Lakers concerned with Kobe’s mileage…

USA Today: The Lakers are concerned with how many minutes and the kind of effort Kobe Bryant must put on his legs during their playoff run.

“We’re concerned about how much energy he has to expend,” Phil Jackson said. “We know he looked a little fatigued.”

“We don’t normally ask him to carry us offensively and carry us on defense, too,” said Derek Fisher.

“We’re always fighting that balance. He’s such a good defensive player, but we can’t ask that of him every night. He can do it some nights, usually when he doesn’t have to score 40 points for us to win.”

  • ricky

    In order for Kobe and even Pau to reserve more energy; Lamar, Trevor, Jordan, Andrew, and Shannon must step up big time and play with more energy and effort. We should not allow Kobe to carry us both offensively and defensively, that is just too much work for one guy, as good as he is, it is very exhausting. We need to reserve Kobe and Pau for a long run because they are the guys carrying this team.

  • Jason

    I’ve been saying for months that Kobe and Pau have been playing way to many mins. Now that it’s playoff time, you do what ever it takes to win. With the Kobe-Shaq era Lakers, we hardly had any bench at all, almost all of the starters played 40+ mins every single night during the playoffs. Time to suck it up and rest after it’s all said and done.

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    Well, the best way to conserve energy for Kobe is for the other players to step up big time and stop fu-cking around.
    LO, Bynum, Pau, Ariza, Sasha etc, those guys need to pick up intensity and let the Mamba rest a bit. Specially the big guys. They need to dominate the boards.

  • Jason

    Kobe played 34 mins in game one, albeit very intense minutes but that’s hardly over extending him minutes wise. Pau Gasol played 42 minutes almost every night. In all honestly Pau is the one that looks tired.


    It’s not just the minutes playing in The NBA, but the extra minutes, upfront, added on from The Olympics!

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious

    doesn`t he have all summer to rest?

  • Eidraq

    fisher should be worried about his poor shooting and phil should be worried about his shaky decision-making…that might fix a problem or two

  • Smush Walton

    Kobe looked fatigued?

    What about Dead Fish and Puke Walton.
    They barely make it up and down the court and throw up airball after airball. We should be concerned about the minutes given to these two, and any minutes wasted on VujaBytch.

  • Dragon

    I think Kobe isn’t the same anymore he’s age starting to show. His shots are off and isn’t the same as they use to be. He relies a lot on free throws now because thats half of where most of his points come from. He’s free throws use to be the most reliable now its sometimes he makes them and sometimes he doesn’t. I dunno if they’ll be able to win this year we just have to see how they respond up in Denver.

  • kobe8

    ^^ which Kobe are you watching?