The Lakers came back from a large 25+ point deficit to take the lead, but it wasn’t enough. Lakers lose their first pre-season game on a Troy Hudson jumper with 0.3 seconds left on the clock.

Radmanovic was on fire with 20 points, most of which came in the 4th quarter. Lakers rookie Javaris Crittenton also looked impressive; showing his speed, athletic ability and court vision.

Final Score

Golden State: 111
LA Lakers: 110

More Postgame comments and reactions coming soon…

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  • fatty

    I’m on the road today but I had to give my quick take and grades.

    Very impressed with intensity of the second unit. These guys can shoot as well. Vlad played some good team D, surprizing uh! Critt, wow, Farmar, good leadership, Ronny can play, Bynum was Bynum but a little more aggressive and quicker. Mihm looked healthy but rusty

    Vladimir A
    Ronny A
    Farmar B plus
    Critt B plus
    Sasha B
    Bynum B-
    Kobe B-
    Fish C plus
    MO C-
    Mihm C-
    Karl D
    Cookie F

  • kyler_hay

    all i have to say is I LIKE wat i saw Java Farmar Bynum was all impressive i liked their heart, determination to come back

  • nyla

    I couldn’t stay up till 3 AM (I’m on the east coast) to watch the end of the game. I went to bed when we were down by 15.

    Its nice to see the individual grades, Fatty. Which five were the best on the court?

  • Michael_23

    Fatty, I totally agree with Cook getting an F. He really stood out. The only grades I would change are:

    Vladimir A (the best game as a Laker so far, LOL) Critt A, Sasha A-

    Little did I know, the Lakers changed their game to a bit of a running game especially when Kobe ran the ball. Players didn’t expect Kobe’s quick passes and I thought they were not ready for that kind of play. Hopefully they will be as the pre-season progresses. Overall I was kind of impressed with their 2nd unit out there on the floor.

    The only thing I hated was not really Hudson sinking that last second jumper but was his attitude after he shot it and after the game. He’s so stupid thinking he’s the man. Knocking down a jumper against a whole 2nd unit and acting all gangster. He’ll probably never get an opportunity like that again in a regular season game because Baron Davis or Stephen Jackson will take it.

  • Ice Cream Man

    This is disgusting!!! When I go around selling these popsicles, I give it my all, 100% every time, allways with a smile. I don’t wait till the last year of my lease (contract) to go all out. I’m talking about Sasha. Why wasn’t he this aggressive last year? He should play hard and show the other teams what they will get on his last year of any contract. Lakers, please do not resign this guy.

    Now on Evans. Dude, how hard is it to read the defense and probably change your direction going towards the basket instead of running through the defender? He has alot of athletisim but lacks any kind of ball handling skills. Something I hoped he would of worked on the offseason but I guess it wasn’t that important to him.

    Bynum…Good job on showing heart and defense dedication. I don’t know exactly how many rebounds you got but it seemed that you were getting alot of them. The only thing I would tell you is to look more intimidating to the defense is when you get close to the hoop, POWER DUNK and raise your legs (ala shaq). Do a couple of these a game and the defensive player that thinks of challenging the dunk will think twice. That hesitation is all you need to score on someone. DON’T BE SOFT.

    Other then this, the Lakers did ok considering 3/5 of the starters were sitting on the pine with injuries. Let’s see what adjustments they do on Thursday.

  • daboss1848

    Sorry Ice Cream Man, thats how long it takes for the learning curve in the NBA – especially for a Euro runt. If you saw Sasha’s game last year – he was extremely aggressive on defense with flashes of aggression on offense – but generally stand and shoot. Coaches exit advised him on what to work on and he has.

    Fatty, my grades will be a little different:
    Vladimir A
    Critt A . . . he’s a rook
    Sasha A . . . the offensive game flowed better with him
    Ronny B plus
    Farmar B- . . . worked on outside shot?
    Kobe B- . . . still no balance between individual and team
    Fish C plus
    Bynum C . . . no apparent improvement
    MO C- . . . lost
    Mihm C- . . . the lack of athleticism screamed out
    Karl D . . . spooked
    Elton Brown D- . . . ineffective
    Cookie F . . . look at Horry tapes

    Kepp in mind, one game does not a player make

  • Shaq786

    daboss i agree with your grades better than fatty’s

    but i disagree with bynums grade… i give him a b/b-

    his rebounding was great (12 in 20 minz)… he needs to be more aggressive… he needs a new training coach… otherwise he will be trying kareems sky hook all day… he needs to man up and play stronger…

    and mihm deserves a D … he was acting like a ballerina on his toes… he couldnt catch the ball and seemed afraid to jump… it def seemed like the injury has put a mental block on him

    Ronny was extremely active… but needs to be more effecient… he needs to wipe all doubt about him starting off… he is still not 100%

    THEY NEED TO PUT JAVARIS ON BARON DAVIS… and put his D to the test… (which btw was the best defense out of all gaurds that played yesterday)

    Kobe deserves a C-… what happned to the defense we were
    supposed to see… and i agree with your statement… he needs to realize there is no “I” in team to get MVP this season…. no excuses KOBE.. STEP UP AND L-E-A-D!!

  • daboss1848

    reason for bynum’s grade was the lack of improvement – all that muscle and still soft? I saw his video at the Lakers facility so I knew what to expect, but all these Bynum hanger-oners gave me some glimmer of hope that the video was not representative. Oh well – bye bye stock!!!

    rebounds were standing boards vs. boxing out and activity
    For G-d’s sake he was up against Bierdens, Burke, O’Bryant on the glass.

  • MILO

    Javaris did good, but Baron will be hard to stop…….

  • Heffa

    I keep hearing all this improvement on Bynum, but I didn’t see anything last night that proved anything different from the old Bynum. He doesn’t look any bigger, he’s still not aggressive, he still has problems catching quick passes under the basket, his defense was lackluster (zero blocks), and the one good move he made (backing down the defender… looking to go left, but feeling his defender’s weight go left so he went right instead) he should have dunked the ball, but instead he layed it up and it rattled in. I wasn’t impressed at all. I’d love for him to prove me wrong though.

    Chris Mihm looked either rusty from a long layoff or his game is just really bad now.

    Brian Cooke looked horrible. He still hasn’t figured out how to play defense and his shots were way off. Why is he still on our team?

    Ronny Turiaf played 25 minutes and only got 4 rebounds and 6 points. Can he be a starter for us? I guess we’ll see.

    Maurice Evans looked bad and couldn’t get anything going. He needs to step it up to give Kobe some rest during the regular season.

    Elton Brown, Andre Patterson, and Coby Karl all looked lost.

    Ok, the good news… Vladimir Radmanovic was lighting it up and I was very impressed with his shooting ability. Let’s hope he doesn’t go snowboarding again.

    Sasha Vujacic was very impressive. That’s what we need is someone who isn’t afraid to take the ball to the hole. He was very aggressive and I hope he continues playing like this. And it better not be just this year because his contract is up.

    Jordan Farmar played very confident which I liked, but he wasn’t hitting his shots (1-6 shooting). I’m ok with that because he looked very controlled. Looks like this thing with Javaris and him pushing each other is going to pay off for us.

    And speaking of Javaris, this kid is good! I can’t imagine what he would do if Phil cut him loose! Very impressive for his first game with no turnovers, 5-9 shooting, and 18 points.

    Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant I won’t talk about because they’ve by far are proven themselves to us. We just need everyone else to step it up for them to do their thing!

    Here are my grades:
    Vladimir A
    Critt A
    Sasha A
    Farmar B
    Kobe B
    Fish C
    Ronny C
    Bynum C-
    MO C-
    Mihm C-
    Karl D-
    Elton Brown D-
    Cookie F
    Patterson F

    Hopefully, the group plays better on Friday.

  • mr47

    I actually thought Bynum was playing with more intensity and looked like he wanted the ball. If he keeps this up consistently, he’ll live up to our hype this season. It was nice to see him dunk with some intensity after wanting to see it all last year.

    I agree with the grades you guys are giving, but Bynum should at least be a B. J-Critt looked awesome, most impressive by far.

  • TheLAunit

    Lakers look impressive in the loss to the Warriors, Wait the second unit did. I was hoping Critt Was going to show the LA fan who haven’t seen him play, what he can do and he delivered. This boy has game, I think he could have really took over the final minutes of the game if he wanted to. Vlad Rad look like his old self, he played like he was in the gym alone working on his shot. His numbers was low last year but this year he should have double digit numbers in scoring. I give C’s to the first unit and A’s to the rest, but not Cook that boi gets a F-.



    why do the lakers have so many white players??? what are we back in the 50’s? all we need now are the the little shorts. we need to get more athletic and stop taking 3’s 9 for 29 means no playoffs this year!!!!

  • yowsurs

    The Good:
    Lakers played without starters, Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, and Kwame Brown. Kobe played limited minutes and was just working on getting teamates orientated to the offense.

    Crittenton looked very good and has alot of upside to his game.

    Lakers are a very deep team, and will surprise alot of naysayers.

    The bad:

    Bynum does not look stronger like the media was making him out to be. GState forwards/centers were moving him out of paint easily.

    Colby Karl needs to knock down open looks period. We need him to be the Steve Kerr and BJ Armstrong to Kobe.

    Maurice Evans was forcing shots, needs to slow down.

    Pre-season is a tryout for roster positions, I wouldn’t judge these games as a gauge for the season.

    The Lakers will make it past 1st round this season, but thats not what Laker Nation is about. We have been spoiled to winning Championships, and right now our roster does not look like a Championship team. I hope I am wrong, because I just can’t take another year of mediocracy.

  • Ignard

    I agree with alot of what you guys have said. what stood out the most for me was:
    1. The Lakers still look bad on defense.
    2. Andrew Bynum looks the same to me and the fact that Chris Mihm got the start says alot to me, even for a preseason game.
    3. J-Crit looked impressive.
    4. I don’t really know how to feel about Sasha because he he had a good preseason last year but he really play some aggressive basketball yesterday.
    5. Vlad couldn’t miss and i hope he brings it this season.
    6. I’ve never been a Mihm fan and i don’t think he’s much of a player, everyone seems to forget we GOT BETTER when he got hurt, Phil moved Kwame to the center position and we went on that run and almost upset the Suns.
    7. Boy am i glad EVERYONE noticed how Brian Cook stunk up the place and it really kills me that he will make the team, he gave me a migrane watching him on the court. He is now on my Elden Campbell, Deavon George, Smush Parker list.
    8. Even though Jordan looked more comfortable running the offense and playing D he couldn’t buy a basket last night,dude spend some more time in the gym.

    It’s just one preseason game but there was some stuff to be happy about and there was some stuff to be really concerned about(DEFENSE PLEASE!!!)

  • Heffa

    Yo Phantom… if you haven’t noticed, the white players are doing extremely well in this league. The last 3 MVP’s have been white players. Are you saying if Steve Nash was available you wouldn’t want him on your team? It’s not about skin color or any of that B.S., if a player is good a player is good. I’m surprised you’re not complaining about why Yao Ming (an Asian dude) is so tall???

    Bottom line is we need some solid players and we may or may not have them. Only time will tell.

  • hZm

    [quote comment=”14283″]farmar

    why do the lakers have so many white players???[/quote]

    Why does skin color matter? As long as they can play.

  • lakeshow08

    kobe’s taking it easy remember he was just with team usa a month ago, he’ll lock down opponents once the real games begin.


    take it easy guys i was just messing around and taking note that the lakers probably have more white players than most teams… there also is a reason why there are sterotypes because they are somewhat true. black athletes are more athletic for the most part. that should not be breaking news!!!!

  • ab4sure

    Fatty…how can you give my boy critt the same grade as Farmar???…farmar did well except for the shooting percentage while critt was solid on both ends. Critt get an A…he would have gotten an A if he blocked that hudson shot…lol…

  • ab4sure

    A that is

  • ab4sure

    A plus …I guess they don’t print out that word.

  • foxxy


  • Michael_23

    Just like all young players, Farmar relaxed and let Hudson do his thing. It’s so important for these young Laker players to understand the important of defense. Was he not inspired on how Kobe locked his opponent down? Let’s not let these girl like long hair players like Hudson make these kind of shots.

  • ricky

    i thought that the first preseaon game was pretty interesting. it sucks that the lakers lost, but again, its only preseson. i just want to point out a few observations which i took note of.

    Mihm: still rusty, does not have athleticism at 100%

    Turiaf: played well, hustled. good shooting range, needs more touches in the post

    Radmanovic: great improvement. shooting range was incredible. much more agressive and decisive with shooting selection

    Kobe: need i say anything? just sit tight till regular season starts, thats when he shines. no worries here

    Fisher: still very agressive and strong as he’s always been. good floor leadership, will be awesome in crunch time

    Elton Brown: big body, not much else

    Bynum: much improved body. stronger, good free throw touch. needs more touches in post, excellent aggresiveness on rebounds = 12 total

    Sasha: very agressive attitude, shooting was great. attack mode was on all the way. much more confident. stupid hair-do, looks like shaggy from scooby-doo

    Evans: not consistent, shooting was atrocious. will be better come regular season, last year was great for him so hope he can build on that

    Cookie: not great, sub-par shooting, lazy defense, not passion shown

    Farmar: most improved of all youngsters, so much confidence, great decison making, very agressive, shooting was terrible, but free throws 100% will be excellent backup

    Java: love this rookie, great size, speed, and athleticism. shooting was on cue (fadeaway shot over belinelli), slashing and crossover (on croshere) was excellent, lots of confidence and patience for a rook, will be a pleasant surprise

    i am most excited to see the young trio of bynum, farmar and crittenton: lakers future is in pretty good hands

  • fatty


    I loved Critt when I saw him play in person in Vegas. The guy is awesome. He’s like a Stevie Francis, Tony Parker combo. Did you see that almost put back, slam dunk from under the basket, with all the trees in front of him? In Vegas he did the same play, but swished it.

    Farmars grade was my take because of his team leadership skills he showed in the comeback. That showed maturiy and I wanted to recognize it. But yeah, his shot needs to go down.

  • fatty

    Hey guys, don’t hold me two, too high of a standard on my grades.

    Twice I dozed off, and had no time to look at stats this AM as I was rushing out the door to work.

    We got to do this grade thingy after every game. I really liked reading peoples reasons for the grades. It gave me a better idea of what was going on.

  • fatty

    “stupid hair-do, looks like shaggy from scooby-doo”
    I like that line. I hope he doesn’t act like him.

    Cookie: not great, sub-par shooting, lazy defense, not passion shown

    He didn’t show any passion, did he? It was like, he wasn’t part of the team.
    Why don’t we cut him? I can give you 3.5 million reasons why.

  • ricky

    this season wil be an interesting one for sure!

    my pick for player rotations

    starting lineup


    bench lineup

    bynum, mihm
    turiaf, cook
    radmanovic, karl
    evans, sasha
    farmar, crittenton

    the possible switch in rotation of turiaf at the power forward spot and luke to the bench may be good because it gives the lakers a strong player off the bench who can organize the offense along with farmar. also, the lakers starting frontline would be huge

    i say that the lineup switch would be a good idea, this would be the new lineup




    bynum, mihm
    radmanovic, cook
    walton, karl
    evans, sasha
    farmar, java

  • ricky

    hey PHANTOM, if you are a real lakers fan, you should know that jordan farmar is not white. why dont you check on wikipedia and read about him before you make any more stupid comments about race! who the heck cares what skin color you are, as long as you can ball it up. JORDAN FARMAR IS HALF AFRICAN-AMERICAN and HALF ISRAELI!