

    I have said ever since the SmellDicks got Shaq, that we need another big or 2, to match up with the SmellDicks in a 7 game series come June

  • Word

    Well, Damps is a walking personal foul. I think he fouls out half the times. But like his activity, we could sure use him.


    This is what happens when ego gets in the way of a business. Shaq was available and pretty much begging to finish his career as a Laker and no doubt was waiting to see if the Lakers called. Lakers were in the market for a veteran big man. But L.A.’s ego refused to be reunited with Shaq so he ended up going to the one place that we would hate and the one place that can hurt us in a 7 game series…the celdicks. Now we are in the hunt, mid-season, for a veteran big man? Dammit.

    • daboss1848

      ahhhh, now u guys are coming around for PIG . . . .


        I personally wanted Shaq to return. I felt not only would he help off the bench, but would be a perfect aid in Bynum’s growth. Imagine if Pau, Shaq, Bynum, Odom and Kobe on the floor (same team) for a couple of minutes. No one would of been able to get in the lane. Dammit.

        • Boococky

          No way Shaq comes back after dissing Kobe. Buss might be dumb but the man ain’t stupid. He knows who sells tickets and it ain’t that 400lb pay me my money bafoon.

          • daboss1848

            PJ came back. .. .

    • daboss1848

      It had storybook written all over it – from triumph to heartache to redemption . . .


        Exactly…STORYBOOK ENDING. He is big and fat but wouldn’t he be perfect right around now? Look at us, we have a young skinny tallented center that is always hurt. Hell, if i was 7′ tall and semi talented, I would be applying and getting a 10 day contract and playing for the lakers.