Phil likes the idea, as does LeBron, of retiring #23.

Picture 1NBA.COM: Phil Jackson likes LeBron James’ idea of NBA players giving up No. 23 to honor Michael Jordan.

The Los Angeles Lakers coach who won six titles with Jordan in Chicago compared the idea to the NHL’s retirement of No. 99 to honor hockey great Wayne Gretzky in 2000.

Jackson said Jordan changed the NBA much as Gretzky did hockey.

Asked about the issue before his Los Angeles Lakers played the Denver Nuggets on Friday night, Jackson said the only potential pitfall he sees with retiring No. 23 league-wide is it might be “a little step on the toes for a guy like Magic [Johnson] or [Larry] Bird.”

  • Batz

    God dammit…

  • drive-for-16th

    other guys came before jordan saved the NBA like magic and Bird. Wilt hold a million records y dont they say anything bout him, bill russell won all those tittles, i dont agree with retiring jordans number along with millions others

  • zaytoven

    hes the best ever. retire his jersey next year

  • http://am570radio phil buss

    Worst idea ever, MJ has already been recognized for what he did for the NBA, lets leave it at that, we all know he was great, lets not forget the players before him.hmmmm… lets see Magic Johnson #32, Larry Bird #33, Wilt Chamberlain #13, Bill Russel # 6,Kareem Abdul Jabbar # 33 again and more……lets retire all these numbers too….

  • Short Dog

    I’m in favor of retiring NO.32. Who cares about 23.

  • TDOG

    Hell no…He never put on a Lakers jersey….Why not retire number 32 in honor of Magic….